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A Complete Guide to AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam

A Complete Guide to AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam

July 25th, 2019

A Complete Guide to AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam

Searching for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate test? Do you wish to progress toward becoming Amazon Web Services Certified? Join this course today!

What you’ll realize here?

  • Clear the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam.
  • Know how to design strong and Scalable Websites on AWS.
  • You turn attentive with the AWS Platform.
  • Be Amazon ensured.
  • Be a Cloud Guru.


  • An AWS Account is required (utilize a complementary plan for this course)
  • A domain name (discretionary, yet required)
  • A Windows, Linux or Mac PC/workstation

For whom the course is made?

  • The course is for beginners (no experience required)
  • Existing Solutions Architects
  • Programmers can similarly realize who wish to create applications on AWS
  • People who are intriguing in facilitating are profoundly welcome, fault-tolerant applications, (for example, WordPress and Joomla) on AWS cloud.

There are various sites and data accessible on these site concerning the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate test. However, it’s an intense activity to keep all the content or to spare every single content accessible.
Alongside, a long effort to locate the correct studies material to consider and learn. We know and better comprehend the estimation of your valuable time at the time of the test, not to worry; we are good to go and present to you the total data here. You won’t have to look anyplace else or to take a look at some other site for the data with respect to the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate test.
We have mentioned all the required information (for example test information, homework cases, test related data, practice test, and papers, alongside the FAQs). You need to read every information very carefully if you wish to top this exam. Start with the essentials and dive into it! Let’s proceed.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification

A solutions architect is one such professional who needs to have thorough information of the cloud architectural guidelines necessary for the framing and adding the sturdy and strong enterprises keys on the cloud.
When you have the AWS certification you’ll experience, apply and you’d come to know your ability, knowledge in architecting, develop the new protect apps on the AWS platform.

There are two kinds of AWS Architecting certifications

As we expressed above, we’re going to offer you a piece of detailed information about the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification. We should go forth with fundamental data important for this assessment.
AWS Tutorial

Latest update on AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam

Remember, the AWS CSAA test was come into the light in 2014 and in February 2018, another version of AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam has been now presented to all. There are not many changes have been made in this test outline just as the test format in its last update and now AWS CSAA February 2018 rendition is accessible for all hopefuls.

What is necessary to know about the AWS Solutions Architect Associate?

Candidates who wish to stand apart from the crowd wish to pass this AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam. The result of this exam represents the caliber of a candidate and knowledge of a candidate for the accompanying:

  • Offer a complete elucidation necessary for the client prerequisites alongside following the building structure essentials and necessities.
  • Reach to the best company and try the best skills/knowledge during a project.

Test Duration – 130 minutes
Essential – None
Number of Questions – 65 (may fluctuate)
Enrollment Fee – 150 USD
Test Format – Multiple-decision and Multiple-answer questions
Test Language – English, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese
Renewal – Every 2 years Know more about the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam Preparation
Are you the one who wishes to become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate ? Maybe you are a fresher who don’t have that much information about the exam. No doubt, you’ll need to work hard to cross the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam. However, if you wish to perform best in this exam, you’ll need to have the perfect plan and it won’t be tough for you anymore.
When you are done with the basics of this exam, no doubt, you’ll grab this certification for sure. If you wish to clear this exam, the right plan and strategy would be required. A candidate needs to go through the various test plans and it will help you in grabbing this certification.
Go through the preparation guides, when you can read a number of steps that give you the complete information of this exam. Also includes, the online training sessions, online tests, as well as you know about the exam enrollment. So, it’s is necessary to follow each and every step to win this exam in the first attempt.

Read carefully all AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate test Books

Undoubtedly, there are a number of books, articles, blogs, modules related to this exam are available online, however, the best way to study the books of this exam. A book is the best option for this exam, it is easy to carry, and you won’t need any internet access or any device.

  • Study a number of books related to the exam that will prepare you to clear this exam. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate official guide is one such significant book prescribed by every candidate to clear this exam.
  • Study some good books necessary for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam and get more knowledge as well as apprehend the experience of others.

Also Read:

What do you get at the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Online Training?

There might be tremendous candidates who might be thinking that reading books a boring task, however, watching the videos online is the right and best choice for you.

  • You may find a number of videos where online providers offer you the videos on the specific topic. With these videos, you are able to clear the basics of this exam and easily reach the objective of this exam.
  • When you are able to find the best  Online Training videos online that means you have gotten a teacher, mentor, a trainer. The videos are based on the personal experiences and prepared on the modules of the test. Here, subject matter experts share the wonderful information about this test.
  • Keep in mind; you have to look for the best online training videos that will help you to clear this exam. Online videos tutorials help you in understanding the concepts easily.

No need to waste your time in finding and searching videos on the internet, GangBoard offers you the industry certification along with the online training modules and practice papers. You can through our video sample that will give you a better understanding of our teaching methodologies.

GangBoard is the leading AWS certification providers modernizing the industry. Our online study modules are updated and in case, you need any help in this regard GangBoard is all set to guide you.
AWS Online Training

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam Helpful Resource

There pops-up a need for books and available course might seem less to cross this exam. Not to worry anymore, Amazon Web Services brings you a complete set of information at one place and make you skilled with the help of AWS Whitepapers. A set of the Whitepapers for the AWS CSAA exam is ready and you’ll also find a complete guide of AWS CSAA exam. With the help of the available whitepapers, you are able to triumph in this AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam.
For the Whitepapers: you can CLICK HERE
You might have a number of questions in your mind concerning this exam and preparation. Here, we have prepared a number of FAQs all set to answer the queries you have in this respect. The attached FAQs will answer all your queries and the answers satisfy your mind best.
Keep in mind, if you are preparing for this exam and you have various technical queries in your mind. In order to find a clarification, you need to have the systematic explanation that you can get from the experienced professionals.
Experienced professionals have created a number of videos in order to answer queries. Here, you’ll get the complete explanation of your queries and you get a better idea/solution for your questions.
As well as, we bring you the case studies including the complete solution to a problem and allow you to understand the concept easily. With these case studies, you better understand the problems and solutions and such resource an important role in  exam.

Let’s process and cover the technical topics:
  • Study Notes: EC2
  • DNS Records: A, CNAME, ALIAS, MX and AAAA
  • Ephemeral Ports
  • Complete guide on Virtual Private Cloud
  • First VPC in AWS

How Practice Questions can help you for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam?

When you are done with the preparation of this exam, it’s necessary to test your knowledge before you enter the examination room. Go through the following steps:

  • Go through the best practice test papers and you have a better understanding of the outline of the exam.
  • Practice papers are prepared in the same format and it gives you a complete feeling of the exam, answers every question smartly. It boosts up in your confidence.
  • Rather than getting attracted to an Ad, it’s better to go for a trial first. Free practice papers check your knowledge level.
  • If you pay for the exam practice papers then it’s completely worth and you get 10 free sample papers from AWS that help you in the preparation of

At GangBoard, we are devoted to helping you throughout this exam and we bring you the complete set of papers prove significant to clear this exam.
How AWS certification is important in getting AWS jobs?
AWS doesn’t offer you the single certification, it offers you many certifications in return, these certifications bring you a number of job opportunities in different sectors. When you achieve these certifications, you stand apart from the crowd.

  • These certifications are available for all and if you wish to be a professional, you need to be certified.
  • AWS certification is not just the certification, it helps you in getting a valuable job in a reputed firm. There are nine different certifications are available, so try to identify which certification is right for yo.
  • Earlier, students used to choose a path to get the AWS certifications, not to worry, Amazon Web Services has made this certification quite easy for you. Now candidates can grab this certification directly now.

As we stated above, AWS certification helps you in getting the desired job after completing this certification. In total, achieve the right certification to get a good job to prepare and study hard to get this certification, cross the interview, and you’ll get the desired job.

What questions can help you to cross the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate interview exam?

No doubt, not everyone wishes for the fruitful career as an AWS Solutions Architect, so it is important to cross the  certification. It is turning into a fashion to get this certification in order to prove your knowledge and ability. AWS certification is not limited to just certification, you are able to crack your interview.
It doesn’t matter you are an AWS Certified Solutions Architect or not, you get the chance to attend an interview. A certified candidate gets the preference and when you are skilled, you can easily answer the AWS CSAA interview questions.
Whether you are an AWS Certified Solutions Architect or not, keep in mind, prepare well for the AWS Solutions Architect interview. It’s not a piece of cake to cross the AWS Solutions Architect interview. If you wish to know the interview questions, click below and get set go.
AWS Interview Questions and Answers

Take your career to the new heights of success as a certified AWS Solutions Architect

Achieving an  certification and clear the interview, and accepting the way of a fruitful career as an AWS solutions architect. So, if you wish to make your career and expecting a shining future as an AWS architect, take the certification and authenticate your skills.
In case, you are new to this domain and don’t have much information about it, then it’s better to start with GangBoard AWS CSAA online course and practice more test to begin from the scratch. And if you have clear this exam then, get ready to crack the interview.
Are you done with the Associate-level AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam? So from now on, your target should be the professional level AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam. Get ready to begin the preparation-taking place for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam!
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