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SAP BI is one of the most recognized data warehousing and reporting tools. For more than a decade, BI applications are used to give meaning to the raw organizational data that can be complicated to handle. No matter how complicated the data is if filtered, organized and stored this data can be used to make important business decisions. However, it requires certain knowledge and set of skills to handle organizational data. GangBoard offers SAP BI training and certification course to educate students about the key concepts and principles of SAP BI that will help them to convert raw data into meaningful information that will contribute to business success.

Best SAP BI Online Training

Throughout this advanced data-oriented course, students will get a brief overview of the SAP BI reporting, predictive and analysis tools. Also, the qualified and experienced trainers at the GangBoard will help candidates to learn the use, benefit, and importance of each tool. It is an ideal course for those who want to build their career in the data industry which ranks among the highest paying jobs around the globe. As there are no formal prerequisites for this online training course, candidates who want to further enhance their data knowledge and skills can easily pursue it. SAP BI is one of the most recognized certifications around the globe hence; pursuing it will not only validate knowledge or skills of the students but also open new doors of opportunities for them. In addition, the GangBoard Online Training Offers job assistance to ensure candidates can easily find the jobs to validates their skills.
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About Course

Before reading any explanation or introduction on SAP BI, all that you need to know is, what does this SAP BI actually stands for- SAP can be read as System Applications and product (particularly related to Data processing here.) Whereas, BI stands for Business Intelligence, sometimes also known as BIW- Business Intelligence warehouse. Mostly understandable from the name itself, SAP BI is a software used for the task of data warehousing or in simple words to store and analyze the large volumes of data. Data here, can be anything which is worth considering while decision making or any important tasks of the companies. It can be real time or historic data, depending upon individual needs.

The offline and online training on SAP BI focuses on introducing it as a unified information system used by the organisations to easily integrate their functions. This course is about real time placement focused SAP BI training from the team of industry experts who themselves are the certified professionals, to let the students know everything starting from basics to the most advanced levels about this software and its usage. It trains the students to give the unique insights to otherwise raw looking data which can then be utilised via various business modules inside the organisation. Basically three stages are the main parts of this course structure

  • Modelling
  • Extraction
  • Reporting

Course is designed with the objectives to give detailed insights to our students. Starting from the very basics of data warehousing to the details of the subject, it is the perfect mix of practical and theoretical content. The typical SAP BI Online Training includes

  • Real time modelling of SAP BI.
  • Information Providers.
  • Extraction of data (Master as well as Transaction).
  • Reporting Training.
  • Hands on Live Projects.
  • Placement assistance after the course.
  • SAP BI Certification guidance for free.

As far as qualification is concerned, it has no bar, if you have at least bachelor’s degree in your hands. Any person, who is well equipped with the knowledge of both the software logic and the business logic, is a good fit for this course. The person who’s understanding and analyzing capabilities are good is the right person for SAP BI course. Any person with some knowledge about ABAP, SQL or JAVA can learn this software in a fast and easy way. Knowledge of above languages is only a desirable skill and not the necessary one. If you have no knowledge of the above given languages but your understanding about the business language and business world is the thing that has always made you the center of attraction and the matter of jealousy among your friends/ colleagues, then also you are welcome to the world of BI.

Data in the industry is growing day by day, which is leading to the increased competition. The only way by which companies can survive in this market is by focusing on the power of analytics, as this is the tool which is going to answer their queries of what to do now?. So when we talk about the job opportunities in SAP BI, we can say don’t worry, there are plenty of them in the market today. People who are trained professionals in this area are never going to be unemployed because of ever-growing demand in BI. With a great career choice comes the great future. But limiting yourself to only one specialization is not going to give your career that boost which you are looking for. So, keep learning and keep growing.

SAP BI Syllabus


  • Infoarea
  • InfoObject Object Catalog
  • Characterstic InfoObject
  • Keyfigure InfoObject
  • DataStoreObject
  • InfoCube
  • Multiprovider
  • Infoset
  • Openhubdestination


  • Datasource
  • Transformation
  • Infopackage
  • Data Transfer Process
  • Standard Datasource Extraction
  • Delta Management
  • LO DataSource Extraction
  • Flatfile data source Extraction
  • Generic datasource Extraction
  • BI Datasource Extraction


  • Managing InfoObject
  • Managing DataStoreObject
  • Managing Infocube
  • Process Chains
  • BI Accelarator


  • Infoprovider
  • Characterstic Restriction
  • Default Values
  • Restricted Keyfigures
  • Calculated Keyfigures
  • Structures
  • Formulas
  • Variables
  • Cells
  • Conditions
  • Exceptions
  • Query Properties

BW7.3 Features

  • Hybrid Provider
  • LSA Architecture
  • Semantically Partitioned Object
  • Dataflow
  • Additional Oprtions for existing Objects

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SAP BI Certification

At the end of the course, you will be assigned a real-time project to test your skill and knowledge about the SAP BI. After successful completion of assigned project, you will be felicitated with the certificate of excellence, recognized by all the IT companies of this globe. By any chance, if you lag in performing well, we will further assist you in all possible ways to excel in the course.

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