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How to install Git on Windows

How to install Git on Windows

May 10th, 2019

How to install Git on Windows

Git has now become one of the main workflows for the developers irrespective of the platform they work upon. It is an open-sourced and free version-control system.  Installing Git can be a tricky job in case of the windows. There are some outstanding ways to install Git in the windows. Here you will be able to know about those ways and the leading advantages they carry when it comes to Git installation.

Four different ways are there that can be followed ideally to install Git in the windows. All the ways are mentioned here. Installation of a GUI might be needed to handle more complicated projects conveniently. A small number of tasks are present that can be done in the command line and a few that can be done with the help of GUI.

Ways of Installation

There are a few convenient ways how one can install the Git in windows. Given below are the detailed descriptions of the various ways that can be used for the installation of Git in windows.

Git for Windows

The main foundation of Git installation in windows is Git for Windows. The Git client will be installed while installing this foundation. It is actually the windows implementation of some of the GUI tools of Git as well as the BASH tools. If you are a user who desires the raw tools, you can easily use this installer.

The biggest advantage that you can get from Git for windows is that of the usage of basic tooling. However, there are chances that an installer might get totally confused seeing several options during the installation process.

Installation of Cmder

Cmder is one of the leading installation techniques for Git for the installers who do not use the latest Windows 10.  As an installer, you can get the outstanding experience regarding the command line, when it comes to Cmder. Installation of the larger version can always be advantageous for the installers as it integrates the BASH tools.

The installation of Cmder is easy as it just needs to unzip and the run setup process. You might optionally place the executable files in the bin during the time of the installing. The run Cmder is basically the Cmder.exe command.
It can be conveniently used because it is portable. Moreover one can use the command prompt conveniently in windows 7 and 8 models.


The Chocolatey is one of the ways how you can install the Git in windows.  As an installer, you can get the convenience of installing this software while using the single command line. It is by far the most convenient way of Git installation in case of windows 10.

You will need the PATH environment for installation. All you need to do is to choose the PowerShell as the administrator for the installation. Then, the verification of ssh and Git needs to be done. Completion of these verification processes ends up the process for the installation of the Git.

The leading advantage that you can enjoy from Chocolatey is speed and convenience. Furthermore, expect the Windows 10 command prompt for the best experience.

Bash on Windows

The Bash on windows is not actually the implementation of the Bash made by windows but it is the real one. The Git runs directly here for the Bash on Ubuntu on Windows. The program used here is the windows insider program.

The installation process is quite simple in case of the Bash on Windows. The first step comprises turning on the Developer Mode. Then you need to go to the start menu and look for the ‘Turn Windows features on or off”. Click on the “Windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta)” in the third step. Run the reboot on the fourth step. In the 5th step, you need to run the “Bash”. For this, you need to put the prompts on the PowerShell or the command prompt. This will complete the installation process. You can start the “Bash on Ubuntu on Windows” easily from your computer from the start menu.

So, these are the four main ways to install the Git in windows. There are different types of setup for each of the above variants in terms of the installation. All you need to do is to check the conveniences of the particular way of installation. In the basic installation process, you might not face the command prompt at all. However, in case of installing the Git for Windows, you must always be aware of the correct options.