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Microsoft Azure Certification Courses & Relevant Exams

Microsoft Azure Certification Courses & Relevant Exams

August 19th, 2019

Microsoft Azure Certification Courses & Relevant Exams:

Microsoft Azure is one of the most in-demand skills that provide the best cloud services. Its unique features and innovative aspects make it stand out among others in the IT field. Microsoft Azure Examination has restructured to become entirely job oriented. If you want to establish your IT career in a supreme position with a lucrative package, you must opt for Azure Certification.

Moreover, with this certification, you will your desired job in any growing city in the world. Choosing the right certification is essential in your career because on that your entire career graph is dependant. Microsoft Azure Certification Path is no doubt one of the best certifications to settle your career at the highest peak.

Microsoft Azure is a Cloud Computing Platform for the public. Formerly it was known as Windows Azure.
There is a high demand for each certification course and the relevant exams of Microsoft Azure. Reasons are very simple, as Microsoft has designed the structure of their cloud computing product Azure, with solutions which can work as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) & Software as a Service (SaaS).
There are 3 role-based certification levels, and there are 9 certifications & 11 Exams in total.

What is Microsoft Azure Exam?

Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud providers which has come up with specific standards for each of their certifications. In the IT field, this certification is one of the most recognized skills required by various platforms. The best part of this certification is based on your requirement and skill you can choose any of the Azure Certification Examination. From the past two years, the acceptance rate of Microsoft Azure has grown rapidly, each day many individuals come forward to enroll in this certification, as there is a continuous requirement of certified professionals in big MNCs.

Why You Need Microsoft Azure Exam?

If you wish to settle your career in this IT field with the proper skill, you must opt for this course. No matter whether you are from a technical or non-technical background, involved in selling or purchasing cloud-based solutions or services, you can easily validate your foundational level with this Microsoft Azure certification course.

This certification course covers various aspects of Microsoft Azure which can advance your career to the next level, especially from the cloud computing perspective.

Microsoft Azure Certification Exam Path in 2020

This exam will help you to differentiate yourself and certified your extraordinary knowledge in this field. After the successful completion of this course, getting a job in your desired company will not be tough anymore. The technology is rapidly shifting to cloud computing which allows users to share important information with other connected devices. Multiple users can operate the system at the same point of time without giving much effort.

Microsoft Azure Certification Based in Job Role

The Microsoft Azure Certification is a role-based learning path that will impart knowledge from fundamental to associate level. You can also choose an advanced course to get a job at the Expert level.

Based on Azure, there are nine Microsoft Azure Certification Path

A. Fundamental:

  1. Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals – Required Exam: AZ-900

B. Associate:

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate – Required Exam: AZ-500
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate – Required Exam: AZ-103
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate – Required Exam: AI-100
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate – Required Exam: DP-200 and DP-201
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate – Required Exam: DP-100
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate – Required Exam: AZ-203

c. Expert:

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer Expert – Required Exam: AZ-400
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert – Required Exams: AZ-300 & AZ-301

Other than these role-based Certification courses Microsoft Azure has several official Exams and Certifications. Those are designed based on the expertise level of any applicant, e.g., Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: Cloud Platform (MCSA), Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).

All these Certification Courses are free for self-paced preparation, but for exams, there is a certain fee for every level. Though Instructor-led certification courses from Microsoft is pretty costly.

For the Fundamental Certification course and Examination, there are no such requirements for professional experience is needed, though people who are aware of the cloud environment, should schedule for certifications only after 6 months of experience.

For Associate level Certifications & relevant Examinations, applicants should at least have 2-3 years of hands-on experience.

For Expert level certifications, it is recommended to have at least 5-6years of experience in cloud technologies led by Microsoft.

All the Examinations are designed in 4 different languages, e.g. English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified) & Korean. The type of questions would be multiple choice & multiple answers based on each exam. All these exam certifications no longer expire.

1. Microsoft Azure Administration AZ – 103

The Microsoft Azure Administration Certification Exam ( AZ – 103) is for validating an individual’s knowledge, and expertise in handling the span compute cloud services, cloud capabilities, networking aspects, and Microsoft Azure Storage.

Candidates preparing for this certification exam must understand the concept of full IT lifecycle, including its various services, i.e. its environment, infrastructure services, and applications.

If you have proficiency in the Azure portal, PowerShell, virtualization, Command-line interface, ARM templates, cloud infrastructure, storage structure and services, and networking, the AZ – 103 certification exam is for you.


For Microsoft Azure Administration Certification (AZ – 103), you need to have primary knowledge of Azure application, cloud infrastructure, and operating systems.

Exam Languages

English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese


180 minutes

Number of Questions

40 to 60

AZ – 103 Exam Cost

165 USD (Approx)

Major skills of this exam and their density

Manage Azure Resources along with the Subscriptions (15-20% Exam density)

  • Configuring costs and handling administration permissions
  • Diagnostic resource configuration, managing baseline resources, managing subscription metrics, and forming action groups.
  • Designing resource policies
  • Implementing resource units
  • Assigning roles to Azure resources by creating access.

Manage and Implement Storage (5-10% Exam Density)

  • Exporting and importing data to Azure
  • Creating storage accounts
  • Designing Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Analyzing back up reports
  • Recovering service vaults

Handling and Designing Virtual Networks (20-25% Exam density):

  • Troubleshooting virtual networks
  • Implementing virtual networking
  • Designing name resolution
  • Constructing Network Security Groups (NSG)
  • Connectivity of virtual networks
  • The amalgamation of the Azure Virtual Network with another on-premise network

2. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ – 900

The Microsoft Azure Fundamental Exam (AZ – 900) will assess the candidate’s fundamental knowledge in Cloud and Microsoft Azure, from sales to developing perspective. It is basically the precursor of the Azure Cloud Services exam. The AZ – 900 exams have been curated to demonstrate the fundamental knowledge the cloud services. This exam is also suitable for candidates to belong from a non-technical background.


For AZ – 900 examinations, the candidates must be familiar with the Azure platform and basic knowledge in cloud computing.

Exam Languages

English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean

Exam Cost

99 USD (Approx)

Number of Questions

40 to 60


180 minutes

Major skills of this exam and their density

Concepts of Cloud Computing (15 to 20 % Exam Density)

  • Understanding about terms of Scalability, Fault Tolerance, Disaster Recovery, and Availability.
  • Fundamentals of the consumption-based model
  • Knowledge in understanding the comparison between Operational Expenditure and Capital Expenditure
  • The concept of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

In-Depth Azure Services (30-35% Exam density)

  • Concept of Zone Availability, Azure Architectural Components, Azure Resource Manager and Resource Group
  • The idea of computing virtual machines, services and App functions.
  • Detail idea of networking products, i.e. Virtual Network, VPN Gateway, Content Delivery Network, etc.
  • Product availability idea for Disk Storage, File Storage, and Blob Storage

Security, Compliance, Privacy, and Trust (25-30% Exam density)

  • Concept of Azure Firewall, Azure DDoS and Network Security Group
  • Comparison between authorization, multi-factor authentication and system authentical
  • Advanced concept of Azure security, Key Vault, Azure Policies, and Azure Advisor Assistance
  • Concept of Azure Monitor, Trust Centre, Compliance Manager, and Azure Service Health

Azure Pricing and Support (25-30% Exam density)

  • The procedure of Azure Subscription, Azure Cost Management, billing purposes, and Azure Advisor Recommendation
  • Understanding Azure Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Monitor feature updates
  • Knowledge of the center operation

3. Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ – 301

The Microsoft Azure AZ – 301 assesses the candidate’s knowledge of networking and designing cloud-based solutions. You can showcase your Azure cloud knowledge in this examination. Some of the key skills required for this certification exam are: configuring Infrastructure, implementing authentication, implementing workloads, etc.


For Microsoft Azure AZ – 301, you need to have a basic understanding of Azure Architect Designing. Candidates require to possess basic knowledge of various IT operations like Virtualization, Networking, Security, Data Management, etc.

Exam Languages

English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean


180 minutes

Exam Cost

165 UDS (Approx)

Number of Questions

40 to 60

Major skills of this exam and their density

Understanding Workload Requirements (10-15% Exam Density)

  • Collecting requirements and information
  • The idea of consumption strategy
  • Designing and managing the audit strategy

Constructing Security and Identity (20-25% Exam Density)

  • Forming identity management
  • Knowledge about Authentication and Authorization
  • Monitoring identity strategy
  • Understanding security

Plotting Data Platform Solutions (15-20% Exam density)

  • Forming Data Management Strategy
  • Knowledge about Data Protection Strategy
  • Creating Document Data Flow
  • Designing Data Platform Monitoring Strategy

Creating Infrastructure Strategy (15-20% Exam density)

  • Designing storage provision strategy
  • Constructing Network strategy
  • Identifying and implementing compute requirements

4. Developing Solution For Microsoft Azure AZ – 204

This certification exam is basically for the role of Cloud Developers as it will assess the candidate’s knowledge of various phases of development. The certification imparts knowledge on the deployment and maintenance of development platforms. To implement the solution, they partner with cloud administrators and cloud DBAs.


For the AZ – 204 certification exam, the candidates must have knowledge in Azure SDKs, APIs, Debugging and container deployment. They also need to possess 1 to 2 years of professional development experience (with Microsoft Azure) in IT. They must know how to program in an Azure Supported Language.

Exam Languages


Exam Cost

165 USD

Number of Questions

40 to 60


180 minutes

Major skills of this exam and their density

Development of Azure Compute Solutions (25 – 30% Exam density)

  • Implementation of IaaS Solutions
  • Create ARM templates
  • Create Azure App Service Web Apps
  • Implement various Azure Functions including input and output bindings
  • Execution of Azure Durable Functions

Azure Storage Development (10 – 15% Exam density)

  • Develop Solutions using Cosmos DB Storage
  • Develop solutions for blob storage
  • Selection of proper APIs
  • Set and retrieve metadata

Azure Security Implementation (15 – 20% Exam density)

  • Understanding user authentication and authorization
  • Execution of OAuth2 authentication
  • Implement a secure cloud solution
  • Manage keys and passwords using KeyVault APIs

Troubleshooting, Monitoring and Optimizing Azure Solutions (10 – 15% Exam density)

  • Integrating content delivery within solutions
  • Develop CDN solutions code
  • Configuring expiration policies
  • Manage and store data in Azure Redis cache

Consumption of Azure Services along with third-party services (25 – 30% Exam density)

  • Developing App Service Logic App
  • Design custom template for Logic Apps
  • Implementation of API management
  • Implement solutions using Azure Event Grid and Azure Event Hub
  • Design message-based solutions

5. Microsoft Azure IoT Developer AZ – 220

This certification exam aims to assess the implementation and coding capacity to create and maintain the cloud and edge portion with an IoT solution. The IoT developer needs to set the devices using cloud services. The IoT developer also required to maintain the devices throughout its life cycle.


The candidates must have a good understanding of implementing Azure services from an IoT solution. They must possess knowledge on Azure supported language along with C#, C, Python, and Node.

Exam Languages


Exam Cost

165 USD

Number of Questions

40 to 60


180 minutes

Major skills of this exam and their density

IoT Solution Infrastructure Implementation (15 – 20% Exam density)

  • IoT Hub creation and configuration
  • Device registration
  • Designing IoT Hub tier and scaling
  • Device twin configuration
  • Configuring physical IoT devices

Device Management and Provision (20 – 25% Exam density)

  • Device Provisioning Service implementation
  • Managing the device lifecycle
  • Managing IoT devices by IoT Hub
  • Building solution by utilizing IoT central

Implement Edge (15 – 20% Exam density)

  • IoT Edge service set-up and deployment
  • Module development
  • Configuring IoT edge devices

Processing and Managing Data (15 – 20%)

  • Configure routing in Azure IoT Hub
  • Stream processing designing
  • Designing an IoT solution for Time Series Insights (TSI)

Troubleshoot, Monitor and Optimize IoT Solutions (15 – 20%)

  • Health monitoring configuration
  • Troubleshooting device communication
  • End-to-end solution testing
  • Conduct stress testing and performance

Security Implementation (15 – 20%)

  • Implementing device authentication in IoT Hub
  • Setting up device security using DPS
  • Implement Azure Security Centre

6. Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies AZ – 300

This certification exam is basically for the Azure Solution Architect, who is in translate business solutions. For this exam, candidates should have advanced knowledge of various aspects of IT operations, i.e. virtualization, security, networking, disaster recovery, data management, etc.


For Microsoft Azure AZ – 30, you need to have a basic understanding of Azure Architect Technologies. An understanding of Azure administration and DevOps will be helpful.

Exam Languages

English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean

Exam Cost

165 USD

Number of Questions

40 to 60


180 minutes

Major skills of this exam and their density

Deploy and Configure Infrastructure (40 – 50 % Exam density)

  • Create and test alerts
  • Monitor and report on spend
  • Analyze various subscription alerts
  • Create and configure storage accounts
  • Automate deployment of VMs
  • Create connectivity between virtual networks
  • Implement and manage virtual networking
  • Implement solutions for Virtual Machines (VMs)
  • Troubleshoot password sync

Workload and Security Implementations (25 – 30% Exam density)

  • Migrate servers with the help of Azure Migrate
  • Configure serverless computing
  • Manage service bus
  • Application load balancing implementation
  • Integration of Azure virtual network with the on-premises network
  • Implement Azure policies

Creating and Deploying Apps (5 – 10% Exam density)

  • Configure web apps using PaaS
  • Design and develop the app and run them in containers
  • Design Azure Kubernetes Service

Data security and implementing authentication (15 – 20%)

  • Implement OAuth2 authentication
  • Implement secure data solutions
  • Data encryption
  • Create, manage and troubleshoot KeyVault API

Development of Cloud for Azure Storage ( 15 – 20%)

  • Design message-based integration architecture
  • Create and configure Event and Notification Hub
  • Autoscaling development
  • Develop a solution using a relational database
  • The setting of the accurate consistency operational level

7. Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions AZ – 400

This certification is specially designed for the DevOps professionals to deliver state of the art products and services and meet the user requirement along with business objectives. DevOps professionals are experts at designing and implementing application code strategies. They should possess skills in designing and implementing DevOps practices, especially for version control.


Candidates of this exam must be proficient in Azure administration and development. They must know how to build and release Azure technologies.

Exam Languages

English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean

Exam Cost

165 USD

Number of Questions

40 to 60


180 minutes

Major skills of this exam and their density

DevOps Strategy Designing (20 – 25% Exam density)

  • Existing test management tools analyzing
  • Analyzing various existing work management tools
  • Designing Agile Work Management Approach
  • Configuring Quality strategy
  • Designing a secure development process

Implementation of DevOps Development Process (20 – 25% Exam density)

  • Configuring version control strategy
  • Designing the code flow strategy
  • Managing build infrastructure
  • Code flow implementation
  • Implement mobile DevOps Strategy

Continuous Integration Implementation (10 – 15% Exam density)

  • Code quality management
  • Implementation of build strategy
  • Automated build workflow set up
  • Managing Docker multi-stage builds

Continuous delivery implementation (10 – 15% Exam density)

  • Configure the release strategy
  • Setting up management workflow
  • Merging secrets with release pipeline
  • Implement accurate deployment pattern

Dependency Management Implementation (5 – 10% Exam density)

  • Configure dependency management strategy
  • Handle security and compliance
  • Configure security access
  • Identify and recommend standard policies

Application Infrastructure Implementation (15 – 20% Exam density)

  • Analyzing future hosting Infrastructure
  • Automated pipeline set up
  • Using configuration management tools
  • Implement security scanning

Continuous Feedback Implementation (10 – 15% Exam density)

  • Designing crash report integration
  • Design system feedback mechanism
  • Monitoring tool recommendation
  • Optimize feedback mechanisms

8. Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services 70 – 487

This certification exam is for the developers who have at least three to five years of experience in developing web services. Experience in Azure solutions and Web API will be extra beneficial. In this exam topics like Accessing and manipulating data, using Entity framework, developing web applications and services, etc.


If you want to sit for this certification, you must have at least two years of experience in working with Azure solutions.

Exam Languages

English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German

Exam Cost

165 USD

Number of Questions


180 minutes

Major skills of this exam and their density

Data Assessing (20 -25% Exam density)

  • Choosing appropriate data access technologies
  • Caching implementation
  • Transactions implementation
  • Data storage implementation in Microsoft Azure
  • Creating and implementing WCF Data Services

Querying and Data Manipulation Using Entity Framework (20 -25% Exam density)

  • Data manipulation using Entity Framework
  • Data manipulation using Data Provider for Entity Framework
  • Query data using LINQ to Entities
  • Manipulate and query data by using ADO.NET
  • Designing Entity Framework data model
  • Combine Entity Framework with third party database

Creation and consumption of Web API based service (20 -25% Exam density)

  • Configuring Web API
  • Implement Web API
  • Securing Web API
  • Manage and Host API
  • Web API Web services Consumption

Implementing and Designing Web Services (20 -25% Exam density)

  • Consume WCF services
  • Implement serverless Azure Web Services
  • Implement Traffic management in Azure
  • Implement Azure API Management
  • Web service monitoring

Web application and services deployment (15 – 20% Exam density)

  • Configuring deployment strategy
  • Selecting an appropriate deployment strategy for Azure
  • Designing web application for deployment
  • Managing NuGet packages
  • Assemble multiple applications and servers

9. Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack Hub 70 – 537

This certification examination will assess your technical abilities in deploying Azure Stack Hub Environment. This exam is basically for Service and system administrators for using Microsoft Stack Hub for delivering cloud services. Candidates for this exam must be proficient in using Azure Stack Hub Environment. Candidates require validating their ability to plan, deploy and maintain Azure Stack Hub infrastructure.


For this certification, exam candidates must have knowledge on Windows server 2016. Prior knowledge of Microsoft Azure and traditional virtualization and networking will be helpful.

Exam Languages


Exam Cost

165 USD

Number of Questions

40 to 60


180 minutes

Major skills of this exam and their density

Integration and Deployment of Azure Stack Hub Environment (20 – 25% Exam density)

  • Test Environment Building by with Azure Stack Hub Development Kit (ASDK)
  • Design identity and PKI
  • Configure DNS for the integration of data center
  • Design connectivity for data center integration
  • Connecting API based administration using Azure Stack Hub

PaaS and IaaS configuration for Azure Stack Hub Environment (25 – 30% Exam density)

  • Administrate and configure the App Service Resource provider
  • Administrate and configure database resource provider
  • Administrate and configure IaaS services

Services to enable DevOps for Azure Stack Hub Users (20 – 25% Exam density)

  • Creating and managing quotas, plans, offers, etc.
  • Handle tenants and users
  • Azure marketplace management
  • Allow DevOps for users

Monitoring and Maintaining Azure Stack Environment (20 – 25% Exam density)

  • Planning and implementing back up recovery and disaster recovery strategy
  • Monitoring and managing performance, capacity, and alerts
  • Managing log collection with usage reporting

10. Planning and Administrating Microsoft Azure for SAP Workloads AZ – 120

If you want to opt for the Azure SAP Workload Administrator role, this examination is for you. Candidates preparing for this certification must have knowledge in SAP operation solutions. Candidates make suggestions regarding resource adjustment for optimal resiliency, performance, and monitoring.


Candidates for this certification must have knowledge of Azure Administrator and Azure Architect certification. Additional knowledge in SAP HANA and Linux certification will be helpful.

Exam Languages

English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean

Exam Cost

165 USD

Number of Questions

40 to 60


180 minutes

Major skills of this exam and their density

Shift SAP Workload to Azure (10 – 15% Exam density)

  • Inventory creation for existing SAP landscape
  • Designing SAP landscape architecture
  • Configuring migration strategy
  • Infrastructure optimization for migration

Azure Solution Designing for Supporting SAP Workloads (20 – 25% Exam density)

  • Core infrastructure designing in Azure for supporting SAP Workloads
  • Designing Azure infrastructure services for supporting SAP Workloads
  • Designing resilient Azure Solution for supporting SAP Workloads
  • Configuring Disaster Recovery

Deploy and build Azure for SAP Workloads (35 – 40% Exam density)

  • Automate deployment of Virtual Machine (VMs)
  • Automated configuration of VM
  • Manage and implement virtual networking
  • Access management and authentication on Azure
  • Manage and implement identities
  • Monitor SAP workloads on Azure

Validate Azure Infrastructure for SAP Workloads (10 – 15% Exam density)

  • Check to perform infrastructure validation
  • Check operational readiness check
  • Testing printing
  • DR Test

Operationalize Azure SAP Architecture (10 – 15% Exam density)

  • Performance optimization
  • Migrate SAP Workloads to Azure
  • Configure the migration strategy
  • Configure storage strategy

11. Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ – 500

Candidates for this AZ – 500 Certification are engineers who are pro at controlling and implementing security posture. They also protect data and manage the identity of various networks.


Candidates for this exam must have a strong knowledge of scripting and automation. A deep understanding of networking, cloud capabilities, and virtualization will be a real help.

Exam Languages

English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified) and Korean

Exam Cost

165 USD

Number of Questions

40 to 60


180 minutes

Major skills of this exam and their density

Manage access and identity (20 – 25% Exam density)

  • Configure the app registration path
  • Design Azure Active Directory for Workloads
  • Design Azure AD Privileged Identity Management
  • Manage Azure tenant security

Platform protection implementation (35 – 40% Exam density)

  • Network security implementation
  • Host security implementation
  • Baseline configuration
  • Application security configuration
  • Container security configuration
  • Execute Azure Resource Management Security

Security operations management (15 – 20% Exam density)

  • Design security services
  • Design security policies
  • Handle security alerts
  • Respond to alerts and recommendations

Applications and data security (30 – 35% Exam density)

  • Configure security policies
  • Configure encryption for data
  • Design application security
  • Manage and configure Key Vault

Azure Certification

  • Fundamental
  • Associate
  • Expert

1. Fundamental

1.1 Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals:

The basic Certification course for cloud computing designed by Microsoft for its product Azure. It is recommended to any individual. Individuals who are fascinated by cloud computing and interested in working with Microsoft products only.
The beginner level certification is designed with modules and learning paths to provide an all-over idea about Azure Cloud Computing. There are a few basic points that would be learned in this Certification course.

  • Overall cloud concept and its high availability, elasticity, scalability, agility, fault tolerance, & disaster recovery system.
  • Benefits of cloud computing with the Azure.
  • Basic strategies for transition to the Azure cloud.
  • Services available for Azure, which includes Storage, Compute, Network & Security.

The Learning path is described as

  • Cloud Concept
  • Core Cloud Services
  • Azure Architecture
  • Azure Portal and Managed Services
  • Azure Computations option
  • Azure Data Storage
  • Azure Networking
  • The security concept of Azure
  • Monitoring Infrastructure Standards & Azure Policy
  • Azure Resource Manager
  • Cost optimization on Azure

The Certification Exam is AZ-900. It costs 99US$ for scheduling the exam. The Exam duration is 60 minutes.

Microsoft azure certification training

2. Associate

Associate level Azure Cloud certifications don’t require any prerequisite other than completing the Azure Fundamental Certification course and clearing the exam.
All the exams cost 165US$, and the duration to complete the exam is 75minutes.

2.1 Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate

This Certification is very new. Microsoft has included this certification and the relevant exam, this year only. Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate badge is an associate-level Certification which has been included to validate the job role for security engineers. This is certainly for the product ‘Azure’ security implementation, security controls, identity management, and threat identification, data protection, protect applications and network in the cloud environment and give end to end solution to a hybrid system.
There are 4 skill measurement levels through which applicants need to prepare for self-paced study.

  • Managed identity and access (20-25%):

It requires 4 topics to cover, e.g., Configuration of Microsoft Azure Active Directory for workloads, Azure Active directory privileged identity management which includes monitoring, configuration and active privilege identity of Azure, & lastly Azure Tenant Security.

  • Implementing platform protection (35-40%):

Topics to cover- Implementing network security for Azure which includes virtual network connectivity to resource Firewall, Implementing host security which includes configuring system updates, configuring container security which includes configuring authentication & implementing vulnerability management, lastly implementing resource management security.

  • Manage security operations (15-20%):

Topics to pace up: Configuring security services, security policies, managing security alerts.

  • Secure data applications (30-35%):

Topics: Configuring security policies and managed data, Configure security for data infrastructure, configuring encryption, implementing security for application delivery, configure application security, configure and manage the key vault.
Relevant Exam is AZ-500, also known as the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies examination.

2.2 Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate:

This training program is for IT administrators dealing with the Microsoft cloud administration.
Here the applicant’s validation would be on the skillset of implementation, monitoring, & maintaining Azure solutions and maintaining services for storage, compute, network & security.
There is no such prerequisite but hands-on 1-2 years of experience of dealing with Microsoft cloud would be advantageous.
Major areas on which skillset would be validated are

  • Managing Azure subscriptions and resources (15-20%):

Topics that should be covered while self-learning program are
Managing Azure subscriptions as it follows pay as you go, model, analyzing resource utilization and consumption, manage the resource group of any organization, & lastly manage role-based access control.

  • Implementing and managing storage (15-20%):

Topics that would suffice to clear the examination would be likewise configuring and creating storage accounts, import and export data function to Azure, configuring azure Files, implementing Azure Backups.

  • Implementing and managing storage (15-20%):

The topics that should be covered are Create and configure a Virtual Machine (VM) for different OS, e.g. Windows & Linux, Automation deployment of VM, managing Azure VM, Managing VM backups.

  • Configure and manage virtual networks (30-35%):

Creating connectivity between virtual networks, implementing and managing virtual networking, configuring naming resolution, Network Security Group, implementing Azure Load Balancer, troubleshooting on virtual networks, integrating on-premise networking with Azure virtual networks. All these topics are designed to be covered to clear the Examination.

  • Manage identities (15-20%):

Azure Active Directory, objects, implementing and managing hybrid identities, implement multifactor authentication. All these are relevant topics for this segment.
Relevant Exam to clear would be AZ-103. On clearing the exam applicant would hold Microsoft Azure Administrator badge.

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2.3 Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate:

One of the important certification courses for individuals seeking future in Cloud computing with Microsoft products and services.
This would give one certified applicant to hold the mastery of knowledge of cognitive usage of the Azure, knowledge mining and architecting the infrastructure of AI-Microsoft, Machine Learning, and solution to language, speech and vision-related function of a hybrid system based on the cloud.
Microsoft has designed the exam so that it can skill validate an applicant on the below-given segments.

  • Analyzing Solution Requirements (25-30%):

It covers the topic of cognitive services related to Microsoft APIs, Map security requirements for cloud, selecting SaaS, and storage requirements to support the hybrid system.

  • Designing an AI solution (40-45%):

To clear the exam, an applicant should cover Design solutions to pipelines, Design solutions to cognitive services, Designing and implementing the BOT framework. Designing, governance, compliance, security, and integrity of a system.

  • Implement and monitor AI solutions (25-30%):

Topics that would suffice for self-learning would be AI workflow, integrating AI services, and connecting solution components on the cloud, monitoring and evaluating the AI environment.
A few new skillset measurement topics would be included in this certification course to make its prospect broader.
The relevant exam is AI-100 or Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution.

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2.4 Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate

 It is an important certification for the roles related to data mining & Data manipulations. This certification does come under another category of Microsoft, MCSA, which is also a part of the Azure cloud.
Managing, monitoring, security, and privacy management of any data is the main focus to hold this certification.
Let’s discuss the skillset related segments on which exam validation would be highly dependable.

  • Implementing data storage solutions:

Relevant topics to cover would be implementing non-relational data stores, implementing relational data stores, managing data security.

  • Managing and developing data processing:

The only 2 most important topic of this segment is the development of batch processing and streaming solutions.

  • Monitoring and optimizing data solutions:

Monitoring Data Storage, Data processing, Optimization of Azure Data Solution, these 3 topics must be prepared before scheduling the final exam.

  • Designing Azure Data Storage:

Designing non-relational cloud data stores, designing relational cloud data stores & Azure Data solution on requirements and based on demand identification, all these must be covered.

  • Design data processing solutions:

Designing batch processing and real-time processing solutions study would suffice for this segment.

  • Designing for data security and compliance:

Designing security sources to data access, designing security for data, these are the key topics to be prepared with.
All these topics discussed in several segments are dealing with Azure cosmos and NoSQL databases.
This Certification has 2 exams, which should be cleared to hold the badge of mastery in Data engineering with Microsoft Azure. Relevant Exams are

  1. DP-200 or Implementing an Azure Data Solution.
  2. DP-201 or Designing an Azure Data Solution.

The total cost of these 2 exams is 330US$. The exam time to face is 150 minutes each. The total number of questions would be 45-60.

2.5 Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate

This particular certification validates the applicant’s mastery of Data science-related roles and machine learning techniques to train and evaluate on Azure cloud.
Let us discuss the skill required to clear the examination and preparation and also skill measuring segments.

  • Defining & preparing the development of environment (15-20%):

Topics to cover are Select and develop environment, setup development environment, quantify the business issues.

  • Preparation of Data for Modelling (25-30%):

Data into Datasets, EDA, Transform Data, these are the topics to clear.

  • Perform Featured Engineering (15-20%):

Perform Featured Extraction & Perform Featured selection, are the 2 important topics of this segment.

  • Developing the models (40-45%):

Selecting an algorithm approach, Splitting Data sets, identifying Data imbalances, Training the model, evaluating the model performances, all these are the most relevant and important parts to be covered.
Relevant Exam is DP-100 or Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure. Scheduling an exam will cost 165US$. The time duration will be 180 minutes for 35-55 questions.

2.6 Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate

This certification is the most important certification for cloud developers. Microsoft Azure developer associate training course has been designed to validate the individual skillset to design, develop, build, test & maintain Azure cloud solution.
There is a prerequisite to have a knowledge and hand-on experience of programming language C# and ASP.net at least for 2-3 years is required.
The skillset is being measured by different categories with which the preparation must be carried before scheduling the final exam.

  • Developing Azure as a Service:

Implementing a solution to VMs, Implementing batch jobs by batch service, creating a containerized solution, all these are must study.

  • Developing Azure PaaS:

Creating Azure App Service for mobile, web apps, and API apps, implementing Azure function is the most important topic in this segment.

  • Developing Azure Storage:

Developing a solution for storage, developing for Azure Cosmos and DB, developing a solution for Blob Storage are topics to cover.

  • Implementing Azure Security

Implementing Access Control, implementing authentication & secure data solution, all are important topics to prepare.

  • Monitoring, troubleshooting & optimization:

Developing codes for scalability, integrating caching, & content delivery, implementing a solution for monitoring support.

  • Third-party Services:

Service Logic app, Azure search integration, Establishing API Gateways, Developing event and message-based solution.
The relevant exam is AZ-203 which is a replacement exam for AZ-200 and AZ-201.Exam AZ- 203 is also known as Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Exam. 45-60 number of questions can be expected in the Exam. The total duration of the exam is 150 minutes.
Microsoft azure interview questions and answers

3. Expert

There are 2 expert level examinations that are there. The prerequisites are there for each exam. Those would be mentioned under the relevant certification category.

3.1 Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

The only certification course, which is considered to be difficult Azure certification.
Prerequisite exams

  1. Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate
  2. Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate

Skillset would be measured on

  • Designing a DevOps Strategy:

Topics to be covered are migration and consolidation strategy, the Agile work approach, quality strategy, secure development process, integration strategy.

  • Implementing DevOps Development:

Design and implement integration source control, implementing build infrastructure, code flow, and mobile DevOps strategy.

  • Continuous Integration:

Code quality, security policies, implementing build strategy, and container build strategy.

  • Continuous Delivery:

Release Strategy, Release Management, and appropriate deployment.

  • Dependency Management:

Designing dependency management and manage the compliances.

  • Application infrastructure:

Designing and configuring management strategy, IaC, Azure Kubernetes Service infrastructure, Infrastructure compliances & security.

  • Continuous Feedback:

Design system feedback, routine system feedback, optimize the feedback mechanism.
Relevant Examination is AZ-400 or Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions badge. The examination duration is 210minutes. 60 -70 questions can be expected in the exam.

3.2. Microsoft Certified: Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert

 The different skill measurement would be segregated under topics such as

  • Deploying configuration of infrastructure:

Analyzing resource utilization, configuring storage accounts, and VMs for different OSs, automate deployment for VMs, creating connectivity between virtual networks, managing Azure AD are the topics to prepare.

  • Implementing Workloads and security:

Migrating servers to Azure, configuring server-less computing, implementing actions on load balancing, integrating on-premises network for Azure, MFA.

  • Creating & deploying Apps:

Creating Web Apps by Azure PaaS, design, and develop container-based apps.

  • Implementing Authentication and & securing Data:

Implementing authentication includes OAuth2 authentication, encrypt, and decrypt data.

  • Develop Cloud Solutions for Cosmos DB.

Azure Storage, RDMS, Develop autoscaling, all these are topics to cover for preparing the course examination.

  • Determining Workloads:

Optimizing consumption strategy, auditing strategy, and management.

  • Designing Identity & security:

Identity management, authentication, authorization, risk prevention, designing a monitoring strategy.

  • Designing a business strategy for continuity:

Site recovery strategy, availability of Azure Cloud for a hybrid system, Data archiving strategy.

  • Deployment, Migration, integration for cloud infrastructure:

Migration, API Integration, Storage strategy, monitoring, compute, and networking strategy.
There are 2 respective exams for this certification course.

  1. Exam AZ-300 / Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies
  2. Exam AZ-301 / Microsoft Azure Architect Design

Each of the exams costs 165US$. The total number of questions would be 40-60, which can be expected for each exam. The total duration of the examination is 150 minutes each.

Must Read: How to prepare for Microsoft Azure Exam AZ 301?

There are 2 more certification examinations that are not role-based but important developing Azure and web Services.

Developing Microsoft Azure and Web services

Exam- 70-487

It costs 165USD. It is important for developers to use Visual Studio in 2017. The exam name is Exam 70-487. The languages available for completing exams are English, Chinese (Simplified), German, Portuguese, French, Japanese. It comes under the certification of Azure MCSD.

Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack

Exam 70-537

This Certification comes under Azure MCSA & MCSE. This examination costs 165US$. The Exam name is 70-537/ Exam 70-537. Creating Stack development and Azure cloud environment & operation management on Azure Cloud, these are the main segments on which applicants would get their mastery and would earn a badge.

Informative study says that clearing each certification is based on training courses opted for each and preparation applicant takes before scheduling relevant Exams.GangBoard offers Best Online Training. Each Microsoft Azure Certification is best at its job prospect, as most of the organization is hiring certified Azure professionals only.

microsoft azure batch shedule

All the Microsoft Azure Certification Examination At a Glance

Sl No
Name of the Certification Prerequisite No of questions Duration Job role Cost of Exam
1. Microsoft Azure Administration AZ – 103


Knowledge in using PowerShell, Azure Portal, ARM templates, cloud infrastructure 40 to 60 180 minutes Azure Administrators 165 USD
2. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ – 900


General IT knowledge 40 to 60 180 minutes Cloud Service Engineers 165 USD
3. Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ – 301


Knowledge in Azure Administration, Azure Development and DevOps 40 to 60 180 minutes Azure Solution Architect 165 USD
4. Developing Solution For Microsoft Azure AZ – 204


knowledge in Azure SDKs, APIs, Debugging and container deployment with 1 or 2 years of experience in developing Azure. 40 to 60 180 minutes Cloud Developer 165 USD
5. Microsoft Azure IoT Developer AZ – 220


Good understanding of implementing Azure services from an IoT solution. 40 to 60 180 minutes IoT developer 165 USD
6. Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies AZ – 300


Basic understanding of Azure Architect Technologies. 40 to 60 180 minutes Azure Solution Architect 165 USD
7. Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions AZ – 400


Knowledge in Azure administration and development. 40 to 60 180 minutes DevOps professionals 165 USD


Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services 70 – 487


At least two years of experience in working with Azure solutions.


40 to 60 180 minutes Developers with three to five years of experience in developing web services. 165 USD
9. Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack Hub 70 – 537


knowledge on Windows server 2016, Microsoft Azure and traditional virtualization. 40 to 60 180 minutes Deploying Azure Stack Hub Environment. 165 USD
10. Planning and Administrating Microsoft Azure for SAP Workloads AZ – 120


Knowledge in Azure Administrator and Azure Architect certification 40 to 60 180 minutes Azure SAP Workload Administrator role 165 USD
11. Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ – 500


Knowledge in scripting and automation 40 to 60 180 minutes Security engineers 165 USD

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