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Gangboard Offers Automation Anywhere training with Certified Experts. Become Master in Automation Anywhere Concepts like Control room, Dashboard Decoded, Managing the Repository, Control room settings , File Transfer Protocol, Web recorder, Meta Bot and Advanced Topics in Offers Automation Anywhere with our Practical Classes. We Guarantee for your Offers Automation Anywhere Online Training Success with Certification. We focused on 100% Practical and Certification Oriented Offers Automation Anywhere Online Course with Placements for our Students. Most Of Our Trainers are currently working in Offers Automation Anywhere technology with 10+ Years industry Experienced. Our Automation Anywhere Online Course Syllabus will help you to know basic to advanced level techniques in Automation Anywhere RPA Process. Enroll for Automation Anywhere Online Course with Gangboard and get extensive knowledge on RPA and Automation Anywhere. Learn how to automate end to end business process with our automation anywhere certification training Course. Our Trainers will help you to understand clearly the automation anywhere RPA Process Step by Step with unique Study Materials.
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About Course

Automation Anywhere Online Course refers to a developer course that involves Robotic Process Automation software. The product serves organizations planning to leverage a digitally equipped work environment that consists of software bots in order to accomplish end to end business operations. Automation Anywhere Online Training helps you in integrating the RPA system with features like reading unstructured data and natural language processing.

Automation Anywhere Course is about learning the techniques of automation work in back office process. In this course you’ll learn about how to use digital workforce to replace manual process end to end for your business.

Automation Anywhere Course are for those students who wish to mark their presence in the field of Automation Anywhere Application. You will get Automation Anywhere best online training in a real time by the professionals only. Key objectives of program includes

Automation Anywhere Online Training helps the learner to:

  • The complete understanding of fundamental skills required to Make Web Application .
  • Create your own Abap program
  • Get the complete learning about Automation Anywhere through our detailed Automation Anywhere Online Course.
  • Design and support automated marketing with our Automation Anywhere Online Training.
  • Also our Automation Anywhere Certification Online Courses will help you to follow the customer behavior.
  • Gain placement oriented training and job support with Automation Anywhere Online Course.
  • About new concept and HTML language elements included in AUTOMATION ANYWHERE

  • With the help of our Online Automation Anywhere Training, you will be able to work in Banking, Retails, Finance, BPO, etc.
  • You can work efficiently on a Robotic operation with our Automation Anywhere Online Course.
  • Through our Automation Anywhere Online Training gain practical learning of all kinds of RPA module.

Our Automation Anywhere Online Training is designed for individuals to gain in depth knowledge about Automation Anywhere. Our Automation Anywhere Online Course is mainly for:

  • IT Professionals who want a career in Project Management or BPO or HR.
  • Engineering/Science/Computers/Commerce/Students in any stream.
  • Fresh Graduates

The Online Automation Anywhere Training is about learning the Robotic process automation. It solves the manual errors and helps in effective time management. Various companies leverage RPA to manage the customers, internal and external communication and the handling of data. This is currently in high demand in a lot of companies majorly in the IT sector.

A basic knowledge of computers will help those who want to learn Automation Anywhere Certification Online Courses. Also a basic knowledge of any Programming Language will help those who want to learn this in grasping Automation Anywhere Online Course in a better way.

To get trained in Automation Anywhere Certification Online Courses, one does not need programming skills. Employees in different fields like business operations who has a little process knowledge can get this training without any difficulty. It’s easy to learn how to do process automation using RPA tools in a short period of time.

Automation Anywhere best online training can be taken by the following people

  • Business Professionals
  • Flowchart Engineers
  • Digital Marketing Authorities
  • IT Experts
  • Executive Specialists
  • Automation Students
  • Fresh Graduates
Since it is an online training class, anyone who is interested in Automation Anywhere or degree holders or anybody can take up this course.

Since Automation Anywhere is the developer of RPA Software, AA developers jobs are huge compare to any other RPA tools like Blue Prism, uipath,Openspan. AA is the Base to learn other RPA tools. So enrol for Automation Anywhere Online Course with us and get 100% hike in your Salary.

The trainers here are all professionals from different backgrounds. They are highly skilled subject matter experts who come with years of corporate experience. So the trainer who will provide the Automation Anywhere Online Training here has very strong knowledge and experience in this. They will focus on Placement Training and Live Online Training.

Their approach to train the learners is very simple and they take a ground level approach to make the learners understand all the intricate details of the course. They will not only provide the requisite knowledge to the learners regarding the Automation Anywhere Online Course but also Job Oriented training.

Introduction to Automation Anywhere

Our Automation Anywhere Certification Online Courses signify the main concepts of Automation Anywhere and theories of Process Automation. The Automation Anywhere Certification Online Training helps in gaining technical expertise to oversee the entire virtual workforce and also inquire its alternatives in new and advanced applications.

It refers to a developer course that involves Robotic Process Automation software. The product serves organizations planning to leverage a digitally equipped work environment that consists of software bots in order to accomplish end to end business operations. Automation Anywhere Online Training helps you in integrating the RPA system with features like reading unstructured data and natural language processing.

Automation Anywhere


This depends more on the script.

This has visual process designers.

It has macro recorders, a feature that helps to expedite in process mapping.

It does not have this feature.

This has a great Cognitive Capability.

This does not have a great Cognitive Capability.

The base technology is Microsoft

The base language is C#

This has both front and back office automation.

This has only back office automation.

To Know the RPA tools Comparisons refer this blog.

Automation Anywhere


It has Client server architecture.

It has Web based orchestrator.

It gives access on App basis.

It gives mobile or browser access.

This depends more on the script.

This has visual process designers.

This has high reliability.

This has moderate reliability.

Automation Anywhere is not an open source software. Automation Anywhere is a top rated RPA tool which comes with a cost. But with the number of strong advantages it provides, it’s worth paying the price. There are many freely available RPA tools but this is a superior software that is in high demand in several companies.

Automation Anywhere Syllabus

Introduction of Control room

  • Control room features

Viewing task relevant activities in Dashboard

  • The Dash board
  • Dashboard Decoded

User management in control room

  • Create an user

Managing the Repository

  • Running and scheduling the task dependencies

Running Task in control room

Scheduling the task in control room

  • Creating schedule
  • Deleting schedule

Control room settings

  • Introduction to Automation Anywhere Client
  • Panel for task relevant activities
  • .NET Frame work Requirements
  • Synchronization between Client and Server
  • Installing the automation anywhere
  • Running Automated task
  • Active Directory
  • Citrix Environment
  • Clipboard
  • Comment
  • Database connectivity
  1. Connect
  2. Disconnect
  3. SQL Query
  4. Run Stored procedure
  • Delay
  • Email Automation
  • Error Handling
  • Excel
  1. Open Spreadsheet
  2. Close Spreadsheet
  3. Active Sheet
  4. Set Cell
  5. Get Cell
  • Files and Folders
  1. Create File
  2. Delete File
  3. Create Folder
  4. Delete Folder
  • File Transfer Protocol
  • IF Else Condition
  • Looping
  • Image recognition
  • Mouse Click Details
  • Keyboard usage details
  • Internet Connection
  • Launch Website
  • Manage Window Control
  • Message Box
  • Object Cloning
  • OCR
  • PDF handling details
  • PGP
  • Play Sound
  • Printer
  • Prompt
  • Run Script
  • SAP Integration
  • Screen Capture’
  • Send Email
  • SOAP web Services
  • String Operations
  • System
  • Task
  • Variable Operation
  • Wait
  • Web recorder
  • XML
  • Meta Bot
  • IQ bot       

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Automation Anywhere Exams & Certification

We Provide Automation Anywhere Course Completion Certification at the end of this Course.

The average salary for an Automation Anywhere Certified Professional is somewhere around 750,000 INR. Our Automation Anywhere Certification Online Training makes you worth demanding a high salary after inducing all the necessary skills and expertise related to this domain. There are many leading companies which are ready to pay a higher salary than the market standards for this profile as it’s in high demand and with our Automation Anywhere Online Course, the learner deserves every bit of the high salary package.

Automation Anywhere Online Course helps you in guiding how to study for the certification in the most effective manner. The Automation Anywhere Online Training that we provide your focusses on practical learning, hands on training and comes with string project support. The Live Classroom Training here is designed to give you a classroom kind of experience.

There are a plethora of web developer certification available these days. However, a learner should first understand his or her interests, skills, etc. to go for a particular web developer course. It’s very important to analyze and understand a number of criterions to go for a particular certification as you are investing time and money in it to learn that skill.

A total of two attempts are provided for this certification to pass it. There is no such time limit to retake the exam. But it’s very important to be full prepared for it which our Training institute provides you with. The Live Instructors here provide you with Real Time Training which definitely helps you in passing the certification in one shot with our strong Automation Anywhere Online Training.

The Automation Anywhere Online Course here that we provide includes a step by step guidance to apply for the exams. We provide you with 24/7 live support which deals with any exam registration related issues as well at any point of time and provides relevant instructions as and when needed.

Placement Assistance after Automation Anywhere Training

We focus at providing a bright career for all the learners who enroll for the Automation Anywhere Online Course with us. Our trainers have strong ties with all the MNCs and all those companies where Automation Anywhere is used. Their HR contacts can help in getting a job for the learners. We provide strong placement assistance and make sure that once Automation Anywhere Online Training is done, all the learners get placed in reputed organizations and earn attractive salaries.The certification training is very much job focused which makes the learner corporate ready after the completion of the Automation Anywhere Online Course.

Automation Anywhere Job Opportunities

After the completion of Automation Anywhere Online Training, we will help you in getting jobs in leading organizations. There are great job opportunities in so many companies for this profile. Several companies are in high demand for RPA tools and Automation Anywhere is one of the best RPA tools. It is leveraged in the leading organizations and these firms are always on a look out for people with the skills in this field.

There are a plethora of jobs available after Automation Anywhere Online Course like RPA developer, senior RPA developer, manager, senior manager roles in this field. These jobs are in high demand because of the nature of the roles and responsibilities. And the kind of Automation Anywhere Online Training we provide you’re here, you will get a number of opportunities to be a part of leading organizations and work in this field.

An Automation Anywhere Professional usually makes an average of 750,000 INR in a year. The salary varies based on the number of experience and as and when you keep improving your skills. Our Automation Anywhere Online Course enables you to earn an attractive pay in this field in the most effective way.

The salary for Automation Anywhere Certified Professional varies depending on the skills and number of experience and how a learner performs in the interview. The average pay is INR 750,000 but it depends on the company if they want to provide more or less than the industry standards. Our Automation Anywhere Online Training will definitely make you worth a good pay in any leading organization.

Automation Anywhere is a high demanding job. A number of companies want to hire professionals in this field. Our Automation Anywhere Online Course is designed in a way to make the learner understand all the aspects of Automation Anywhere. The learner will gain strong knowledge and expertise in this field and become job ready after the Automation Anywhere Online Training.

It is hard to mention which is better. Both have great job opportunities in the market. It depends on the learner that for which certification he or she wants to go for. Both are RPA tools and they have fair share of high job demands in the market.

There are several top companies which are ready to hire professionals from this field like Wipro, Capgemini, Quess Corp, Trigent, etc. Our Automation Anywhere Online Course is designed in a way which will enable you to get a job in one of these companies and climb up the corporate ladder fast.

Automation Anywhere Training Reviews


Gangboard focusses on your learning needs very effectively. We have the best trainers here who come with several years of experience in the Automation Anywhere domain and have strong skills and expertise in this field. Our job oriented training helps you in getting placed in one of the top companies in a very efficient manner in the Automation Anywhere field.

Our main focus is to make the student’s career very successful by providing them the required level of expert training in a very simple and understandable manner.

Our Gangboard has the best and experienced professional trainers. Trainers are experienced and professionals like Automation Anywhere Consultants, Automation Anywhere analysts and more seniors in Automation Anywhere fields. They are from worldwide across many countries like Australia, London, India, USA and UAE.

Don’t worry at all about that, we will reschedule the classes and accommodate your training again with other ongoing batches.

Free software installation will be done and we will also support you in installation process through our online support team.

Online payments can be done through Net-Banking or Money transfer or Quick Transfer and paid bill receipt will be issued through email.

  1. Visa Debit Card / Credit Card
  2. American Express
  3. Master Card, Or
  4. PayPal

Yeah sure, free demo class will be setup for you with our regular instructor and after that you can join in the online training and we will provide best out of best to our students.

Please kindly contact us using “Live Chat” or “Quick Enquiry” or “Request Call back options” for Automation Anywhere Online Training. We will clear all your doubts and help you in taking up this online training course.

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