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What is DevOps Certification?

What is DevOps Certification?

April 8th, 2019

Overview of DevOps Certification

With the growing competition in launching, maintaining and updating new software applications every day, organizations are looking forward for a less complex, effective, quick resolving and productive methodologies.
DevOps is a combination of all above stated benefits which is marking its importance in projects implementing Continuous software delivery.

What is DevOps?

DevOps implies a collection of software development practices which is a combination of software development (Dev) and the information technology operations (Ops). This methodology will help in lessening the time to develop software in various phases of its development cycle like its Delivery and maintenance which includes fixing the code and updating it as to need the business requirements.
Devops is a term used to depict the interaction by providing better collaboration between the 2 different entities – IT Operations and Development.

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What skills do you gain with DevOps certification?

Our DevOps certification program will provide the learner with:

  • Good knowledge in the process oriented methodologies involving every phase of product life cycle. For example, Continuous Development (e.g. using docker), Continuous Testing (e.g. using Jenkins, Bamboo), Continuous Integration (e.g. using Jenkins), Configuration Management (e.g. Installation and management using puppets, Ansible) and Continuous Monitoring (e.g. Nagios).

Who is eligible for DevOps Certification?

DevOps defines process of software development in a complete new way. Any enthusiastic student, software professional or anyone who is interested in starting their career in DevOps can learn and get certified in DevOps.
Specifically, a professional who is a part of any role in the product development can take this certification. Be it a developer who wants to take part in network operations or an admin interested in coding and scripting and is interested in development as well, or be it a test engineer who wants knowledge on deployment or system administration.
In a word, there is no restriction based on one’s role in software for DevOps certification. 

Prerequisites for DevOps Certification

As such, there are no prerequisites for DevOps certification. A person involved in any phase of software development can undergo training, master it and get certified.
However, if the learner possesses the following skills, it will be very helpful and effective:

  • A basic knowledge on AWS
  • Scripting knowledge – Python, Perl
  • Basic understanding on Configuration Management
  • Should have logical thinking which can help in coding

Job opportunities after Devops Training Course completion

DevOps is playing a key role in molding the businesses in to a more agile path and ensuring that the product is in line with the customer needs and is adaptable with the changing requirements. In order to meet the customers’ expectations like product efficiency and quick delivery, organizations are always looking out for skilled people.
Our DevOps training is equipped with all the needed expertise that are required in all phases of product development life cycle. Organizations are also training their existing staff as well in DevOps to fill any skill gaps.
Be it development or testing or deployment or configuration management till continuous integration, a DevOps expert who needs to play a role of engineer or a manager is the most needed for any organizations to meet the business’s needs.
A professional certified in DevOps can have the following job titles depending on their experience and organization:

  • DevOps Architect
  • Automation Engineer
  • Security Engineer
  • Integration Specialist
  • Release Manager
  • Software Tester

Salary for Devops professionals

DevOps assures a promising career both in India and worldwide. Based on the needs of an organization, and rating the expertise and role that is being offered, the average starting salary of a DevOps engineer is expected to be around 4.5 Lakhs per Annum to 6.7 Lakhs per annum. This keeps increasing as one gains expertise and experience in DevOps.

Devops certification training benefits

For Students:

Devops certification gives a clarity in choosing the career path for students.
A student who undergoes this training would have a good understanding of the roles played in the project and then would be able to pick up ones are of interest and get more expertise in that. For example, you can have choice to move as a developer (dev), a test engineer or an Infrastructure Administrator referred to be in Ops team.
After understanding and choosing the role, one should work on building the skill set needed for playing it.

  • Suppose if interested in developer, proficiency in at least one programming language is a must.
  • If interested in system administration (Ops) one must possess the skills in operating system like windows/Unix, its administration, Networking and its troubleshooting.

For professionals:

Devops is a best approach which suits a professional playing any role. DevOps being a set of practices, helps both engineering team (developer, test engineer) and Operations(admin) in achieving a clarity and moving ahead in their career path. This does not mandate a change in domain or area of expertise is needed. It is just that you are getting equipped with latest tools and upgrading your skill set. Once this certification is taken up, you would gain expertise to automate the manual steps.
DevOps experts should be able to adopt to the new tools as well as with the advancing technology and growing needs there is no end point for learning and contributing skills to the business.

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