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Preparation Guide for AWS Developer Associate Certification

Preparation Guide for AWS Developer Associate Certification

August 2nd, 2019

Preparation Guide for AWS Developer Associate Certification

AWS or Amazon Web Service is a Cloud Computing platform, and by name, we can understand that the IT Giant Amazon has developed this architecture. Amazon has developed and built the infrastructure for cloud computing in a format that it can grow itself with time. As the demand for Cloud Computing is growing day by day, so does the value of AWS is growing accordingly.
AWS is presently leading the Cloud market with its highest share-value and dominating other cloud computing IT giants. IT market professionals are now moving towards AWS cloud computing. Amazon has developed and launched a lot of certification courses to legitimize the AWS program, depending upon the interest, experience of an IT employee, for AWS. We will guide you thoroughly in this article to prepare and achieve AWS Developer Associate Certification.
Let’s take an overview of step by step guide for AWS Developer Associate Certification.

Overview of the AWS Developer Associate Certification Exam:

AWS is leading the IT market since 2017. The certification at a different level from AWS is necessary to upheld and sustain in AWS technology. In cloud computing, AWS Developer Associate Certification is necessary, where this would validate the technical expertise of a candidate opting for this certification exam to develop and maintain Amazon cloud computing. This certification exam is comparatively easier Certification than any other AWS Certification Exam.

More information about the Certification Exam:

AWS Developer Associate Certification is a validation program designed by Amazon for a different level of expertise practitioner for understanding the design to develop and deploy the architecture according to its demand.

AWS Certified Developer Associate Certification Examination Information

Examination Name AWS Certified Developer Associate
Examination QNA Pattern MCQ (need to select one correct alternative out of 5 options), Multiple Response  (need to select one or more correct alternatives out of 5 or more options)
Prerequisite for AWS Developer Associate Certification No prerequisite as such, other than a bachelor or equivalent degree in science.
Examination Duration 1 hour and 20minutes (80minutes)

To Become an AWS Certified Developer Associate in 25 Hours

What is the AWS Developer Associate Certification?

This is very important to understand that Amazon has a lot of certifications under their wings, according to the demand and need of a technical person. Let’s give an overview of the certifications that they have.

Who should opt for AWS Developer Associate Certification?

This is very certain that the AWS Developer Associate Certification program is an intermediate course in the ladder of AWS Exam hierarchy. It is easy and fundamental for you, if

  • You are already in the path of cloud computing and has experience of more than 1-2years.
  • You have depth and understanding of AWS cloud computing and can design and develop the program by its architecture and also can deploy it.
  • You have knowledge and understanding of one or more programming languages.

Though these are not prerequisites for AWS. With proper understanding and development experience, you can always opt for any other certification in the parallel hierarchy according to your interest.
Though GangBoard is always there to guide you to choose the right course (All the AWS course, mentioned above is guided and trained by our professionals to prepare you for the chosen Certification.) according to your present need.

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Preparation and Understanding for AWS Developer Associate Certification:

As said earlier, the AWS Developer Associate Certification is not a “tough nut to crack”. Proper guidance and understanding can easily lead you to successfully clear the Certification Exam.

The First Step: Free Tier

To prepare for AWS Developer Associate Certification, you need to register with AWS for Free Tier. Constant hands-on practice is needed for AWS Developer Associate Certification. Signing up with Free Tier on Amazon will give you access to all the services which AWS provides. It’s the best practice for you to get familiar with all the services of AWS to prepare and crack the exam easily.

Second Step: Exam guide

Amazon has designed the course and uploaded the guidance in a PDF. Download the Exam guide from the site, this might be the Blue-Print to crack the Certification Examination. You can use the Exam guide as a reference to prepare yourself for the exam.
The topics that you need to cover are also given. The weightage has been given by the breakdown of the topics that need to be covered. So you need to go through the Exam guide properly.

Third Step: Sample Questions

If you are in constant practice and following the step by step guide by GangBoard, then this topic will be very useful to mastering the Exam Guide. Just like the last point Amazon always uploads the sample questions for the preparation on their website. Download it and try incorporating the ideas that you have learned by the Exam guide.

Fourth Step: White Papers

White Papers, this is highly recommendable, especially which is recommended by AWS. Reading White Papers will give you a lot of considerable information regarding the services provided by AWS. Knowledge about the know-how of the services, it is easier to prepare for the AWS Developer Associate Certification exam.
A few recommended White Papers are listed below.

  • AWS Security Best Practices
  • Backup and recovery approaches using AWS
  • Architecting on AWS
  • Amazon Web Services: Overview of Security Processes
  • AWS Security Checklist

Fifth Step: FAQ

Reading FAQs will enhance your understanding of the topics you are muddling around. The FAQ section of AWS is bundled with commonly asked questions. The answers might give you a clear understanding of your doubts.

Sixth Step: Online Training

This is probably the most crucial step for the preparation of the AWS Developer Associate Certification Exam. Gaining knowledge from the website only would prepare you 40% for your Certification Exam of AWS. Choosing the best online training will give you the rest of the 60% experience to clear the AWS test for Certification.
GangBoard is the best online training program provider for AWS. Our online training will clear all of your doubts while preparing for AWS Developer Associate certification.

Online Self-Test:

Our online training comes with online tests which will help you to improvise all the self-learning AWS online materials. These mock tests will help you to judge your technical strengths and weaknesses. Accordingly, you can prepare yourself before scheduling the final exam for AWS Developer Associate Certification. You can boost up your level of confidence by taking an innumerable online practice test.

Weight Distribution of AWS Developer Associate Certification Exam:

This will guide you to prepare by breaking down the topic adherence.

Topics % of questions
AWS Fundamentals 15%
Design and Development 45%
Deployment and Security 25%
Debugging 25%
Total 100%
Though this might change a little bit according to the algorithm of AWS sight.
If you are looking for best guidance for the weightage distribution scenario of online AWS Developer Associate Certification, then GangBoard has prepared the best online program to guide you through the step by step preparation program. It will lead you to complete the final test successfully and you will be a certified developer in no time.

Small Program Guide to cover the topics of AWS Developer Associate Certification:

Preparing for AWS Developer Associate Certification is never easy, if not focused on the final exam and properly guided about the necessary topics. Randomizing the study will never let you get through with flying colors.
So, here we are going to discuss a few important topics which come first on the listing.

Dynamo DB:

Starting with Dynamo DB. Dynamo DB is No SQL Database which is very important as this holds the key-value of documented data structure developed by Amazon. It is faster and more dynamic than the SQL Database.
You need to cover a few important chapters like Dynamo DB Cross-region replication, Capacity Units, Dynamo DB Trigger, Dynamo DB key types and the usages, Dynamo DB Streams & Dynamo DB indexes. You may add LSI/GSI and query vs. scan.

Want to learn DynamoDB read this blog  What is Amazon DynamoDB?


SQS is the Amazon Simple Queue Service. It is developed by Amazon for message queueing. It’s a distributed application for exchanging the messages for exact channels.
Covering its Design, Characteristics, Limits, Message dimension, Visibility Time-Out, Maximum long Polling Timeout, Costs, and Message retention would suffice.


Amazon Simple Notification Service. It’s a Service more than an application. It’s a highly available, fully secure and durable, fully managed service. It can be used by decoupling microservices provided by 3rd party or maybe Amazon itself.
You need to cover mainly, Redundancy & Customizable Protocol settings. Other than this Notification setting for e-mail, Texts or SMS or maybe SQS.


Amazon Simple Workflow Service. It’s a web service and used for managing across distributed applications. It can help to use the AWS Flow Framework. You need to cover Task, Decider, Processing Time and Worker.


S3 is nothing but the storage system of Amazon Web Services. S3 can be used to access the old data, store the new data. Downloading the data from anywhere in the AWS console is a very interesting task.
You need to cover the S3 Bucket and Objects on API. Other than these 2 topics, virtually important topics would be Security, Encryption, Glacier, Dynamic Hosting, Standard vs infrequent access, lifecycle management, import-export data, transfer acceleration, etc.

Want to learn S3 read this blogWhat is Amazon S3?


It is the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. EC2 gives provides flexibility to cloud computing in AWS as its name says. EC2 is a kind of typology. It provides users to use virtual machines for computing.
You need to learn the installation process of the database and other applications on EC2 and architectural adjustments on it.
All these topics are very relevant and other than these above-mentioned topics you need to study AWS Identity and Access Management, AWS RDS, API Gateways, Web Identity federation, VPC: Basics.
All these topics are guided on our website of GangBoard and it’s Online Training for preparation of the AWS Certified Developer Associate Program. To know more about the training program, kindly visit our website.

Also want to learn Ec2 read this blogWhat is AWS EC2 Instances?

Books for Reference:

There are a few books that might help you to get prepared for AWS Developer Associate Certification.
Though sticking to these books we are going to mention, are all for basic learning and preparation as AWS is a very versatile and dynamic technology. It is changing constantly and will change in the future as well.

  • AWS Certified Developer Associate All-in-one Exam Guide- by Pubali Sen
  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate Guide- by Vipul Tankaria and Bhavin Parmer
  • AWS Lambda in Action- by Danilo Poccia
  • Mastering AWS Development- by Uchit Vyas
  • AWS for Developers – for dummies- by John Paul Mueller

These are the best books to date that can be found in any bookstore or online for the preparation guide of AWS Developer Associate Certification.

How will AWS Certified Developer Associate tag boost your career?

AWS is a very versatile technology. It is sturdy and dynamic by its architecture. Amazon has developed all its amenities from the basic framework to a usable database. Also, it has been upgraded simultaneously with small changes every other day.
It has been integrated and linked with every other dynamic technology with which it can change itself, e.g. Machine Learning.
It will sustain and change more to grab the whole IT industry by its architecture shortly. So, if you want to grow with future changing technology, it is the best option to choose from.
AWS will migrate more, and as only Amazon is allowing getting certified by themselves. In future more and more IT companies will hire employees who are certified by Amazon only for global certification program.
This way AWS Developer Associate Certification not only will boost your career but also give you opportunities to spread your wings and fly.

Before summing up a few words to import:

GangBoard is the No 1. Certification Online Training Institute. We have more than 10 years of experience in this IT field, where we always hire the best market professionals to train and guide the developers the new technology which builds your career.
We are as dynamic as AWS. We build and develop every other IT program guide for all of you in a way so that learning gets more interesting. Our online guides are unconventional which supports more real-life examples.
This is the best opportunity to get guided by the best online training and self-check mock tests.
It is fascinating to improvise ideologies from our online training guide to make you prepared for the AWS Certified Developer Associate.

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