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About Course

Project management methodologies is defined as a combination of logically related processes, methods, and practices that are used for determining how best to plan, develop, deliver, and control the project throughout its successful completion and also termination. Project management methodology is a systematic and scientifically proven approach to project design, execution, and completion.

It was first defined in the 1960s when the business organizations were looking for unique and structured entity. Following are the achievements that are gained with the help of project management methodologies:

  • Lessons learned and solutions applied are quick
  • Most conflicts are spotted at the earliest
  • A defined stakeholders are used
  • A common language is used for better understanding of the entire team
  • Complete, accurate, and credible cost estimations are done

There are two types of project methodologies that are used:

Traditional approach: It is basically a step-by-step approach towards the project which includes required details on how to design, develop, and deliver the service. Following are the different stages that are included in the traditional approach:

  • Initiation
  • Planning and designing
  • Execution
  • Controlling and integrating
  • Validation
  • Closure

Modern approach: Modern approaches are best for IT and software development and the models used by the modern approach for the execution of the projects are also different.

Following are the different certification courses that are available under project management and methodologies:

  • PMP®️ certification exam training
  • PMI®️ agile certified practitioner training
  • PRINCE2®️ foundation and practitioner certification training
  • Six sigma green belt certification training
  • ITIL®️ foundation certification training
  • Microsoft®️ project 2013 training
  • ITIL®️ service transition certification training
  • Project and infrastructure financing
  • Certified ScrumMaster®️ (CSM) certification training

PMP®️ Certification Exam Training

Candidates those who appear for PMP certification exam, are mainly for the candidates who aspire to be project managers. This job role is very important as most of the project responsibilities are taken care of by the project managers. According to 2016 survey, PMP is the fifth highest paying certification.

PMP stands for Project Management Professional which is conducted by PMI which stands for Project Management Institute. This certification exam is a globally recognized and it consists of 200 multiple choice questions. These questions are focused on following five process groups:

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring and controlling
  • Closing

The exam also focuses on the nine areas of knowledge and they are:

  • Scope
  • Time
  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Human resource
  • Communication
  • Risk
  • Procurement
  • Integration

Following are the advantages of PMP certification:

  • This certification adds value to candidate’s resume. Have certification of PMP gives an idea to the interviewer about the candidates understanding related to the project management.
  • High package. The expected salary of PMP certified project management $1,08,000 while the expected salary of non-PMP certified project management is $91,000.

The prerequisites of PMP certification are as follows:

  • Either secondary degree or a four-year degree.
  • Either 7,500 hours or 4,500 hours leading and directing projects.
  • 35 hours of project management education.

PMI®️ Agile Certified Practitioner Training

Project Management Institute Agile certification is a platform for candidates to learn agile methodologies which includes Kanban, Lean, Scrum, test-driven development and also extreme training. ACP stands for Agile Certified Practitioner and PMI-ACP is the fast-growing certification.

Following are the course objectives of PMI Agile certification which covers seven domains:

  • Adaptive planning
  • Detection and resolution of problems
  • Constant improvement
  • Team performances
  • Engagements related to stakeholders
  • Best delivery related to values
  • Principles and mindsets related to Agile

Following are the skills related to PMI-ACP certification training:

  • Understanding the history related to Agile like founding, evolution, principle and core concepts.
  • Understanding Agile methodologies like Kanban, Lean, Scrum, TDD and XP.

Following are the prerequisites for getting certified in PMI Agile:

  • The training hours spent on the Agile practices should be 21 contact hours.
  • Number of hours spent on Agile methodologies and with the Agile project team should be 1,500 hours and 2,000 hours of general project experience.
  • Number of hours spent on the general project experience should be 2,000 hours.

PRINCE2®️ Foundation And Practitioner Certification Training

PRINCE2 stands for Projects In A Controlled Environment which one of the project management methodologies which focuses on projects related to IT. This certification is also used in other fields to improve the skills and resources that are related to project management. These skills are used for managing, optimizing and streamlining the projects.

The certification training related to PRINCE2 is very helpful for the candidates who are interested in project management. This certification has templates, processes and methodologies that are related to projects. The other advantage of this certification training is in terms of packages.

Following is the table explaining the difference between PMP and PRINCE2:



The methodology used is based on the process

The methodology used is based on the knowledge

All the job roles are transparent

Project manager gets more importance

This methodology is managed by the Axelos

This methodology is managed by the PMI

Following are the three different levels of PRINCE2 certification:

  • The basic level of PRINCE2 certification is known as Foundation.
  • Practitioner is the second level of PRINCE2 certification
  • The third level is known as Professional which is extremely difficult.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training

Six Sigma is a disciplined, data-driven project management methodology which is used for eliminating the defects in any process. It is used for measuring the quality of the output of the products and services. Big enterprises such as Amazon, US Army and Marines, Ford, Boeing use Six Sigma.

Following are the two two ways to improve Six Sigma processes:

  • DMADV: It stands for define, measure, analyse, design, and verify and these are the five phases of the method. It mainly focuses on the needs and demands of the customers and designs products according to the needs of the customers. It is used for designing new processes.
  • DMAIC: It stands for define, measure, improve, and control. It is used for existing processes and also used for reducing the defects through statistical analysis of the processes.

    Following are the three different belts that are available in Six Sigma:

    • Green belts: The employees take up this Six Sigma as an odd-time job. The time spent on these Six Sigma projects are just 25% and are guided by the Black belts. They mainly concentrate on data analysis and data gathering.
    • Black belts: The employees work on these Six Sigma projects round-the-clock. They are the mentors for green belts and also help them with complex statistical analysis. They help in selecting Six Sigma projects and communicate the same to the executive leadership.
    • Master Black Belts (MBBs): These employees are superior to the other two belts as they have more training, experience, and knowledge. They are often looked up for guidance and counselling for the other two belts.

    ITIL®️ Foundation Certification Training

    Following are the prerequisites for getting certified in PMI Agile:

    ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library and ITIL foundation is the basic level certification a candidate can get. The basic concepts, key elements and terminologies related to ITIL are studied

    Following are the basic understanding of ITIL foundation:

    • The principles and concepts of ITIL are studied.
    • Dimensions related to service management are studied.
    • Concepts like DevOps, Agile, and Lean are studied.

    In India the cost of ITIL foundation certification exam if it is class-room training is ₹19,900, for online training is ₹17,900 and for self training is ₹15,900 plus taxes. Following is the table explaining the cost for different countries:




    AU $395

    United Kingdom



    US $314

    United States

    US $314

    Following are the five stages of ITIL framework:

    • Strategy related to service
    • Designing of the service
    • Transition of the service
    • Operations related to service
    • Constant improvement of service

    Following are the advantages of ITIL:

    • Customer service and delivery related to services are improved
    • Clear visibility on IT costs and assets related to organisations
    • Business risk management, service disruption are better

    Microsoft®️ Project 2013 Training

    Microsoft project is one of the project management software. It is the flexible project management software which is used for the following reasons:

    • Management of the project
    • Assistance is provided at every phase of the project
    • Scheduling of the projects
    • Provides information related to project

    The basic requirement for undergoing Microsoft project training is to basic knowledge of computers and basic understanding of operating system of Windows.

    Following candidates are eligible for Microsoft project training:

    • Candidates who are interested in learning Microsoft project.
    • This certificate training is also take up by project managers and project planners from different backgrounds.

    Following are the skills that are learnt during Microsoft 2013 project training:

    • Helps in creating reports and sharing information related to projects
    • Helps in managing budgets
    • Various key features are used in managing the projects
    • For every project scheduling can be done using Microsoft 2013 project

    Following are the advantages of undergoing Microsoft 2013 project training when it comes to career:

    • Helps in reaching higher levels in career with the help of project management tools certification.
    • Key elements that are required in career like project management, execution and planning are used.

    ITIL®️ Service Transition Certification Training

    Following are the objectives of service transition training:

    • It provides a consistent framework that are related to service capabilities.
    • Establishment and maintenance of the service assets through the service transition stage.
    • Planning and management of the customer and stakeholder are achieved with the service transition.
    • Designing the services that are managed, operated and supported with service transition

    Following are the processes that are involved in ITIL service transition:

    • Planning and support transition
    • Management and evaluation related to change
    • Release and development of the management
    • Testing and validation related to services
    • Configuration related to management

    Following are the exam pattern of ITIL service transition certification:

    • The question pattern is based on the multiple choice questions
    • Every paper consists of eight questions
    • The passing marking of this certification exam is 70%
    • The time duration of this certification exam is 90 minutes
    • The exam pattern is closed book

    Following are the IT professionals who can appear for ITIL service transition certification training:

    • Change manager
    • Configuration manager

    Project And Infrastructure Financing

    Project finance is the support that is provided for long-term infrastructure, public services, and industrial projects with the help of limited recourse financial structure. With the help of cash flow that is generated by the project, the debt and equity that are used by the project are paid off.

    Following are the key features of project finance:

    • Risk allocation: This is the financial plan in which the lender takes care of the risks that are associated with the project. Therefore, it is the most preferred plan by the sponsors.
    • Multiple participants connection: The number of parties that are involved in a large-scale infrastructure are more so as to take care of different aspects that are related to the project.
    • Better treatment with the tax: This is again the most preferred key feature by the sponsors as they receive a better treatment with the tax. Also, this plan is preferred when the project is long-term.

    Following are the three development process of a project:

    • Pre-bid stage
    • Contract negotiation stage
    • Fundraising stage

    Following is a table explaining the difference between corporate finance and project finance:


    Corporate finance

    Project finance

    Capital cost

    Relatively lesser

    Relatively higher

    Capital type

    The time limit given is infinite

    The time limit if dependent on the time limit of the project

    Financing size


    It is dependent on the transaction costs

    Certified ScrumMaster®️ (CSM) Certification Training

    A certified Scrum Master is a facilitator who provides agile development for the team. It is one of the top most certifications a candidate could get in the IT industry. It is also a certificate given to appreciate a person’s knowledge in Scrum.

    Following are the benefits of Certified Scrum Master certification:

    • The career opportunities in Agile practiced industries will expand for the candidates who are certified under CSM certification.
    • Candidates will get a chance to demonstrate their knowledge about Scrum to their employers and peers.
    • The learning process will become easy when the candidates interact with the best Scrum masters.
    • Candidates will be engaged in learning the Scrum as the Scrum Masters are there to help them.

    The cost of Scrum master certification training is $29 and when it comes to INR it is ₹25000.

    Following are the topics that are covered in certification training:

    • Team building and organization of the team
    • Report and task management
    • Scalability of scrum
    • Planning of sprints and releases
    • Histories and concepts related to Scrum

    Upcoming Batches

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