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MCSA Interview Questions and Answers

MCSA Interview Questions and Answers

July 26th, 2019

In case you’re searching for MCSA Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced or Freshers, you are at the correct place. There is a parcel of chances from many presumed organizations on the planet. The MCSA advertise is relied upon to develop to more than $5 billion by 2021, from just $180 million, as per MCSA industry gauges. In this way, despite everything you have the chance to push forward in your vocation in MCSA Development. Gangboard offers Advanced MCSA Interview Questions and answers that assist you in splitting your MCSA interview and procure dream vocation as MCSA Developer.

Best MCSA Interview Questions and Answers

Microsoft Certified Solution Associate is the certification program that provides the certification for the basic level by conducting exams based on the Windows Servers. There are many versions for Windows Servers where you will know about the different types of examinations conducted for the particular. To have a glance at the MCSA we are providing you with the MCSA interview questions and answers. MCSA is one of the crucial certifications to build our career and this certification makes you eligible for different designations including Computer Network Analyst, Database developer, and many more based on the exams offered by the MCSA certification program.

We are the MCSA interview questions to you to gain in-depth knowledge on various aspects related to MCSA. These MCSA interview questions and answers provide you with an easy way to prepare for an interview. In this blog, we are going to discuss the most frequently asked MCSA interview questions and answers in many of the interviews. Now let’s have a look at the top 30 MCSA interview questions and answers.

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By this MCSA Interview Questions and answers, many students are got placed in many reputed companies with high package salary. So utilize our MCSA Interview Questions and answers to grow in your career.

Q1) What is the full form of MCSA?

Answer: MCSA is abbreviated as Microsoft Certified Solution Associate.

Q2) What is a Microsoft Certified Solution Associate (MCSA)?

Answer: It is a certification program that is mainly designed and developed by Microsoft to enhance your skills in various technologies. Previously this certification is abbreviated as Microsoft Certified System Administrator.

Q3) What is Windows Server?

Answer: Windows server is the brand name for the entire group of operating system servers that are released and developed by Microsoft. It only includes all the Windows servers but not the other products that are developed by Microsoft.

Q4) What are the exams offered by the MCSA certification program?

Answer: The following are the exams that are offered by the MCSA certification program, and they are:
MCSA Windows Server 2012:

  • Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 services
  • Administration on Windows Server 2012
  • Installation of Windows Server 2012

MCSA Windows Server 2008:

  • Server Administrator
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Configuring MCSA Windows Server 2008, Active Directory

MCSA Windows 10:

  • Configuration of Window Devices

MCSA Windows 8:

  • Configuration of Windows 8.1
  • Supporting Windows 8.1

MCSA SQL Server:

  • Querying SQL Server 2012
  • Administrating Databases
  • Implementation of Datawarehouse with SQL Server 2012

MCSA Azure or Linux:

  • Implementation of Azure Infrastructure Solutions
  • System Administrator for Linux Foundation Certification

Q5)What is the primary objective of  MCSA Windows Server 2012?

Answer: To validate your expertise in Windows Server 2012 is the primary objective of MCSA Windows Server 2012. This certification makes you excel your knowledge in computer system administration and computer networks.

Q6) What does Windows Server 2008 provide?

Answer: The MCSA Windows Server 2008 will provide you with a way to excel in your in-depth knowledge of network infrastructure, Server administration, and active directory configuration.

Q7) Define Active Directory?

Answer: Active Directory is a directory service that is released and developed by Microsoft for the Windows domain network. It is also present in many of the server operating systems as a set of services and processes.  Many of the organizations depend on Active Directory to maintain proper order in arranging that is file servers, users, computers, and many more. The functioning of the locator service is the exclusive purpose of Active Directory.

Q8) What makes MCSA SQL Server more effective?

Answer: Validates and evaluates your skills in the database and provides methods to develop critical mission solutions to databases. By getting certified with this certification you can able to build your career top MNCs as a database analyst and database developer.

Q9) What is Domain Controller?

Answer: Domain controller is one of the most crucial servers designed by Microsoft. This is a computer server that is responsible for responding to security authentication requests within a Windows domain. It is also defined as a centerpiece of the Windows Active Directory service. There are three roles in domain controllers, and they are:

  • Domain Controller
  • Operation Server
  • Global Catalog Server

Q10) Define Global Catalog Server?

Answer: The distributed data storage that is stored in the domain controller is called the Global Catalog Server. This allows applications and users to find objects in the domain of active directory. Global Catalog Server is used to hold a replica of every object in the directory with a small number of their attributes.

Q11) What is the importance of MCSA Windows Server 2016?

Answer: It provides you with a way to master in various Windows Server 2016 skills that are required to reduce costs and increase business value. An individual certified in Windows Server 2016 will have a chance for the positions including computer network specialist, computer network engineer, and network analyst.

Q12) Define Tree in MCSA?

Answer: A tree in Windows Server is defined as a set of one or more windows domains with a combination of DNS domains. Contiguous DNS domains are the domains that consist of similar root DNS names.

Q13) What is OU?

Answer: OU is abbreviated as Organizational Units, which is the subpart present in the Active Directory. In this unit, we can place different inputs including users, computers, groups, and other organizational units. Every domain present in any directory can create its own hierarchy of organizational units.

Q14) Define Schema in MCSA?

Answer: Schema is mainly used to describe the classes, attributes, rules, and objects in the Active Directory. As it describes all the components in the Active directory it is named as an important aspect in the MCSAs Active Directory.

Q15) What is GPC?

Answer: The full form of GPC is Group Policy Container, it is one of the Active Directory Containers. This container is designed to store all the GPC attributes including GPC status, a list of other element settings, and version information.

Q16) What is the difference between MCSA and MCSE?

Answer: MCSA and MCSE are the two most well-known and crucial certifications in the field of IT. The main difference between MCSA and MCSE is that the MCSA is the entry-level and the bottom level certification whereas the MCSE is the advanced level and the expert level certification for an individual.

Q17) Why MCSA certifications are more in demand?

Answer: In today’s world there is more inherent value for the Microsoft certifications as they are more demanding. This certification provides you with an excellent way to shift your focus towards great pursuits to earn more money.

Q18) What is Site?

Answer: Sites are usually defined as the associations of subnets. Objects in the sites are divided between the exact global catalog servers. Sites even also have a custom set of planning applied to them.

Q19) Define objects in Active Directory?

Answer: The resources or the components which make up your Active Directory environment are called objects. Objects are the one which has the facility to create attributes for itself. Some of the Active Directory objects are:

  • Computer
  • Users
  • Groups
  • Printers
  • Share folders

Q20) What is DNS?

Answer: DNS is defined as the Name resolution service, it is abbreviated as a Domain Name Service that helps users to access internet resources such as email servers and web servers. Moreover, DNS is a protocol that is used for communication from IP (Internet Protocol)  to name.

Q21) How many queries does DNS have?

Answer: There are three types of queries that DNS have, and they are:

  • Recursive query
  • Iterative query
  • Non-recursive query

Q22) What does forest do in MCSA?

Answer: In Windows Server, a forest is a group of one or more effective Window trees. A forest can also be named as a lone tree, and it is used to allocate a plan to work and global catalog servers. Most of the trees do not require Domain Name Systems for performing operations.

Q23) What is the use of SID?

Answer: SID stands for a Security Identifier that is mainly used to figure out or find out an object which may be one user or set of users.

Q24) What is GPT?

Answer: It is defined as a folder of the file system that contains related policy data mentioned by the extension called .adm files. It also has scripting files, setting security-related issues, and the applications that are accessible for installation. The GPT is located or situated in the system volume folder in the domain.

Q25) Define USE?

Answer: When we position a Microsoft exchange server, Active Directory is used to exchange servers to store data. To store objects we equip the Windows 2000 Active Directory schema to peculiar to the certain exchange server.

Q26) What is GUID?

Answer: When we create a domain user or a group account will be generated, the Active directory stores account’s SID in the objectSID of a user. GUID is used to allocate the new object Universal Unique Identifier which has a value of 128-bit value. They are specifically aligned to every object that is made by Active Directory.

Q27) Define Active Directory Replication?

Answer: Replication must usually happen within sites intra-site and intra-site, between sites to keep a domain. Domain controllers that store the similar directory partitions.

Q28) What is Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC)?

Answer: It is one of the most crucial elements of Windows that is mainly used to create and manage inter-site and intra-site copying topology.

Q29) What is Windows server backup?

Answer: The Windows Server Backup is one of the prominent features that was released for Windows 2008. It mainly works as a recycle bin tool in the Active Directory. This backup server will provide you with a wide variety of solutions on how to backup data on your system. It allows a huge amount of data backup to as simple as few applications.  This server backup can be accessed through command-lines and the management console. This server is favorable to function easily and can be used by everyday users of the network. Moreover, this backup server is more efficient when compared to previous versions of Windows.

Q30) What is the purpose of deploying a local DNS server?

Answer: The entire local mapping of the IP addresses to fully qualified domain names is done or provided by a local DNS server. A local DNS server provides the local mapping of fully qualified domain names to IP addresses. Moreover, local DNS server provides record info to remote DNS servers to resolve remote requests related to domain names in your network.

Q31) State the full meaning for MCSA

Answer: The full form of MCSA is Microsoft Certified Solution Associate.

Q32) What do you understand by an MCSA?

Answer: MCSA stands for a certification program established & developed by Microsoft in order to enhance the participants’ capabilities in their domain field.

Q33) What was the initial name of MCSA?

Answer: The initial name of MCSA was Microsoft Certified System Administrator.

Q34) What is meant by Windows Server?

Answer: The umbrella term encompassing the entire group of operational system servers which are designed by Microsoft are known as Windows Servers.

Q35) State some of the examination courses offered by MCSA as certification programs.

Answer: Some of the examination courses offered by the MCSA are as follows… MCSA Windows Server 2012, MCSA Windows Server 2008, MCSA Windows 10, MCSA Windows 8, MCSA Azure or Linux and MCSA SQL Server.

Q36) State the courses which are available in the MCSA Windows Server 2012 certification program?

Answer: The courses which are available in the MCSA Windows Server 2012 certification program are as follows… Configuring Advanced Windows server 2012 Services,  Administration on Windows Server 2012 and Installation of Windows Server 2012.

Q37) State which courses are available in the MCSA Windows Server 2008 certification program?

Answer: The courses which are available in the MCSA Windows Server 2008 certification program are as follows… Server Administrator, Network Infrastructure and Configuring MCSA Windows Server 2008, active directory.

Q38) State which courses are available in the MCSA Windows 8 certification program?

Answer: The courses which are available in the MCSA Windows 8 certification program are as follows… Configuration of Windows 8.1 and Supporting Windows 8.1

Q39) State which courses are available in the MCSA Azure or Linux certification program?

Answer: The courses which are available in the MCSA Azure or Linux certification program are as follows… Implementation of Azure Infrastructure Solutions and System Administrator for Linux Foundation Certification.

Q40) State the primary function of MCSA Windows Server 2012.

Answer: The primary function of MCSA Windows Server 2012 is to increase the knowledge base of the user, to enhance ease of functionality across the board encompassing all computer networks.

Q41) What is the main function of Windows Server 2008?

Answer: The main function of MCSA Windows Server 2008 is to increase knowledge about server administration, the infrastructure of networks and the Configuration of active directory.

Q42) What do you understand by Active Directory?

Answer: Active directory is the name given to a program developed by Microsoft for Windows to organize & set its processes and systems in place. This is the category management program that is used to maintain order and correctly arrange files, servers, users and other forms of data required to be stored.

Q43) What do understand by Domain Controller?

Answer: Domain controller is the server that authorizes security requests with a particular domain.

Q44) State the three roles in domain controllers.

Answer: The three roles in domain controllers are as follows… global catalog server, operation server, and domain server.

Q45) What do you understand by the global catalog server?

Answer: The global catalog server is what holds the data for all categories in the entire active directory. It holds a miniature version of each object along with some of their respective characteristics.

Q46) If certified in MCSA Windows Server 2016 what are some of the career options which are available for an individual?

Answer: Once an individual is certified in MCSA Windows Server 20166, some of the career options which can be explored are as follows… computer network engineer, network analyst, network specialist, etc.

Q47) What is the full form of OU?

Answer: The full form of OU is Organizational Units.

Q48) Why are Organizational Units useful?

Answer: Organizational Units are subparts of the active directory. They are useful as they can be used for various input purposes such as users, computers, groups, etc. Each domain can create its own individual OUs.

Q49) Why is schema important in MCSA?

Answer: Schema is the aspect that describes all the characteristics, rules, objects, etc. In the active directory. Hence its importance.

Q50) What is the full form of GPC?

Answer: The full form of GPC is Group Policy Container.

Q51) What is the main difference between MCSA and MCSE certifications?

Answer: The main difference between MCSA and MCSE is that the former is a basic entry level or grassroots level certification and the latter is a more advanced one.

Q52) Why is there a greater demand today for MCSA certification in the world of IT?

Answer: There is a greater demand today for MCSA certifications as it is a good way to increase one’s income, ability and productivity in the field of IT.

Q53) What do you understand by a Site?

Answer: The relationship between subsets are known as Sites. They are set up only with specialized planning applied to them.

Q54) State the objects which are available in active directory.

Answer: The objects that are available in the active directory are as follows… share folders, groups, printers, and users.

Q55) What is the full form of DNS?

Answer: The full form of DNS is Domain Name Service.

Q56) What is DNS used for?

Answer: The facility that enables web surfing, browsing of websites, etc. It is known as DNS. Also, it is a protocol for communication.

Q57) State the queries that DNS has.

Answer: The queries that DNS has are as follows… non-recursive query, iterative query, and recursive query.

Q58) What do you understand by a forest in MCSA?

Answer: A forest in MCSA is a group of Window trees usually most being effective to work out a plan for global catalog servers.

Q59) What is the full form of SID?

Answer: The full form of SID is a Security Identifier.

Q60) What do you understand by KCC?

Answer: The full form of KCC is Knowledge Consistency Checker.

Q61) What is KCC used for?

Answer: Knowledge Consistency Checker is primarily used as a toll gate to filter any plagiarism topology both within the site operations and on an inter-site level as well.

Q62) What do you understand by Windows Server backup?

Answer: As the name suggests, Windows Server backup is mainly a recycle bin tool that allows the user to backup or store large quantities of their data to be accessed at a later stage. This is highly user-friendly which accounts for its popularity amongst all.

Q63) what is the difference between 2012 & 2016

Huper-v,  Vm Size Increased

Q64) What is FSMO? What is the type of FSMO?

First Single master operation, It having five roles, Schema Master, Domain Master, Rid, Pdc, Infrastructure

Q65) How you will be connecting the remote server and what tools are used

Remote Desktop,

Q66) What is RAID? What is the different type of RAID0,1,5,6, 1+0

Redundant array independent disk, Riad 0 is Mirror, Raid – Stripping, In raid five, Minimum 3 Hdd is required. Raid 6 – Minimum 5 Hdd is required, two HDD it will go to Raid. Raid 10 is Combination stripping and Mirroring.

Q67) What is DNS? What is the type of DNS records

Domain Name System. Its will converting IP to name  and name to IP

Q68) What is DHCP?

Dynamic Host controlling protocol. Instated of manual assigning the IP address. It will automatically assign the IP address from the server. Its called DORA Process

Q69) What is scope, superscope, and Mutoscope

In DHCP, Creating a range of IP address, Reservation, and Pool address, This service creates in on scope. Like that, Creating multiple scopes Is Multiscope.

Q70) What is group policy

Restrict user or group level permission, Like Wallpaper, Not accessing Pen drive, control panel seating. Installing minimal level application installation form Server.
Note. It’s controlling from Server to all nodes.

Q71) What is WSUS and how it functions

Download all updates into Server, From the server push to the client. The main purpose to reduce internet bandwidth and control from the server.

Q72) what is WDS(Window deployment service)

Client o/s installation from the server. The client should have a PXE boot function to established for accessing from the server.
In Server necessary Operating system ios have to copy in the WDS folder.

Q73) What is the power shell?

Windows PowerShell is Command-Line Shell developed by Microsoft. The main purpose of the PowerShell is to automate administrative tasks that work both local and remote Windows machines.

Q74) What Is Replication?

Replication is a process in active directory that keeps domain controller syncs with other DC over the network.

Q75) What Is Trust Relationship?

Trust relationship allows access between different domains or forest.

Q76) What Is a Server Manager?

It is a utility tool in Windows Servers for the administrator for managing server roles(like adding or removing server roles.

Q77) What Is LDAP?

LDAP is a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. The directory services are just like a database for storing computers, users, objects, etc. which helps in adding, removing and updating computer objects in the directory

Q78) Explain About Hyper-v?

Hyper-V is Microsoft’s virtualization tool for creating multiple virtual machines on a single physical server, thus reducing the cost of hardware and improving efficiency.

Q79) What Do Forests, Trees, And Domains Mean?

Domain, tree, and forest are a logical structure in Active Directory.
Domain: A domain is a collection of computers, users, and objects which share common AD and has trust relationships.
Tree: A tree collection of one or more domains.
Forest: The forest is the top of the Active Directory structure. It is consists of multiple trees that share a common global catalog.

Q80) What Are The Different Roles In Windows Server?

Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS),
Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS)
Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS),
Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (ADLDS),
Active Directory Rights Management Services Application Server,
DHCP Server, DNS Server, FAX Server, File and Storage Services, Hyper-V,
Print and Document Services, Network Policy and Access Services, Remote Access,
RemoteDesktop Services, Volume Activation Services, Web Server (IIS), Windows
Deployment Services (WDS),  Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).

Q81)What Is Active Directory?

Active Directory is Microsoft directory services used on Windows servers. Active Directory is a centralized database for users, computers, networks, printers, files
Types of backup in windows server
Full backup, Incremental backup, Differential backup

Q82) What is the major difference between NTFS (New Technology File System) or FAT (File Allocation Table) on a local server?

local users FAT (File Allocation Table) and FAT32 provides security, while NTFS ( New Technology File System) provides security for domain users as well as local users.  NTFS provides file-level security which is not possible through FAT32
windows DNS server what is Primary, Secondary and Stub zone
Primary Zone: In this, the file is saved as a normal text file with filename (.dns).
Secondary Zone: It maintains a read-only copy of the zone database on another DNS server.  Also, it acts as a back-up server to the primary server by providing fault tolerance and load balancing
Stub Zone: It consists of a copy of name server and SOA records which is used for reducing the DNS search orders

Q83) What do Forests, Trees, and Domains mean?

A logical group of network objects for example computers, users, devices, etc which share the same active directory database is known as a domain.
The collection of one or more domains is known as a tree. This may also include a contiguous namespace linked in a transitive trust hierarchy

Q84) What is Tree?

A tree is a hierarchical arrangement of windows Domain that share a contiguous namespace.

Q85) What Is Forest

Forest consists of multiple Domains of trees. The Domain trees in a forest do not form a contiguous namespace however share a common schema and global catalog (GC)

Q86) Which tool you will be using in the Windows performance issue?

  • Resource monitoring
  • Perfmon