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IoT Applications

IoT Applications

May 17th, 2019

Top 10 IOT Applications

Introduction to IOT

IOT is the abbreviated form of Internet of Things and it refers to the internet connectivity extension into various physical objects and other objects we use in our daily life. These devices come as embedded with internet connectivity, electronics, sensors and other similar types of hardware components. Hence, IOT devices are able to communicate with other devices with the help of internet and those devices are able to monitor and control in a remote way.
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Until now, the whole world has witnessed several real applications of IOT i.e. Internet of Things. However, in this blog post, we will discuss about 10 such applications:

 Real World Applications of IOT

Smart City

Smart city, as the name highlights involves a huge innovation and it spans varieties of use cases, which include waste management, traffic management, water distribution and monitoring the entire environment.
Here, IOT devices function to remove the problems and discomfort of people living in different cities. IOT solutions offered in the sector of Smart City resolves wide range of city related problems, such as to reduce noise and air pollution, traffic issues and to help in making cities safely.

Smart Home

Smart home is one among the outstanding and efficient IOT applications and based on its exclusive functions, it secures the highest rank in various IOT apps available on different channels. Numbers of individuals searching for smart homes are consistently increasing on a monthly basis and until now, about 60,000 people have adopted IOT devices to create their smart homes.
On the other side, database related to smart homes for IOT analytics incorporate approximately 256 startup firms and big companies. Along with this, estimated funding amount for startup firms related to smart homes exceed approximately $2.5billion and it is continuing to grow in a rapid way.

Smart Grids

Smart grids are also one of the outstanding IOT technologies. Smart grids mainly extract information based on consumers’ behaviors and electricity suppliers automatically to boost the economics, efficiency and reliability of the distribution of electric supply. Approximately, 41,000 Google searches on a monthly basis highlight a testament related to the popularity of Smart Grid.


Wearables have always remained among one of the potential IOT applications. Every year, technology lovers belonging to different parts of the world eagerly wait for the launch of latest Apple devices, like for instance Apple smart watches. Along with this, you will find varieties of wearable devices making our life easy, like fitness band, gesture control, smart bracelet and Smart B Trainer and many more.

Connected Car

You will find vast technology and a highly extensive network associated with connected cars comprised of multiple antennas, multiple sensors, embedded software solutions and other technologies help to communicate and navigate in the complicated world. Connected car technology helps in making important decisions with speed, accuracy and consistency. Even IOT applications in case of connected cars have to deal with various critical situations, including the one when humans lost their control of the brakes and steering wheels to autonomous vehicles undergoing tests on the highways nowadays.

Smart Farming

Based on consistent increase in remote farming operations and availability of livestock to work on for farmers in large numbers, experts have come up with the concept of Smart Farming applications based on the concept of Internet of Things. IOT applications not only monitor the farmers’ livestock, but also revolutionize the way, in which farmers perform their functions on a daily basis. Smart farming comes with the potential to act as a significant application for large numbers of countries involved in the export of agricultural products.

Industrial Internet

Industrial internet type of IOT application is very much essential to deal with wide range of connected devices and machines installed in varying industries. These include healthcare, oil and gas centers, along with the power generation. Even industrial internet is useful where system failure and unplanned downtime results in various life-threatening situations. For instance, you will find varieties of systems embedded with IOT applications, like for instance fitness bands to monitor the heart and wide range of smart home appliances.

Telemedicine and Digital Health as Connected Health Applications

Whether you talk about remote monitoring device or smart and advanced sensors as well as equipment integration, you will find varieties of IOT applications in the entire healthcare industry.
Here, IOT has a huge potential to bring improvements in the way, in which doctors provide treatment and care, while simultaneously make sure about good health and safety of patients. With the help of healthcare IOT only, patients may spend relatively higher amount of time while interacting with health experts, doctors, nutritionists and therapists to increase their satisfaction levels and engagement.
Starting from various personalized fitness bands/sensors to innovative surgical robots, IOT applications in the healthcare industry has brought wide range of latest technology-based tools in the entire ecosystem to develop improved healthcare. In other words, IOT has revolutionized the complete healthcare industry and offered affordable solutions to both healthcare experts and patients.

Smart Supply Chains

Supply chains are consistently becoming smart for the last few years. Smart supply chains, as the name highlight, they offer solutions to varieties of problems, like tracking of various goods during the transportation phase or during transit. Even IOT application based smart supply chains help in exchanging inventory related information among suppliers. With the help of an innovative IOT enabled system, factory equipment containing embedded sensors are able to communicate data about varying parameters, which include the temperature, pressure and proper usage of any equipment. If this is not enough, IOT systems used in supply chains are able to process the workflow and make changes in the settings of different equipments to bring optimization in the overall performance.

Smart Retail

Modern retailers have started with adopting innovative IOT solutions and utilizing IOT embedded systems across varieties of applications to bring improvement in the store operations, increase the exact numbers of purchases, reducing anti-social activities, including the theft, assurance of effective inventory management and boosting the overall shopping experience of a consumer. With the help of IOT applications, retailers may compete against many online challenges both in a strong and bold way.