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About Docker Online Training

Docker Online Course provides you end-to-end learning experience related to various core Docker technologies, like Docker Hub, Docker Containers, Docker Images, and Docker Engines. Even our Docker Online Training and certification also includes various real life-based cases studies related to Docker Storage and Docker Daemon.

What is this course about?

This course covers the fundamental concepts of Docker, the open-source platform for containerizing software. Docker enables software to run on servers, regardless of its environment on-premises or cloud. It does this by containerizing software in an exhaustive file system that includes everything it needs to run on any Linux server, from code to system tools, libraries, and so on. Utilizing features of the Linux kernel, Docker isolates an application’s access to the operating environment, such as user IDs, and limits resource consumption, including the CPU. Docker, thus, offers added layers of security and efficiency. Get a boost in software development by mastering this important new platform with Docker online training.

What are the objectives of our Docker Online Training?

Our experts at Gangboard offer you Docker Certification Online Training to fulfill the following objective for our students

  • To allow you assessing the benefits of any containerized software deployment and software development.
  • To make you competent enough use the essential features of the Docker engine to run varieties of containerized applications.
  • To develop enough skills in you to use Kubernetes orchestrators and Swarm to deploy, scale and maintain a distributed type of application.

Docker online training program covers all the concepts that are central to a working understanding of Docker. The topics covered under the course begin with the fundamentals of the platform: instructions on installing and integrating Docker into a working environment, and becoming familiar with containers and other components that Docker is based on. The course also discusses Dockerfiles, building and distributing images, and configuring containers. The course then moves on to more complex topics such as mounting volumes, networking containers, and deploying applications. Docker online training provides all of the knowledge necessary for running an application environment based on Docker, setting up a basic CI build, and configuring security.

Why should you go for the Docker Certification Online Training?

With our Docker Certification Online Courses, you

  • Get the opportunity to learn innovative ideas and become an expert after your live online training
  • You will improve yourself as a cloud app developer, as you learn about different configurations of any Docker engine.
  • As an industry-designed training program, you gain knowledge about the best containerization platform.

Who should go for the Docker Certification Online Course?

As a lucrative and a job-oriented training, anyone among you may pursue our Docker certification-training, like

  • IT administrative professionals
  • End users
  • Project teams
  • Application and web developers

Along with this, our Gangboard imparts real-time training to various job aspirants willing for a bright career in the respective field.

How will Docker Certification Online Course help your Career?

Docker online training is one of the highly sought after technological skills and the respective live online training or certification you receive sets the benchmark for a large number of qualified and competent professionals.

What are the prerequisites for Docker Certification Online Training?

Even though our Gangboard tutors do not ask for any mandatory prerequisites to undergo our live online or live classroom training, to make the most, you should

  • Possess good command in different jobs performed by Linux Kennel
  • You should understand each component used in networking in a good manner

What skills will you learn in Docker Online Training?

Docker online course lets you operate any Docker container. In addition, it helps in

  • Creating as well as managing a specific Docker image
  • Migration of traditional apps to Docker containers
  • Configuration and troubleshooting of Docker engine
  • Learn about different components in any Docker file
  • To help in the communication of Dockerized applications

Do you need programming for a Docker career?

No, you do not necessarily require programming skills to learn or acquire online Docker training. However, knowledge and experience in software programming and/or developing web applications will help you to learn about Docker container operation at a relatively faster pace. Thus, you will build and deploy the distributed applications easily over the cloud by using Docker.

Features of Docker Online Training

Docker training program is responsible to leverage your pedagogical approach to learn based on hands-on labs, practical examples, and enterprise-focused scenarios. Even the Docker online training lets you stay updated regularly to the latest product launches and the best practices related to the entire Docker field.

Introduction to Docker

Docker is a type of open and containerization platform, which packages each of your applications and their dependencies together as Docker containers. It helps in development, shipment and running of applications to make sure that the respective apps work in a seamless way in almost every type of environment, while you make sure about the fastest delivery.

What is Docker?

Docker is a special tool, which enables developers to create, run, deploy and manage various applications with the help of lightweight and stand-alone packages known as containers. Containers incorporate everything you need to run any application, such as libraries, codes, runtimes, system dependencies and system settings in a single package.

What is Docker used for?

Docker is useful for you when you require

  • Starting with any new tool without wasting time on its configuration and installation, as Docker provides you a disposable and isolated environment
  • To pull images from Docker Hub, when you have a standard/basic app to work with any default Docker image
  • To run multiple apps on a single server by keeping its components in separate Docker containers

What is the difference between Docker and Docker Kubernetes?

Docker is a type of run time engine operating on a single computer system. It is a type of deamon, which has in charge of containers to start and stop on a single PC only. In contrast, Kubernetes is a type of cluster management software and it has a group of daemons, which take charge of multiple machines.

What is the difference between Docker and VM?

Docker contains are of self-contained packages used mainly to run any required application, while it comes with higher portability, as they do not require separate guest operating systems. In contrast, Virtual Machines i.e. VMs have a separate host operating system and individual guest operating system within them, which may be either of Windows or Linux, regardless of the host operating system.

Is Docker an open-source?

Yes, Docker is an open-source platform and it works with any other open-source ecosystem to continue with the containerization movement, the complete Docker platform, and other related Docker products. Especially the open-source Docker container is useful for agile development, software testing and various types of speedy cloud applications.

What you'll learn from this course?

  • What is Docker?
  • The underlying technology
  • Installation of Docker
  • Dockerizing applications
  • Container usage managing images
  • Networking of containers
  • Data in containers
  • Contributing to the ecosystem


Upcoming Batches for Docker Training

Our Docker Online Course gives students the opportunity to take classes on your flexible timings. Choose from a number of batches as per your convenience. If you got something urgent to do, reschedule your batch for a later time. The classes can be attended to at any place and at any time as per your choice.

18-11-2023 Saturday (Saturday - Sunday)Weekend Regular 11:00 AM (IST) (Class 3Hrs) / Per Session 20-11-2023 Monday (Monday - Friday)Weekdays Regular 08:00 AM (IST)(Class 1Hr - 1:30Hrs) / Per Session 16-11-2023 Thursday (Monday - Friday)Weekdays Regular 08:00 AM (IST)(Class 1Hr - 1:30Hrs) / Per Session

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Docker Training Syllabus

What is Docker?

  • Use cases
  • Major components of Docker
  • Docker architecture fundamentals

Docker architecture

  • Docker images
  • Docker registry
  • Docker containers

The underlying technology

  • Namespaces
  • Control groups
  • Union FS
  • Container format

Installation of Docker

  • Installation on Ubuntu via apt-get
  • installation of newer version of Docker

Dockerizing applications

  • The hello world example
  • Interactive container
  • Daemonizing programs

Container usage

  • Running a web app in a container
  • Investigating a container
  • Port mapping
  • Viewing the logs
  • Looking at processes
  • Stopping and restarting
  • Removing a container

Managing images

  • Listing images
  • Downloading images
  • Finding images

Networking of containers

  • Port mapping details
  • Container linking and naming
  • Linking and environment variables

Data in containers

  • Data volumes
  • Host directories as data volume
  • Host file as data volume
  • Data volume containers
  • Backup, restore of data volumes

Contributing to the ecosystem

  • What is Docker Hub?
  • Registering on Docker Hub
  • Command line login
  • Uploading to Docker Hub
  • Private repositories
  • Automated builds

Are you Looking for Customized Syllabus

We are also providing customized syllabus to the students according to their needs and projects requirements for the cons

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Trainer Profile of Docker Training

We have Docker Zend certified experts to train and teach you Docker Technologies. Our trainers have experience of more than 10 years in Docker Technologies. Besides this, we have other strengths, which include

  • Expertise to work on multiple Docker projects on a real-time basis
  • Experience to impart training to more than 2000 students until now
  • Our trainers possess sound knowledge in both theoretical concepts and practices.

Program Features

IT Professionals as Trainers

Learning a technology with a professional who is well expertise in that solve 60% of your needs.

Fully Hands-on Training

We support any training should be more practical apart from theoretical classes. So, we always gives you hands-on training.

Affordable Fees

We are dead cheap in fees. We are having options to make the payment in instalments as well if needed.

10000+ old students to believe

We satisfied 10000+ students from the day we started GangBoard. Take a look of our old student’s video reviews and it says all.

Counselling by Experts

If you are in dilemma to choose a course, we are having experts in counselling team to help you with perfect projection of your career.

Own Course Materials

We have every course material to understand which is prepared by our trainers and we will share with you after session completes.


How I can practise?
Detailed installation of required software will be displayed in your LMS. Our support team will help you to setup software if you need assistance. Hardware requirements need to be fulfilled by participants.
No worries. It might happen. We will reschedule the classes as per your convenience within the stipulated course duration with all such possibilities. And if required you can even attend that topic if any other live batches.
Top-notch professionals in that field who understands how to convey things in technical as well as subject matter experts.
We offer this course in “Live Instructor-Led Online Training” mode. Through this way you won’t mess anything in your real-life schedule. You will be shared with live meeting access while your session starts.
You can get a sample class recording to ensure you are in right place. We ensure you will be getting complete worth of your money by assigning a best instructor in that technology.
We are absolutely loved to talk in-person about group training (or) corporate training. So, please get in touch with our team through “Quick Enquiry”, “Live Chat” or “Request Call-back” channels.
Payments can be made using any of the following options and a receipt of the same will be issued to you automatically via email. Debit Card / Credit Card, American Express, Master Card, or PayPal.
You can reach us through +91-9707240250. Or you can share your queries through enq@gangboard.com. Estimated turnaround time will be 24 hours for emails.

Docker Exams & Certification

GangBoard Certification is Accredited by all major Global Companies around the world. We provide after completion of the theoretical and practical sessions to fresher’s as well as corporate trainees.

Our certification at GangBoard is accredited worldwide. It increases the value of your resume and you can attain leading job posts with the help of this certification in leading MNC’s of the world. The certification is only provided after successful completion of our training and practical based projects.


Total Number of Reviews


Aggregate Review Score


Course Completion Rate

At the end of our course, you will be assigned to work a real-time project. Once you completed the assigned project with expected results we (Experts Team from GangBoard) will verify and issue Docker Certificate. If you are not able to deliver expected results in the project we will support you by clarifying doubts and help you to re-attempt the project.

Docker Certification Online Training and Docker certification examinations aim to validate the essential skill sets of candidates with real-world questions designed by Dockers practitioners.

What is Docker Certification?

Docker Certification Associate obtained after Docker online course is a foundational benchmark for Docker skills in the real world around the container industry. as a highly sought type of technological skill, the certification sets a bar for competent professionals.

GangBoard is Authorized Docker Certification Provider?

Other than imparting you Docker online Course, our GangBoard is one of the authorized Docker Certification providers, from where you may apply for Docker exam (as per exam rules) and get certification to grab pool of opportunities.

How many types of Docker Certifications are there?

You may get Docker certification under different categories from Red Hat Certifications, which include the following

  • Docker Certified Associate Architect
  • Docker Certified Associate Developer
  • Docker Certified Associate SysOps Administrator
  • Docker Certified Professional DevOps Engineer

Which Docker Certification is best?

Docker certification obtained from Red Hat Certified professionals are considered as the best Docker Certification to get guaranteed placement in companies and bright career in future.

How many questions are on Docker exams?

Docker certification examination consists of 55questions, which you have to complete in only 80minutes by covering your essential skills related to Docker Enterprise Edition and whatever you learn during your Docker online training period.

How much does Docker Certification cost?

Cost associated with Docker Certification Associate for any Indian resident is about $195 plus 18% as GST, which will be equal to approximately Rs 16,000 to Rs 17,000 INR.

What is the passing score for Docker Certification?

Docker Enterprise Edition never publishes its passing score for the examination. However, as the passing percentage/marks and exam questions often change without any notice, you should pursue good Docker online course to get 85% or even high scores.

How long is Docker Certification valid?

Your Docker Certification Associate, which you obtain after completing Docker online training program, remains valid for maximum 2 years. This means, you cannot use your DCA for lifetime.

Does Docker Certification expire?

Yes, your Docker certification expires after 2 years. Because of this, you have to upgrade it every 2-year period.

How do I study for Docker Certification?

Getting Docker certification online courses is the best way to prepare yourself for Docker certification, as you get video demonstrations, study guide, essential exam questions and hands-on exercises and study guide to prepare for your success.

If I fail the Docker Certification Exam, how soon I retake it.

In case you fail to pass a Docker certification examination, you can retake it by following two prime conditions i.e.

  • Wait for 14days from your previous examination
  • Make a payment of the exam fee each time you attempt it

How do I apply for the Docker Certification exams?

You may apply for Docker Certification Exams as onsite examinations at official events or as remotely proctored exams online. However, in case of later option, you should possess

  • Latest Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows version
  • Google Chrome accessed web camera

Docker Training Reviews

Average Ratings

Activity from April 2018

4.8 GangBoard Star Rating

Course Reviews

Activity from Last Year

1596 Reviews

Average Ratings

GangBoard Total Reviews in all Medium

21,596 Reviews
Additional Info. of Docker Training

Placement Assistance after Docker Training

No, we do not provide you placement assistance after your Docker training. However, we make you competent enough to work on real-life projects and help you to prepare for your interview sessions. In fact, we give certifications only after you accomplish our assigned real life project as per the expectations of our trainers.

Docker Job Opportunities

Since 2013, when Docker was released as open-source, Microsoft has integrated the Docker engine into its Windows Server, IBM has announced a strategic partnership with Docker, and Cisco, Google, IBM, and Microsoft have been recognized as contributors to Docker. The Docker Hub contains more than 450,000 Dockerized applications. In 2016, Docker surpassed 4B container downloads. With such aggressive expansion, Docker has taken over key component parts of software development and, by extension, DevOps. It is, therefore, highly advisable for software developers who want to stay relevant in the field to get a firm grip on this technology. Docker online training program can help you master this powerful platform and dramatically upgrade your professional skills.

Once you complete your Docker online training and get Docker certification, you will get pool of job opportunities with handsome salaries. Only you have to check the online job portals regularly.

What are the jobs available after Docker Training?

A Docker certificate holder may apply for different types of job profiles in almost anywhere across the world, which include but not limited to

  • Software Engineer
  • Docker Expert
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Software Developer and Programmer

How much does Docker Professional Makes?

A Docker professional will have bright and lucrative career in the coming years. We can justify this as Docker experts are expecting increase in annual revenue by about 4times by 2021 i.e. from only $750 to about $4billion.

What is the salary for Docker Certified Professional?

Any Docker engineer and other similar types of Docker certified professional after the completion of his Docker online training would get $4500PA approximately, which is equal to 4lacs to 5lacs per annum.

Is it easy to get a job after learning Docker?

Based on intense competition, getting a good job is not a piece of cake. However, with Docker online course and certification, you become competent enough to apply for lucrative jobs available online.

Which language is better for career Docker or Kubernetes?

To make sure about your better career as a software developer or engineer, you should never take Kubernetes and Docker as either-or option. Instead, you should consider Docker and Kubernetes both as important pieces related to a big system.

What are the Top Companies hiring Docker Professionals?

Once you complete your Docker course online and get Docker Certification, you may apply for jobs in top-notch companies hiring Docker professionals. These are Google, Microsoft, IBM, Squareroot Consultation, Optimum InfoSystem, IDC Technologies, Artemis Technologies and many more.

How do I shift my career to Docker from any other domain?

You may switch your career by undergoing Docker online training offered at Gang Board regardless of your previous domain, as our training course contents are able to train every IT proficient easily.

Live Docker Projects

We have live instructors to give you opportunities to work on different live Docker projects during your Docker certification online courses. Our live projects and hands-on lab projects aim to give you real world experience in different Docker products, features and offered solutions. as per your experience, you have to complete live projects, such as Docker Cloud Integration, Docker Swarm Orchestration and many more.

How will I execute practical during Docker Training?

You will get lab exercises on a regular basis with curriculum in combination with practice questions to make the most from your Docker certification training.

What projects will I complete as part of the course?

You have to complete various real-time projects, along with the one assigned to you at the end of your entire Docker certification online course. You have to deliver results as per our expectations to get the Docker certification from us.