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Is Jira A Free Tool?

Is Jira A Free Tool?

November 22nd, 2018

Is Jira A Free Tool?

Jira is an event tracking and agile project management tool developed by Atlassian. The software helps track software development projects throughout its entire stage and facilitates planning, collaboration, and timely release of the software. However, Jira is not specific to software development projects; you can use it for all sorts of task tracking needs from marketing, compliance, to inventory management.

Is Jira a free tool?

Yes, Jira is available for free to be used in open source projects that meet certain criteria set by the Australian Atlassian Corporation. You can use the software free if your organization falls under a certain category such as non-political, non-academic, non-government, non-commercial, non-profit, and secular. For organizations that are commercial or academic in nature, the full source code is provided for a price.

How much is a Jira License?

While choosing to purchase Jira, you can choose either cloud-hosted or self-hosted. In cloud-hosted, Atlassian manages everything and you can get started right away. The pricing is $10 flat monthly fee for up to 10 users and $7 per user per month for 11 to 100 users. For an organization with more than 100 users, the company provides discounts – Calculate you price.

For self-hosted, the onetime server payment is $10 per 10 users and $12,000 per 500 users every year for the data center. Here is a table demonstrating the pricing of Jira for server depending on the number of users:

Number of Users Pricing
10 $10
25 $2,500
50 $4,500
100 $8,300
250 $16,500
500 $24,800
2000 $30,400
10000 $38,000
10000+ $45,500

Pricing of Jira for data center depending on the number of users for a year:

Users Pricing Users Pricing
500 $12,000 7000 $1,68,000
1000 $24,000 8000 $1,92,000
2000 $48,000 9000 $2,16,000
3000 $72,000 10000 $2,40,000
4000 $96,000 15000 $2,64,000
5000 $1,20,000 20000 $2,88,000
6000 $1,44,000 25000 $3,12,000

Can I try Jira Software free?

Yes, you can try Jira free. While the cloud version of the software offers a free trial of 7 days, you can try the server version for a free one-month trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Jira software do? Or, why is Jira used?
Jira is proprietary software that provides issue tracking, project management, and bug tracking. Jira is commonly used for agile project management, software development, bug tracking, feature implementation, and service desk ticket tracking.

Is Jira a project management tool?
The primary features of a project management software are to assign tasks and ensure that every task is done in a systematic manner ensuring the project is completed in the stipulated time. It helps prevent delays and eliminates hindrances within the project by identifying them even before they arise.

Is Jira an open source tool?
Jira is not open source software, however, you can use it free if you meet certain criteria set by the manufacturer such as a non-commercial, non-educational, non-profit, non-political, and non-government organization. If your organization does not belong in this list then you would have to pay for the license.

How do I create a project plan in Jira?
A project plan is the basic container of data. It includes data from available resources, backlogs, releases, amongst other data types. Here is a systematic way of creating a new project plan in Jira:

  1. Open the Jira application, in header go to Portfolio > Create > Create a plan, and click Create plan.
  2. At the bottom of the create plan page, there is an option to Create a classic plan – click on it.
  3. From the available templates, select the template that works for you and click
  4. Provide the below details in the prompted area in the classic plan:
  5. Name the plan
  6. Provide Description for the plan
  7. Choose the permission – private or public
  8. The estimated method of your plan – days, hours, or story points.
  9. Click Submit

Jira is highly effective software for agile project management. The software is provided free if you are not an educational, commercial, political, and government organization. However, the trial version, which is 7 days for cloud and 30 days for self-hosted, is provided free for everyone to use.