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How to Prepare for AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam (SCS-C01)?

How to Prepare for AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam (SCS-C01)?

August 30th, 2019

Exam overview

In the AWS Certified Security Specialty Certification Exam, there’ll be 65 questions: the time limit is 170 minutes; you can solve them in about 130 minutes, and spend the remaining time for reviewing. Exam fees are $300.AWS certification exam details frequently get updated, so be careful to check the official website regularly. The changes made in this year is as follows:
April 14, 2019

  • Revised the title from 9 certified AWS crowns to 10 crowns
  • Reflects the newly added content related to “Machine Learning-Expertise”
  • Added information on four newly released certification measures books
  • Added “AWS Innovate Online Conference” to Learning Resources

April 19, 2019

  • Revised the title from AWS certified 10 crowns to 11 crowns
  • Reflects the newly added content regarding “Alexa Skill Builder-Expertise”

June 17, 2019

  • AWS Certified Solution Architect-Reflects Professional Recertification Content
  • Added information on newly released certification measures book

AWS Certified Security Specialty Preparation Guide
An official SlideShare document from AWS includes an overview of each AWS certification, an exam application procedure with capture, and know-how for exam preparation. By reading this, you can get a big picture of AWS certification

How can I apply for an AWS certification exam?

To sign up for the exam, sign in to AWS.training and click Certification in the top navigation. Then, click AWS Certified Account, and then click Schedule a new exam.

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What is the best way to prepare for the AWS Certified Security Specialty Certification exam?

The best way to prepare for the certification exam is to gain practical experience. Therefore, AWS recommends that you actually use AWS for six months to two years. GangBoard provides out-of-the-box AWS Certification Material and resources to help you prepare and get the desired score.
On the AWS Certification Preparation page, view recommended training, practice tests, exam guides, white papers, sample issues, and other resources.

Get AWS Certified Security Specialty Training

Amazon account

You can apply for the SCS-C01 Mock Test from the AWS Training and Certification Portal. Sign in with your Amazon account, so create one if you don’t have one. Note that Amazon account and AWS account are different.
Mock exams can only be taken once per application. So, you solve it while taking a capture, as you can’t review it. Excel is fine, but if possible, I think that learning will progress if you use a memo application that can scrape various web articles.
Although the mock test and SCS-C01 Dumps are effective, learning is better if you have an environment where you can have experience. Create your AWS account as soon as possible. Free AWS dumps can also be made use of. GangBoard provides enough AWS SCS-C01 Certification Dumps for you.

How to check AWS service technical specifications?

Since AWS has a fast service update, the information posted on personal blogs may be outdated. It is better to check the AWS cloud services utilization materials and AWS documents, which are the official materials of AWS, and AWS white papers.

AWS Cloud Service Application Collection (Black Belt)

When learning a new AWS service, first look at the Black Belt first. This is a collection of materials that will be most helpful in studying AWS certification.

AWS Documentation

It is a document that describes the technical specifications of each AWS service. Refer to it whenever you want to know more details than Black Belt.

AWS White Paper

It summarizes AWS best practices and uses cases. You must read it to acquire systematic knowledge such as the cooperation of each service.

Click Here-> Get AWS Certification Training

Cloud service utilization document collection (service-specific information)

It is explained for each service. It is easier to read than the AWS usage manual

Cloud services utilization document (Well-Architected Program)

It is a standard to judge whether the design of AWS follows the best practice.
Here are some exam tips from Miss Aaradhya Bhatt, a former student of GangBoard, who won a whopping score of 852/1000 in the first attempt itself.

  • Read the exam guide
  • Keep the test regulation in AWS’s official site in check.
  • When there is a weakness in a field with a high point allocation, you must focus on it.
  • Solve sample problems from AWS Certification Questions and Dumps.
  • Never miss any AWS Certification Practice exams conducted by your training institute. Because those exams and SCS-C01 Exam Dumps will demonstrate your own weaknesses. Focus on the areas where you are weak and make them your strength. You can make use of AWS Certification exam dumps free available on the Internet.
  • You should also make use of the collection of AWS cloud utilization materials (Blackbelt)

If your practice with the SCS-C01 Exam dumps Free shows you are weak in Logging and Monitoring and Data Protection was weak you should read and practise the relevant Blackbelt materials.
You may also read about the following services.

  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Amazon Inspector
  • AWS Shield
  • AWS Systems Manager
  • KMS hands-on

If you’re in touch with Hadoop-based services and AWS’s big data services, AWS Certified Security Specialty Certification Exam will be rather easy, but for those who are focusing on security only, AWS Certified Security Specialty Certification may be difficult.
You should also read the following AWS Certification Material provided by GangBoard before taking the AWS Certified Security Specialty Certification exam.

  • [Amazon S3]
  • [AWS CloudTrail]
  • [AWS Config]
  • [AWS Organizations]
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • [AWS CloudHSM]
  • AWS Key Management Service
  • [AWS Directory Service]
  • [Amazon Inspector]
  • [AWS WAF]
  • [AWS Shield]
  • AWS Certificate Manager
  • [Amazon Macie]
  • [Amazon GuardDuty]

Along with the above AWS, SCS-C01 Certification Dumps will also help you to a certain extent.

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Some tips from one of the AWS Certified Security Specialty Certification trainers at GangBoard

Let me first tell you about my career before I took AWS Certified Security Specialty Certification myself:

  • I have been a software engineer for 10 years in various MNCs in Bangalore and Chennai (where I was born and brought up) and in AWS for 6 years. Below is my AWS history.
  • 2013: Engaged in a verification project using AWS for about one year. Focus on basic services such as VPC / EC2 / RDS / S3
  • 2014-2018: I was a server-side engineer at a business company in Electronic City, Bangalore, and I used AWS in my daily work. Used dozens of AWS services as part of my work.

My exam history is shown here:

 AWS certified  Date of acquisition  Score
Solution Architect-Associate March 19, 2016  82%
Solution Architect-Professional June 1, 2017 73%
Developer-Associate February 2, 2018 86%
Cloud Practitioner September 14, 2018 912 points
SysOps Administrator-Associate September 15, 2018 81%
DevOps Engineer-Professional September 29, 2018 78%
Big Data-Expertise October 5, 2018 79%
Security-Expertise October 6, 2018 786 points
Advanced Networking-Expertise October 6, 2018 69%
Machine Learning-Expertise December 7, 2018 810 points
Alexa Skill Builder-Expertise January 27, 2019 787 points
Solution Architect-Professional (Recertified) June 14, 2019 796 points
Now, I’m also working as a part-time trainer for AWS Certified Security Specialty Certification in GangBoard.
Here are my exam tips for you:
In order to get a good idea of AWS certification exam pattern and questions format, you must endeavor to solve the 10 sample questions AWS make available on their official website. AWS SCS-C01 Certification Dumps will help you have a deep knowledge of the various types of questions in the AWS Certified Security Specialty Certification. GangBoard AWS certification material contains a lot of SCS-C01 Practice Exams Questions.
When you are done with your preparation through various resources, get ready to check your preparation level. We at GangBoard are working to launch the AWS Certification Questions and Dumps for you. This AWS SCS-C01 Certification Dumps will help you a lot as the most effective preparation.
The following Black Belt was read as a poor field in the SCS-C01 Mock Test conducted in GangBoard. So, devote more time to these:

  • S3 (focus on encryption and access control)
  • KMS
  • CloudTrail
  • Config
  • DynamoDB (with emphasis on encryption and access control)

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AWS Certified Security Specialty Certification Test preparation

AWS Certified Security Specialty Guide
This AWS Certified Security – Specialty: Study Guide: Covers exam objectives, review questions and exam preparation quizzes Paperback – 2019 is a good book for you as it covers all most all topics AWS Certified Security Specialty Certification Exam satisfactorily. All are neatly subdivided too. Another attraction of this book is that AWS Certification Questions and Dumps with real-world scenarios are given profusely. But there are a few errors too,e.g., Use Case 3 in the book’s last chapter.
AWS Certified Security Specialty Guide1
So, instead of completely relying on books and online study materials, you may join the classroom training at a good institute like GangBoard who provides good and error-free answers to AWS SCS-C01 Practice Test Questions.
This digital book by McAfee teaches you about AWS security challenges and good practices to secure AWS. It also instructs you on how to use cloud access security brokers to apply security and compliance necessities for AWS.

Check AWS Latest Information on AWS Certified Security Specialty Certification

Information from AWS, such as service updates and reference implementations, is published daily on the AWS blog. Don’t forget to check these on a regular basis.
You can check AWS’s latest information without omission by RSS feed.
Checking the latest information on AWS, which is an AWS division, is inevitable. If you want to crack the AWS Certified Security Specialty Certification exam, you may check the in-house chats, twitter timelines, and the official web. You may also check the following frequently.

  • AWS official blog
  • AWS YouTube channel
  • AWS Podcast
  • Amazon Linux Security Center

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AWS official blog

You can use AWS’s official blog to know the important recent developments and information.

AWS News Blog

In this page, you can find important updates and official information. There are other categories on the official blog, where useful information is updated daily. Some new information is not included in the top AWS News Blog, so check out the areas you are interested in!

  • AWS News Blog
  • AWS Architecture Blog
  • AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog
  • AWS Marketplace
  • AWS Big Data Blog
  • AWS Compute Blog
  • AWS Database Blog
  • AWS Desktop and Application Streaming Blog
  • AWS Developer Blog
  • AWS DevOps Blog
  • AWS Cloud Enterprise Strategy Blog
  • Amazon Game Tech Blog
  • The Internet of Things on AWS – Official Blog
  • AWS Machine Learning Blog
  • AWS Management Tools Blog
  • AWS Media Blog
  • AWS Messaging & Targeting Blog
  • AWS Mobile Blog
  • Networking & Content Delivery
  • AWS Open Source Blog
  • AWS Government, Education, & Nonprofits Blog
  • AWS for SAP
  • AWS Security Blog
  • AWS Start-ups Blog
  • AWS Official YouTube Channel

In particular, Webinar also exists as an independent channel separately from the AWS main channel, so if you want to watch seminar-type videos, you should check the Webinar channel.

AWS Podcast | Listen & Learn About AWS Certified Security Specialty Certification

There is also a podcast on AWS. The update frequency is about once a week.
Podcasts can be played back or downloaded as mp3 files as follows, and links to related resources are posted together, making them easier to use than YouTube videos.

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Amazon Linux Security Center

This page summarizes Amazon Linux vulnerability information and how to deal with it. Critical items basically need to be dealt with, so this is also a check.
The list of ALAS- in the list (Amazon Linux Security Advisories) is important information related to security because you can know how to handle each vulnerability and related packages.

AWS Developer Forums

You need an AWS account to view:

  • Announcements
  • Messages
  • Popular Threads
  • Threads

AWS Release Notes

Since function updates etc. are announced here basically, it is a necessary check.

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What is the difference between the AWS Certified Security Specialty Certification exam and other AWS Certification Exams?

Unlike other AWS Certification Exams, security expertise is scored between 100 and 1000 points and passes if it is more than 750 points.
In the case of other certifications, you can find out your score for each field immediately after the exam, but the security experts will be viewed later in the AWS Training Portal, after 5 business days from the exam date. You may check the AWS official site to updates.

Beware of Remote monitoring during AWS Certified Security Specialty Certification exam

Some AWS certification students of GangBoard have informed us that the test center at Bangalore had a camera attached to their computer and the movements of the students were monitored. So, you may be careful about it.

Some final general tips on AWS Certified Security Specialty Certification Exam

Continuing to solve hard text problems for a long time, much before the actual test date, will help you in the exam which extends to about 3 hours. Prayers are good but it alone may not help you in getting a passing score. If you do yoga or meditation on the exam day morning, it’ll help you to have concentration at the test center.
You may sleep 8 hours in the previous night and take leave from your office or college on the exam day. Take the I think it will be more concentrating if you take the AWS Certified Security Specialty Certification exam with a fresh mind and intellect. Before entering the test hall, take food moderately, drink coffee or tea and wash your hands and face. Have a smile on your face and positive thinking in your mind. The AWS Certified Security Specialty Certification training by GangBoard will help you in SCS-C01 Exam Crack. We’ll also provide you with AWS Certification Dumps.

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