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AWS Certification Cost in India

AWS Certification Cost in India

February 20th, 2019

AWS Certification Cost in India

It seems like everyone is talking about AWS these days. AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and is basically a Hosting Provider which offers a number of services. The Amazon Web Services is used by over 80% of fortune 500 companies to host their infrastructures. This shows how big a hit the AWS is.

The AWS certification exam has the same price all over the world. As per the official website (aws.amazon.com), taking a cloud practitioner exam will cost you 100 USD, while 150 USD for associate level exams, and 300 USD for the professional level certification exam. This roughly translates to 7150 INR for cloud practitioner certificate, 10700 for associate certificates, and 21400 for the professional certification.

Below we have provided you with three tables mentioning the cost and other important data regarding the

  • Associate level courses
  • Professional level courses
  • Specialty certificate courses

Associate level courses

Sr. No. Certification Name Level Cost Difficulty level Exam Duration Exam Format Avg Salary Max Salary
1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Rs.10710 Difficulty level 130 min MCQs, Multiple answers 110K 160K
2. AWS Certified Developer Associate Rs.10710 Medium 130 min MCQs, Multiple answers 135K 160K
3. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate Rs.10710 Medium 130 min MCQs, Multiple answers 130K 180K


  • Nil

Major areas covered under the Associate level certificate courses:

  • Working and understanding of network technologies
  • Building reliable and secure browser applications
  • A Comprehensive study of AWS Architecture
  • Managing security systems in AWS and much more

Probable Job roles will depend on the candidate’s potential and earlier work experience. Other than that the jobs are synchronous with the certification courses.

Professional level courses

Sr. No. Certification Name Level Cost Difficulty level Exam Duration Exam Format Avg Salary Max Salary
1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Rs.21420 Medium-Hard 170 min MCQs, Multiple answers 140K 200K
2. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Rs.21420 Medium-Hard 170 min MCQs, Multiple answers 165K 210K


  • Must have two years of hands-on working experience in the designing sector of cloud architecture on AWS and should hold AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate status.

Major areas covered under the Professional level certificate courses:

  • Selection of optimum AWS architecture according to a system
  • Cost optimization practices
  • Implementation of CD systems
  • Monitoring systems on AWS

Specialty Certification courses

Sr. No. Certification Name Level Cost Difficulty level Exam Duration Avg Salary Max Salary
1. AWS Certified Security Specialty Rs.21420 Hard 170 min 180K 230K
2. AWS Certified Big Data Specialty Rs.21420 Hard 170 min 175K 230K
3. AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty Rs.21420 Hard 170 min 180K 230K

Major areas covered under the Specialty certificate courses:

  • How to design and maintain big data
  • Automation tools for data analysis
  • Troubleshooting and Network optimization
  • Selecting appropriate encryption mechanisms
  • Securities design implementation

Other than all the above-mentioned certifications we have the Cloud Practitioner exam with the following details,

Sr. No. Certification Name Level Cost Difficulty level Exam Duration Exam Format Avg Salary Max Salary
1. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practitioner Rs.7140 Easy-Medium 90 min MCQs 70K 100K

As mentioned earlier, you will have to pay the full price while attempting to take the exam for the first time or if you have failed and are to retake the exam. However, when you apply for recertification, you get a discount of 50%. This discount can be availed by using discount vouchers under the Benefits section.

The billing process of AWS is one of the top reasons that make it the top choice for doing anything on the cloud. The billing is done at a transparent per hour basis and is pretty transparent. The storage facility such as the s3 buckets is charged on a per GB billing rate. This makes it one of the most efficient and simple modes for transaction transparency.

As the return policy and rewards that the certificate brings along is way better than the initial examination fee, I personally consider the amount to be nominal. Also, the certificate courses more or less improve you in the role that you were already in, making it a win-win situation no matter what.

The Significance of AWS Certification

The service provided by the AWS includes platform as a service (PaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and packaged software as a service (SaaS) along with a huge cloud storage space.

The IaaS offers fair servers that will take care of the backup and power supply of your service. Often the binaries of applications are the cause of headaches for a developer. Amazon Web Services takes care of this problem by providing you with Paas which includes Java, PHP, and Ruby as a service. The SaaS has got software that is dedicated to specific tasks such as email sending or queuing.

A certificate distinguishes a reliable candidate from an ordinary candidate. AWS certification is a must if you are looking for a job in the AWS sector. This certification stands as a measure of expertise of an IT professional as engineers, architects or administrators in the sector. It validates ones skill and understanding of AWS technical cloud computing operations.

The validity of an AWS certificate is 3 years and a certificate holder can recertify after it expires. The exam format features multiple choice, multiple response and direction questions and focuses mostly on commonly used AWS components. One can retake the exam once failed after two weeks.

Types of AWS Certification

AWS offers a potential candidate 5 kinds of the certificate where 3 certificates are for associate level and 2 are for the professional level. And these certifications are divided into three domains namely, the Architect domain, the Developer domain, and the Operations domain. It is imperative that you know your area of expertise before choosing one of these certificate courses.

AWS Certifications and Job Roles

The candidates applying for the Architect domain certificate courses will easily get a job to create efficient and economical architectures or systems. They will have to maintain these systems and make certain its cost-efficiency. If you are someone who has been a developer then it is recommended that you go for the certification courses in the developer domain as it has more to do with programming than the other two domains.

The Architects form the first chain of the services as they are in direct contact with the customers. They interact with the customers and produce a system keeping in mind their requirements. Developers actually make applications on the infrastructure provided by the Architects. And finally, the administrators are responsible for maintaining the servers once they are made.

AWS Certification – Is It Worth It?

Return on Investment (ROI) is a concept that has been used for a long time to determine the value of a commodity or service. Talking about AWS certifications and the investments you are required to make in terms of ROI, it is one of the most valuable and rewarding courses. In India alone, the average salary of an AWS certified solutions architect last year was 20 lacs per annum and this figure is only going to rise in the future. Therefore, the certificate is worth every bit of your investment.

There is no doubt that AWS certifications are one of the most sought after certification courses around the world. If you are an IT student we can help you enter the IT scene with a bang with the AWS online training course. With GangBoard, we make sure that you are well prepared for these examinations and aren’t wasting any of your hard earned money.

It is a known fact that a lot of the big companies are looking up to the clouds to store and run their precious industries and services. Countries such as India which has a booming IT sector are most likely to be anything but benefited from the look of things in the future.

Amazon Web Services tops the list for the most preferred cloud computing service provider. Hence, having yourself AWS certified today will highly benefit you, if not today then certainly in the future. I recommend you take the leap and start reaping the benefits as soon as possible.