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Best Books to Prepare for Salesforce Certification

Best Books to Prepare for Salesforce Certification

July 29th, 2019

Best Books to Prepare for Salesforce Certification

Salesforce Certification is essential for Salesforce experts. Salesforce allows developers to build up and smoothly manage the Cloud-based application. The platform is basically for businesses and to fulfill the demands and requirements of enterprises resulting in high customer satisfaction.
Here is the compilation of the finest books available for the Salesforce Certification. You can read many books but keep your focus on the book that suits you the best. I would counsel you to go online, surf these books on the internet, read the samples available and then buy those books for the Salesforce Certification that you can understand easily.

Salesforce offers Salesforce Certification Books

Salesforce offers many books for readers. All these books clarify the concept of Salesforce. Some books are best for fundamental aspects of salesforce while some offer the advanced concepts of Salesforce. All these books are specially designed for technical experts, administrators, architects, consultants, and developers. The best part is, all these are available easily in all premium online bookstore.

Salesforce Certification books by Salesforce

Force.com Fundamentals

This is an important book that helps and guides the students with the basic introduction to the cloud-computation and the fundamentals of Salesforce. As the name suggests, the book helps students to get their fundamental clear about Salesforce. It is one of the best books to understand the concept of Salesforce force.com. It contains the basics of custom application developing as well. For a novice, this book by Phil Choi is informative and written in a very simple way.
Salesforce Online Tutorial

Lightning Experience Guide

Lightning Express
Written by Salesforce author, this book offers a comprehensive model for the developers and administrators seeking a career in Salesforce.

The book is best to understand the features and fundamentals of the virtual tour. You get a lightening experience and information for developing applications.

Salesforce1 App Admin GuideSalesforce1 app admin guide

Written by Michelle Chapman-Thurber, this book contains a sequence of chapters helpful to pass the Salesforce App admin certificate. It is written efficiently, and you can clearly understand the concept of the Page layout optimization for mobile, working with compact design, customization navigation menu of Salesforce, mobile navigation setup, action creation, etc. It is an ideal book or administrator.
Salesforce Certification Training

Salesforce1 Mobile App Developer Guide

Salesforce1 mobile app developer guide
This book talks about creating apps that can be shown on the Salesforce App Cloud. The book offers a comprehensive guide to the developers. Salesforce is the latest idea that allows developers to develop the structural mobile app.

With the modern techniques, it helps developers to follow the recent approach according to the client’s need. This book enables professionals to create a user-friendly app.

Salesforce Certification books written by Salesforce Authors:

Apart from Salesforce, students can find many books written by other authors on the same topics. These books are good support materials to understand the concept of the development and designing in Salesforce. These books are available online or nearby bookstore at a reasonable rate. Here is the list of a few of the best books on Salesforce certification by other authors.

Salesforce Certification books by Other Authors

Practical Salesforce.com Development without Code by Apress

Practical salesforce

If you want to learn the know-how of the Force platform, it is one of the best books to guide you. It helps students to learn real-world problems and their solutions without coding. The book is ideal for consultants, administrators, and analysts. The book is also useful for developers as well. The book covers topics such as Workflow rules, formulas, publisher actions, Salesforce data model, approval processes, and function of Salesforce.
Salesforce Interview Questions

Force.com Enterprise Architecture

Saesforce.com enterprise architecture
This book is best for architects as well as developers. The book deals with things such as designing, and Salesforce application support.

After reading this book, you can learn to build applications from scratch and can easily meet with the client’s demands following the industry standards.

Salesforce Handbook

Salesforce handbookOne of the best books for the Salesforce administration certification, this book deals with a comprehensive guide to assemble applications on the Force platform. Ideal for the beginners, it enables the students to work on the Salesforce platform and use Salesforce applications along with the fundamental and the advanced concept on the Force platform.

Force.com Developer Certification Handbook (DEV401)

Force.com developer certification handbookPeople planning for DEV401 Certification can use this book for guidance. It enables students with the know-how to develop applications without using codes on Salesforce platforms.

After reading this book, the students can make the objects and learn to create the user interface. It also helps students to understand the automation of the business process.


Salesforce Certification is in high demand nowadays. With the rapid adoption of cloud computing in business, almost every IT company is looking for Salesforce experts. These experts are gettina g a lucrative salary and have a secure future. GangBoard offers all kinds of Salesforce certification preparation under the guidance of its expert instructors through the live classroom. Also, many books are available in the market that helps students to learn the know-how of Salesforce. So, if you are looking to upscale your skills, Salesforce certification is the right choice.
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