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Why Selenium Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Why Selenium Had Been So Popular Till Now?

May 11th, 2017

Software testing is a necessity in the IT sector. With increasing demands for software testers, automated testers are in high demand. Selenium is one of the top tools used for that purpose and it offers a multitude of benefits to the customer. The testing done with this tool is called selenium testing and there are various reasons why you should opt for a course on Selenium Online Training.

Being updated with the latest trends and tricks in the IT business is an imperative for surviving in a highly competitive atmosphere. Automation is the next step forward but learning the different available tools and making full use of them can reduce your workload and help you in many ways.

Selenium is a suite of different products.
The different components of Selenium are:

  • Selenium IDE, which lets you to use the selenium core while not having copied it on your web server. The language used is Selenese, a unique language of the tool.
  • Selenium RC, which takes commands through HTTP from the server. You can use this to write tests of applications without knowing a programming language.
  • Selenium Web Driver, a cross platform framework. You can send commands to it, which will then be sent to a browser and results will be retrieved by the tool.
  • Selenium Grid, which allows software tests to use web browsers that run on remote systems.

Here are few reasons why selenium is so popular:

    1. It can operate on any browser that supports JavaScript.
    2. Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment), a record and play tool, it is ideal for beginners. Record and play ensures that you do not have to develop everything from scratch again as you have the playback option.
  • UI can be understood well in this as you have features like ‘click of a button’ and ‘type words in any of the field boxes.’ The tool can automate with a set of basic instructions. You do not need a background of programming knowledge to use this tool and that is immensely helpful.
  • Selenium Web Driver interacts with your browser directly. It also has a very rapid execution time.
  • Selenium RC (Remote Control) supports various new browsers and boasts of a fully developed API.
  • Selenium Grid, which puts to use the hub-and-nodes concept, can simultaneously test run softwares in different browsers and environments.
  • The autocomplete feature that Selenium IDE boasts of helps complete tasks in a hassle free manner.
  • Selenium, very importantly, supports a huge number of programming languages like Python and Java. This helps the tool reach a wider range of audiences.
  • One of the major factors that work in favor of selenium is that it is a free tool and also has an open source. This is in stark contrast to previous competitors in the market before like QTP(Quick Test Professional)


By taking the Gangboard course on Selenium Online Training, you will obtain knowledge that will help you in many upcoming ventures. The demand for professionals who have knowledge about Selenium is increasing day by day in the IT sector. For being a top notch executive in the software field, knowing this tool is very important. To carry on a successful career in testing, it is advisable that you know Selenium well.