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How to Prepare for Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-302?

How to Prepare for Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-302?

September 3rd, 2019

Microsoft is the most popular name in the Operating System and also for its vast software support. There is none other than Microsoft who can deliver all the needed services and software collection via the cloud. There is only Microsoft who has all the assets to get a complete hold on the cloud market in the world.
Microsoft is a very friendly name to the user around the world and most of the organizations use Microsoft’s software product. Microsoft’s cloud is getting more and more users every day because of its popularity. The Cloud Industry Forum indicated the Growth rate of cloud adoption and commented that there is no sign of cut in the growth rate for cloud adoption in Microsoft.
The growth of cloud adoption in Microsoft created a vacant space for the expert cloud technicians who can handle the rush of the users without any faults. Microsoft itself has designed a unique skill-building program named Microsoft Azure to fulfill the requirement of the cloud industry.

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AZ-302: Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Certification Transition

There are different types of role-based certification provided by Microsoft for professionals from a different field. Microsoft designed Azure certification course is suitable for every certification. In the Azure certification course, different knowledge area provides professionals for a different type of certification exam, so the most important thing is which role-based certification to choose. The AZ-302 Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Certification Transition is for the particular architect who has the full knowledge and expert in designing, building, and deploying a solution on the Azure platform and wants to make further growth in his carrier in future. A professional can get a normal Azure Architect certification by passing out the exam AZ-300 and exam AZ- 301 but if he has already certified with an exam 70-535, then he can sit for the transition exam AZ-302 for legalizing his certification.
The Microsoft Azure Solution Certification Transition AZ-302 was released on 24th September 2018 and its retirement time is 31st march 2019. The availability of the exam is only for a few months and its main focus is on Azure Architect’s role and responsibility.
Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Certification Transition AZ-302 is planned only for those professionals who are expert Azure Solution Architect and working with companies and can make a more secure, scalable, and reliable business solution for the concerns. The professionals who want to boost their carrier by taking the certification have to be versatile in the IT operation, from networking to disaster recovery, to data management, security, identity, virtualization business continuity, governance, and budgeting.
The basic function of the Azure Architect’s role is to make decisions in every single area and take a look at the overall desired outcome of a function. The professionals have to be very skillful in any of the domains which are Azure Administration, Azure development and DevOps.
The Transition exam is fully content with a new syllabus that has no similarities with the earlier exam 70-535. This exam has unique deep features of the technology that have changed since the last exam for that the exam has no match with others and not that difficult and there is a higher time limit. The Transition exam mainly focuses on the knowledge and key skills whereas the existing exam was not evaluated that’s why it is being replaced.

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AZ-302: Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Certification Transition Exam Information

The exam is fully new, for that the candidates do not know much about the pattern and the objectives of the exam. So it is very important for the candidates to be subjected to the basic details about the exam AZ-302 before starting the preparation for the exam. Here are the basic details of the exam
AZ-302: Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Certification Transition exam.
Exam Timing: 2and ½ hours (150minutes)
Total Questions: 40-60 questions
Exam Pattern: Multiple choices and multiple questions
Exam Fees: USD 90
Difficulty Level: Hard
Language: English
Validity: Not Mentioned
Passing score: 70% or above is the passing marks for the certification exam
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AZ-302: Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Certification Transition Exam Objectives

After getting the basic details about the exam candidates to have to understand the objectives which are enclosed in the AZ-302 exam. The objectives are the main focus for a candidate if he wants to pass the exam AZ-302: Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Certification Transition Exam and to get the certification as a qualified Microsoft Azure Architect. Here are the objectives candidates have to follow for passing the exam.

  • To determine Workload Requirements (15-20%)
  • To design for Identity and Security (5-10%)
  • To design a Business Continuity Strategy (15-20%)
  • To implement Workload and Security (5-10%)
  • To implement Authentication and Secure Data (5-10%)
  • .To develop for the Cloud (45-50%)

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AZ-302: Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Certification Transition Exam Prerequisites

The AZ-302 Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Certification Transition Exam is basically for the professionals who have passed the exam 70-535 already. 70- 535 exam is the prerequisite considered for the AZ-302 exam. Not only that required knowledge for the professional is

  • he is eligible to design solutions for Microsoft Azure.
  • he is very much capable of accessing an Azure account for testing, even its free account.

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Step to Follow for AZ-302 Exam Preparation

AZ-302: Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Certification Transition exam is one of the toughest exams to pass and the question papers are very hard to solve but don’t worry we will guide candidates to the right process to be prepared for the AZ-302 exam. With proper course materials and proper guidance, candidates will be capable of the AZ-302 certification. A proper combination of course material and guidance the candidates will pass the exam with less effort.

1. Books and Documentation

Books are the best study materials for any type of exam preparation traditionally and it is very effective too. So for AZ-302 exam preparation books are the best but there are no particular books available to prepare for the AZ-302 exam. There are some written documents about all the services and features of the Azure which are the most valuable Microsoft Azure documentation and very useful for every candidate. All the related books and other materials are excerpts from the official documentation, so those will give candidates deep knowledge for the AZ-302 exam preparation.

2. Video Tutorials

To prepare for the AZ-302: Azure Solution Architect Transition exam there are many video tutorials on the internet. Some of them are free and rest are paid but the candidate can get the basic to advance knowledge of the exam objectives from those video tutorials. Those tutorials will guide the candidate to understand every topic of the exam. Candidate can also enroll their name in certification training programs provided by some institutes. In those training, candidates will get the live instructor led-training facility and will easily clear their doubts by the help of the instructor. Microsoft is one of the training providers, candidates can directly enroll in it.

3. Practice Exams

AZ- 302 Azure Solution Architect Transition exam is a certification exam so if the candidate wants to prepare for it the best way is to sit for practice exams. The practice exams are designed to give the candidates the real exam experience. Candidates can tally their study materials and other preparation sources with the practice exam question paper. Candidates can easily find their week areas and can concentrate to repair those areas. The practice exam will give candidates the ability to answer all the questions in time. Candidates can easily make notes about the important resources which are common in every question paper.
The Practice exam sheets are designed by the industry experts who are well experienced in the field, and they will help candidates to understand the questions and properly answer them. Practice exams are expensive in the market and different types are available also but a candidate can get a proper concept of the exam through the practice exam and the investment will not waste.

4. Play Time

There is nothing more valuable than practical experience does. Books can solve your problems theoretically but sometimes it is more useful to do the tasks practically where the candidate will experience the real job world problems and the solutions. Azure cloud is a vast platform, if the candidates will practically work in it they will learn more and be more comfortable with the platform. Candidates can practice at their flexible time from anywhere because there is no time limitation and don’t need any selected place. After completion of the practical test, the candidate can easily generate his result to see the progress on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Microsoft provides a trial practical test where a candidate can get all the features and services of the Azure platform. The practical test costs $200.

5. Discussion Forums

Group discussion is one of the best and effective learning methods. Candidates can contact the instructor forums where industry experience instructors will guide them for exam preparation and can also contact student groups or forums who are preparing for the exam and will get in touch with the professionals who are already get certified. In the groups and forums, candidates will get to know each other and can interact with each other’s quarries and will get a solution from the qualified professionals.

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Study Tips by the Experts during AZ-302 Exam Preparation

We have thoroughly guided the candidates about the AZ-302 exam preparation process in the above description but still, there need some expert tips to follow to get passed in the AZ-302 exam. The tips will surely help every candidate very much efficient and pass the AZ-302 exam with fewer difficulties. The tips are:

  • To prepare well for the exam use different study materials from various resources. When a candidate studies any topic repeatedly the concept will be clearer and it will be memorized for a long time.
  • Candidates have to read every topic repeatedly until it became easier to understand.
  • Candidates have to be well known about the exam pattern so that they will not face any difficulties in the real exam.
  • Time management is one of the key skills to opt for every candidate. To solve more practice questions for the exam AZ-302 to become an expert.
  • Candidates have to be a clear concept for the topic of the exam AZ-302 Azure Solution Architect Certification Transition exam.
  • Candidates have to be self-confident and self-motivated that they will pass the exam in a single attempt. Failure is not the end of the carrier, prepare hard and try for next time and you will surely get success.
  • Practice in the Azure platform as much as possible because the hands-on experience will give a candidate more clear concept about the Azure platform and give the confidence to get passed in the AZ-302 exam in a single attempt.

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Final Words

We are surely hopeful that all the above guidelines will help every candidate to prepare for the AZ-302 exam. All the descriptions will help every candidate for exam preparation. If the candidates will follow all the above-described steps and methods and with determination, hard work they will surely and confidently pass the AZ-302 certification exam with a single attempt.We hope that the guidance for the certification exam is enough for every candidate but if any candidate is not passed the 70-535 exam, then first prepare for the AZ- 300 exam and then AZ-301 exam to qualify for the Az-302 Exam.

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