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German Online Classes offered at GangBoard is a comprehensive online tutorial that gives you an insight into the German speaking world.
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About Course

About German Language

German is the second most popular language in Europe and Japan. Our course enables you to develop basic understanding of this language through reading, writing, speaking and listening. We lay special emphasis on vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar and sentence formation.

We offer a plethora of German courses based on your knowledge level and interests. The exercises and worksheets are tailored in a manner so that you can grasp and review your vocabulary proficiently. Our interactive exercises offer spontaneous feedbacks to help you augment your skills instantly.

Course Objectives

With the objective of making German learning more fun and interesting, we have designed our program in a manner to keep you motivated all along.

The exercises are structured in adherence to the European Framework of Reference for Languages. Our endeavor is to promote the knowledge of German and foster international cultural amelioration.

We cover a plethora of topics like nouns, pronouns, articles (definite and indefinite), German alphabets and pronunciation, verbs (separable and inseparable), conjunctions, prepositions, Opposites- numbers, dates, days, months and time, and much more. In depth tutelage is offered on basic sentence construction, routine conversational expressions and common vocabulary.

In our German online classes, you can control and supervise your progress. With a deft knowledge of this language, our team of experts is able to apportion clear and concise explanations for each grammar point. All in all, GangBoard Online German classes will be the perfect alternative to textbook learning.

Who is eligible for this course?

Our program offers excellent beginner’s courses for those who are keen on learning abecedarian German. Not just this, people who had learned the language but long lost command over it can join our intermediate courses. These courses help you accede to a more polished spoken German.

Then there are specialized courses for businessmen who find it difficult to interact with the clients or make small talk with their German colleagues.

Understand, speak, read and write this beautiful European vernacular with absolute ease by joining the German Language online training.

Job Opportunities

For people who are adroit in German dialect, sky is the limit! The demand for German teachers is soaring in India. So the education niche awaits you right after you complete the certification course. Then there is a constant importunity for German Interpreters in large German MNC’s like Daimler Chrysler, Adidas, BOSCH, etc, where international dealings in German language are a workaday affair. Diversified Engineering courses like Automotive, Mechanical, Biotechnology and Electronics and Communication demand a good hold over German. Besides, the outsourcing business of BPOs and call centers also demand veteran German speakers for routine business.

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