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How to Become a Blockchain Developer?

How to Become a Blockchain Developer?

July 4th, 2019

How to Become a Blockchain Developer?

In this blog, we are going to check out how to become a Blockchain Developer. Blockchain is playing a major part in this recent world. To become a Blockchain developer, everyone should recognize the working of Blockchain in real life and classify the facts of disappointment which could result in the departure of the global structure. It is good for the interested candidate to study the dissimilar ICOs available in the market and their fundamental Blockchain resolution.

Turning out to be a Blockchain developer is made very easy because of n number of learning courses and materials available online. You can choose any method to get into Blockchain development and be an expert.

Tips for freshers to become a Blockchain Developer

While hearing the words “Blockchain Engineer,” few might have a thought that there are a ton of things to know for developing the Blockchain from scratch. Few might think onsite experience is necessary to be a successful Blockchain developer. But it is not! Using Blockchain, there is an isolated stream that manages software development.

So, if someone is aware of building apps around blockchain, then assuredly he/she can step into the field to become a blockchain engineer. Now it’s time to discuss some of the essential software required to be familiar to become a Blockchain developer.

To become a Blockchain Developer, be well-versed in Coding

Blockchain works out well with coding to work or even to exist, which is like much other software-based application. But the excellent part of a blockchain is a new cryptocurrency programming language is not required.
In Blockchain development, one of the top-most employed coding languages is C++. Yes, if you are ready to start learning blockchain, start to write codes using C++.  C++ is an object-oriented programming language that has a brief knowledge bend that makes it easier for anyone who is new in learning this language.

There are some Cryptocurrency Blockchain which makes use of numerous programming languages. For instance, using a mixture of C++, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Go, Python, Rust, Ethereum is coded, etc. Apart from this discussion, I have an endorsement to get a grip on a few well-known programming languages that include Java, Ruby, PHP, Scala, and Solidity.

The process to become a Blockchain Developer:

Set a goal:

Take enough time to define what you must achieve and list out all your motivations. It will be very simple for you to get motivated and you will reach the target line. There are many fresh developers attracted to the Blockchain world due to the crazy thoughts of cryptocurrencies. Try to set a deadline for yourself to accomplish an objective. If not, you will never apply enough responsibilities on yourself to see the positive result. Be clear on the deadline and objective.

Make a choice on Blockchain:

Not required to be aware of all the available Blockchain to become a popular Blockchain developer. Just focus on very few Blockchain technologies which are obligatory and avoid the other distractions. Bitcoin, EOS, and Ethereum are some of the popular blockchains to be known by most of the Blockchain developers.

Perform a study on Dapps:

What is Dapps? Do you know there are 2000 plus applications built on Ethereum and many new applications are released daily? Yes, and these applications are called as Decentralized Applications (Dapps). You can visit the website where Dapps are listed. DappRadar and State of the Dapps are the most popular Dapps websites. Gambling Dapps, Marketplaces, Decentralized Exchanges, and Games are the top four (4) well-known Dapps built on Ethereum. You should learn the three (3) components to build Dapp.

  • Working of Ethereum protocol
  • The process to prepare smart contracts in Solidity
  • The process to fix the entire pieces collectively in a Dapp

Learn what is Ethereum:

To get knowledge of the development process on Ethereum, you must learn the Ethereum basics. Begin your reading initially with Ethereum white paper, which has an elevated explanation of Ethereum. Vitalik Buterin is the inventor of Ethereum and he was the one who wrote the white paper. For a deeper understanding, try to study the Ethereum Yellow Paper created by Gavin Wood. Many mathematical symbolizations are used, and multiple-times reading is essential to understand the concepts. Retrieve Knowledge on Development tools & Libraries: If you want to develop Dapps and smart contracts, tools like Remix, Ganache, Solc, Truffle, Metamask, and Web3 are vital.

Smart Contracts & Solidity:

Smart contracts are said to be the chief building blocks of Dapps. Many minor programs are installed on the Ethereum Blockchain that runs unconventionally once the deployment is done. It means, after the deployment, the network will handle by running them and there is nothing to be done from your end. Once the deployment is completed, the code cannot be changed.

For writing smart contracts, solidity stands out to be the main language. Like Javascript, solidity has a syntax. The resemblance with Javascript is just the beautifying effect and not anything else.

Building an own Dapp:

There are three (3) parts collaborated to build a Dapp. To build their own Dapp, Cryptokitties website, Metamask and Cryptokitties smart contracts are the three important parts that have to be built and allow them to interact with each other.

If you have reached this step, then we can say that you have been talented much in all your learning and analysis.  Hence, now you are ready to become a Blockchain developer and hunt for a good job at a Blockchain organization.

Acquire support from the community

Everyone would obviously require some help required at some point in the journey of becoming a Blockchain developer. Fortuitously, you are not left blank at any time and you can reach out to numerous online communities. You can ask for help from different domain people and keep going with your ambition.

To get the answers on for all your queries, you can contact the Ethereum stack exchange. It is a very great place that contains thousands of answers, and always the community is very energetic. Make use of the chat options like Truffle Gitter, Solidity gitter, and Dapp Dev Slack. Another method to retrieve help at the time of learning is to set up a meet with other developers. Create contact through Ethereum meetups and discussions.


  • Get the knowledge on fundamentals of blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  • Try to purchase cryptocurrency. The great method to perform a study on cryptocurrency to approach an exchange and get some.
  • Get in touch with the essentials of blockchain programming.
  • Sign up for a further progressive Solidity session.
  • Acquire coding knowledge. Make use of all the available new skills to produce Dapps and smart contracts.

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