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Static Keyword in Java

Static Keyword in Java

April 30th, 2019

Static Keyword in Java

  • Static keyword is mainly used for memory management.
  • Static keyword can be use in variables, methods, blocks and nested classes.
  • Static variable values can not be change/modify at any case.
  • The main method of a class is generally labelled static.
  • To call a static method, we don’t want to create an object, it’s enough to mention the class name alone to access the static methods.
  • Static variables/methods can also be called as class variables/class methods.

Example For static variable:

Static stringunvName= “Anna University” ;

Example For static method:

Public static void main (string arts[])


Example For static block:


//Set of statements


Example For static nested class:

class OuterClass{
static int data=30;
static class InnerClass{
void msg(){System.out.println("data is "+data);}
public static void main(String args[]){
OuterClass.InnerClass oi=new OuterClass.InnerClass();