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Top 5 Paying Cloud Certifications

Top 5 Paying Cloud Certifications

July 4th, 2019

Top 5 Paying Cloud Certifications

The technology has been evolving over the years and meanwhile, the demand for storing the information also raised. The traditional storage systems were unable to meet the storage requirements of the modern world. The invention of cloud storage technology has contributed a lot to the storage segment and became an essential part of today’s technological world.

There are many cloud storage technology providers in the market and are designed, developed, with unique features to meet the ever-growing storage requirements of an organization. Meanwhile, demand for the professional cloud developers also has increased to operate the cloud technology of an organization. Having certification in cloud technology will make you stand apart from the crowd and quickly lands you in the career path that you have always admired.

Here we have mentioned the top 5 cloud certifications which are also offering high paychecks for the candidates and also helps you in eliminating the confusion of which cloud technology to choose from.
Here we have decreased the list to 5 certifications based on demand in the market and paycheck offered.  Choosing the right cloud technology that suits your skill is up to you.

AWS Certification and Cloud Computing

Below listed are the top cloud certifications which pay you high in 2019.

  1. AWS Solution Architect 
  2. Salesforce Technical Architect 
  3. Google Certified Cloud Architect
  4. IBM Certified Architect
  5. Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect 

The above-mentioned certifications are belonged to the Architect category and demand your maximum efforts to pass the certification exam. Having certifications in these technologies would make your path more comfortable in finding the dream job.

Let’s discuss each technology in detail one by one.

AWS Solution Architect

Amazon web services are leading and broadly accepted cloud platforms across the world. It is holding the majority share in the cloud computing technology segment by occupying the 41% of cloud providers market. It has been deployed by world large organizations and medium to small scale organizations across the globe.  AWS offers 11 certifications on cloud spanning associate, foundational, professional, associate, and others at various levels.

AWS Solution Architecture is a cloud certification and is one of the professional level certifications of AWS. Before opting for the certification in AWS Architecture, you should meet some requirements which include you should possess minimum of two years of experience in the areas of Operating, designing, solving and finding the issues in cloud technology.

Average salary structure for AWS Architecture:

It is one among the highest paying cloud certifications in the market, even for the entry-level roles.
According to the statistics of ZipRecruiter, the average salary for an AWS architecture is $164K, and it might be going to reach the $204K soon.

Salesforce Technical Architect Certification

There are actually three architecture certifications are available in Salesforce, which are  Technical Architect, Application Architect, and System Architect.  It is considered as a three-tier Certification, and Salesforce architecture is the first one to go for among the three. To get this certification, one has to acquire knowledge in different development platforms.

The technical Architecture should also possess skill and experience to evaluate customer experience and should be able to design an architecture that provides high secured, high-performance technical solutions to the cloud issues.

Average salary structure for Salesforce Technical Architect

Salesforce Architecture certification is one of the demanded certifications and offers high paychecks for skilled professionals.  According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for a Salesforce Architect developer in the US is around $163K, and it is expected to reach the $208K.

Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

The survey done by Global Knowledge 2019 report for salary and skills, states that the Google Certified Cloud Architect has got the top place among the top-paying IT Certifications for the year 2019.

A google cloud certified- professional Architect helps the organizations in leveraging Google cloud technologies.  A Certified person in Google Cloud Architect can have the ability to execute various tasks such as design, develop, secure, scale, and manage the cloud solutions to meet the business objectives.

Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect certification is conducted by Google to assess and certify the knowledge of a person on  Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Salary Structure of a Google cloud Architecture

According to the available sources that the average pay for the professional Google Cloud architecture is $ 164K in the US. When it considered for Professionals, it may be expected to rise to $200K.

IBM Certified Architect

The certified IBM architect is a person who can be able to design, plan, and implement cloud solutions. Qualifying this certification gives you give you complete knowledge on understanding the current state of a customer, and you can architect  IBM Cloud Solution.

If you are willing to become an IBM Certified Cloud Architect, then you should have complete knowledge of IBM cloud’s architectural principles and concepts. To get the certification, one must qualify the  “C1000-017 – IBM Cloud Solutions Architect v3” exam.

Salary structure of an IBM certified Architect:

According to the statistical reports of the Glassdoor.com, that the average pay for an IBM Certified Cloud Architect is around $134K. The average salary for experienced candidates is forecasted to be around  $190K.

Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect

Microsoft Azure is the second most widely used cloud storage system across the globe after the Amazon Web Services. Microsoft has multiple data centers and offers services in various modes such as SaaS ( Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and IaaS ( Infrastructure as a Service).

Microsoft Azure certification has been designed to evaluate the candidates experience in the areas of storage, compute, network, and cloud utilities of the Azure ecosystem. And also, before giving the certification exam, it is advised to acquire explicit knowledge of cloud computing mechanisms and how they work in real-time.

Salary Structure of a Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect

The average salary for a Microsoft Certified Azure solution Architect is around $122K, and for the experienced candidates, it is expected to rise to $174K. According to ZipRecruiter statistics.


The demand for storage technologies and the skilled people who can operate then have been growing over the years. The storage segment plays an essential role in the overall development of an organization. Till now, we have discussed top cloud technologies and their certification criteria and paychecks. Now it is your turn to choose the best cloud technology to pursue your career. The technologies mentioned above are not just on the top list, but the career opportunities are also very high.

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