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Top 10 Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks for Web Development

Top 10 Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks for Web Development

July 12th, 2019

10 Most Popular Javascript Framework

Before we get into the deeper listing of top 10 popular Javascript Frameworks, initially let us know what is Javascript.

what is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a multi-paradigm language that supports various programming styles. Initially, JavaScript was utilized only for client part. But now, JavaScript is used as a programming language in server-side as well. To indicate in the simple verdict, JavaScript is a web language. Now get to know what Javascript Framework is.

JavaScript Framework – A short description

JavaScript framework, written in Javascript, is an application framework where the developers can operate each function and make use of them in their expediency. Frameworks are much flexible for website designing purposes and hence, many website developers choose the reason Javascript Framework. JavaScript frameworks are a kind of tool enabling flexible operations with JavaScript and the work becomes smoother. Programmers can easily code the application as a device responsive. This responsiveness is one of the major reason to consider JavaScript frameworks as a popular concept.

What is JavaScript? | JavaScript Tutorial For Beginners

Top 10 JavaScript Framework

I am here to give a list of top 10 JavaScript Frameworks which is effective to construct web apps. Just listing out the name will not work out to know which is best. So, have an eye on each description provided below.

Top 10 JavaScript Framework

  1. React
  2. Meteor
  3. Angular
  4. Node
  5. Polymer
  6. Ember
  7. Backbone
  8. Aurelia
  9. Vue
  10. jQuery


Facebook created and still maintaining React Javascript Framework. This framework has received popularity in a short period of time. Developing and operating the dynamic User Interface with huge inward traffic is possible with React. React use Virtual DOM and hence, integration with any of the application is very easy. The React.js pattern is to support data which flows downstream, that is in a single flow. To enable the data to flow in any other direction, additional features are required. Some of the popular websites functioning with React framework are yahoo.com, Microsoft.com, and few more.


As the name says, Meteor Javascript Framework, written using NodeJS, nearly covers the chief part of the software development. It permits speedy prototyping and generates cross-platform code. Meteor is open-source and free of cost framework. Database Management, Back-end development, execution of website front-end, and business lucidity are some of the foremost zones where we can use the Meteor framework. To construct a real-time application, the flawless resolution is Meteor. Starting from the database to template, the entire application gets updated automatically. Some of the popular websites functioning with the Meteor framework are meteofrance.com, mtv.com, and few more.


Angular is one of the uppermost influential, well-organized, and open-source JavaScript frameworks. The great Google is operating this framework and majorly employed for Single Page Application (SPA) development. Angular provides developers with the finest settings for uniting JavaScript with CSS and HTML. Thousands of websites are using Angular such as youtube.com, google.com, youtube.com, etc. are using Angular.


Node.js finely works on cross-platforms and this is absolutely an open source Javascript Framework. Nodes works in a server-side environment, which is proficient in leading asynchronous input/output along with its event-driven architecture. As Node works in the JavaScript Runtime environment, it contains alike properties of JAVA such as packages, threading, and loops forming. Over 84,000 websites are using Node Framework. NodeJS affords faster services at the time of data streaming. IBM, GoDaddy, LinkedIn, Groupon, Netflix, PayPal, Microsoft, and many more websites are using Node Framework.


Google developed a Polymer, and this is an open-source JavaScript framework. Using this framework, we can create website elements without getting into the multifaceted stage. Both one-way and two-way data binding is possible through Polymer and hence application is made broader. Instead of depending on tradition JavaScript library, Polymer Javascript Framework uses the technologies of native browser. As the library of Polymer is constructed over the web standards API, Polymer.js afford the easiest method to build custom HTML elements. Coca-Cola, Google Earth, General Electric, YouTube, Google Play Music, YouTube Gaming, McDonald’s, and Electronics Arts are some of the websites using Polymer Javascript Framework.


Since 2015, Ember Javascript Framework is available in the software market. This is an open-source framework enabling the developers to construct accessible web page applications. With an extensive application range, Ember has gained high fame. A reliable platform is established to handle the obscure User Interfaces as Ember is good to go with two-way data binding. More than 6000 websites are using Ember. Some of the well-known websites are tutorialspoint.com, Netflix, nasa.gov, LinkedIn, Nordstrom, and many more.


BackboneJS is the one that permits to develop and construct the client-side applications. You know what? Backbone is a light-weight JavaScript library. With Backbone, a developer can pick the precise tool which helps to complete the assigned project. Backbone is quite simple to understand and study. Single Page Applications creation is simply possible through this type of framework. A number of websites are using Backbone Javascript Framework, this includes tumblr.com, espn.com, soundcloud.com and many more. soundcloud.com, tumblr.com, espn.com and many more websites are using Backbone.


Aurelia is otherwise named as the “next-gen framework” and the latest version of the JavaScript is Aurelia. Since the first day of launch, Aurelia Javascript framework has been receiving a ton of gratitude. Aurelia’s contemporary architecture guarantees to use the toll for clarification of both server-side and client-side at a time. Aurelia framework can outspread the HTML for numerous reasons which include the data binding. Do you know the specialty of Aurelia? Aurelia framework can only enable the developers to build components with Javascript, plain, and Vanilla TypeScript. Freska, File, BTEK, Adami, and more than 800 websites are using Aurelia.


Vue is used to build creative UI and this is an open-source JavaScript framework. Vue is developed in 2016, and this JavaScript framework has gained huge fame by affording varied features. Dual integration approach is the chief striking feature. This attractive feature is useful for high-end SPA or Single Page Application creation. For developing cross-platform, Vue is a great consistent platform. Currently, over 36,000 websites are using Vue. PlayStation, StackOverflow, and few more websites are completely relying on Vue for the user interface.


jQuery is one of the eldest Javascript frameworks. Though jQuery is aged over 12 years, we can see that still employed strong in the software market. jQuery, created by John Resig in the year 2006, is a quick and brief JavaScript Library. This is a cross-platform library intended to simplify the HTML client-side coding. More than 19 million websites are relying on jQuery. Google, IBM, Facebook, WordPress, and many more websites are making using of jQuery.

Conclusion on Top 10 Javascript Framework

JavaScript is always treated to be the heart of mobile app development and websites. Developers are made comfortable with its flexible and well-organized coding systems. Have cautious and exhaustive planning while deciding on a suitable JavaScript framework for your project. Each framework that is discussed above has many advantages and disadvantages. Hence, try to get the ideal one for your assessment. Enjoy your work with the right framework!

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