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What is AWS Certifications?

What is AWS Certifications?

November 9th, 2018

AWS Certifications

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services; it is a wide range of cloud computing services provided by Amazon. An AWS certification demonstrates your skill of adeptly managing the services provided under AWS. Off late, cloud computing has become increasingly popular among businesses for its benefits such as efficiency and reduced cost. Amazon is the largest provider of cloud computing services, being certified in AWS will give you the extra edge in this increasingly competitive job market.

Benefits of AWS Certification

Several advantages come with being certified in AWS. Amazon Web Services certification offers the following benefits:

  1. The increasing popularity of cloud
  2. The requirement of AWS trained individuals
  3. Provides a boost to your resume
  4. Hike in Salary
  5. Requires Recertification

The increasing popularity of cloud

Businesses all around the world are realizing the benefits of cloud technology and are adapting to it rapidly. Cloud technology offers everything from running a website to a whole data center and AWS is the biggest player in this domain. It is estimated by the end of 2020, all major businesses would have migrated to cloud. As this technology is new, there is a huge requirement for people skilled in cloud technology. The demand is estimated to increase manifold in the future.

The requirement of AWS trained individuals

As companies are adopting AWS, professionals who are skilled in this technology will also be required. AWS is experiencing massive growth; the technology is used by businesses in 190 countries and 600 government institutions. The companies providing AWS services are in the thousands. With all this growth, a shortage of talent is almost certain. In the near future, there will be a massive demand for developers, architects, and engineers capable of designing and managing AWS software solutions.

Provides a boost to your resume

An AWS certification on your resume will give your candidacy the initial boost. All the companies that provide AWS services require individuals who are certified in AWS. To apply in one of these companies, an AWS certification is a must.

Hike in Salary

In the year 2017, Global knowledge and KnowledgeNet recognized that AWS certification is the best certification in terms of pay. This trend has been even more so in 2018 and is expected to grow in 2019 and the years to come.

Requires Recertification

AWS certification requires recertification after every fixed interval in time. This helps you keep your skills updated.

Why is AWS so Popular?

Businesses use AWS for a wide variety of needs which includes hosting of web and applications, backup and disaster recovery, data storage and analytics, IoT, and the list is ever growing. After successfully integrating the business with AWS, companies experience benefits such as cost reduction, better security and scalability, increased efficiency, and greater speed of transactions.

List of AWS Certifications

AWS certification is provided for three specialized fields – architecture, operations, and development – and it comes in two levels – associate and professional. AWS also provides advanced certifications in domains such as big data and networking. We have listed AWS certifications currently available in the market.

  • Solutions Architect – Associate
  • Developer – Associate
  • SysOps Administrator – Associate
  • Solutions Architect – Professional
  • Big Data – Specialty
  • Advanced Networking – Specialty
  • DevOps Engineer – Professional

Solutions Architect – Associate

This is one of the most popular and an entry point certification for people choosing the cloud architecture. This certification validates your skill to design and deploy solutions on AWS.

aws certifications
Developer – Associate

This certification helps you demonstrate the skills of designing and maintaining applications on the AWS platform.

SysOps Administrator – Associate

The SysOps Administrator certification helps prove the skills such as deploying, migrating, scaling, and managing the AWS infrastructure.

Solutions Architect – Professional

A solutions architect certification demonstrates the skills of designing applications and distribution systems for the Amazon Web Services.

DevOps Engineer – Professional

This certification validates the skills such as management, security and operations, and provisioning of the Amazon Web Services solutions.

Big Data – Specialty

If you were certified in Big Data, it would demonstrate your skills of extracting meaningful information from unstructured data using AWS tools.

Advanced Networking – Specialty

A candidate certified in Advanced Networking is capable of designing and deploying AWS services as part of hybrid network architecture.

Prerequisite of AWS Certifications:

AWS Certifications Level Prerequisite
Solutions Architect – Associate Associate None
Developer – Associate Associate None
SysOps Administrator – Associate Associate None
Solutions Architect – Professional Professional Solution Architect Associate
DevOps Engineer – Professional Professional Solution Architect Associate or Developer Associate
Advanced Networking – Specialty Specialty Anyone of the Associate exam
Security Speciality Specialty Anyone of the Associate exam
Big Data – Speciality Specialty Anyone of the Associate exam


An AWS certification can go a long way in enhancing and propelling your career in the years to come. Individuals in the IT and software sector must obtain this degree to stay competitive in the future job market. As the future is going to be all about cloud and AWS is a major player, you should seek an AWS certification.