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S3 One Zone IA Vs S3 Standard IA

S3 One Zone IA Vs S3 Standard IA

September 11th, 2019

S3 One Zone IA Vs S3 Standard IA – Which One to Use and When?

A lot of people who are started for the AWS Associate exams have been curious to know about the difference, essentially the multiple use cases, between S3 Zone IA and S3 Standard IA. In order to better understand the distinct features between the two similar storage classes offered by Amazon S3, we will look into the different use cases. But first of all, we will be looking into what Amazon S3 is how it relates with the storage classes.

Amazon Simple Storage Service

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is a storage service on the network that provides industry-leading scalability, security, availability of data as well as performance. In other words, customers of any size and industries of all sizes can use this service to store as well as protect end number of data for a variety of use cases like mobile applications, websites, backup and restore, IoT devices, big data analytics, archives, enterprise applications and so on.

It has simple web services interface which allows users to save and get any volume of data from anywhere on the internet at any time. Amazon S3 offers management features which are easy to use as it allows users to organize their data and configure access control to meet particular needs for business and organizations. Amazon S3 data for millions of applications for different companies all over the world.

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S3 One Zone – Infrequent Access Storage Class

S3 One Zone – Infrequent Access is a storage class created for users who require a cheaper alternative for data that in not accessed frequently but do not need the many available zone data model of the S3 Standard as well as S3 Standard – infrequent Access. As the name proposes, S3 One Zone – IA stores the clients’ information in one zone as it were.

S3 One Zone – IA is intended for use cases with rarely got to information that can be reproduced, for example, for capacity of reinforcement duplicates of on-premises information or for capacity which is replicated as of now in an AWS Region with reasons of consistence just as fiasco recuperation purposes. By utilizing S3 One Zone – IA, clients would almost certainly store information which is rarely gotten to inside an accessible zone with a cost which is 20 percent lower than S3 Standard – IA.

S3 One Zone – IA likewise gives greater accessibility and solidness when contrasted with self-guided physical server farms. S3 Z – IA has a strength of 99.999999999% and an accessibility of 99.5%. It offers the favorable position for clients to have the option to pay just for what they have to utilize. S3 Z – IA comes completely coordinated withal the highlights of Amazon S3.

This incorporates S3 Class Analysis, S3 Lifecycle approaches, S3 Object Tagging just as Cross-Region Replication. It ought to be noticed that information put away inside S3 Z – IA stockpiling class will be lost on the off chance that the accessibility zone (AZ) is pulverized. If there should arise an occurrence of gear disappointment, Amazon offers assurance. Nonetheless, in the event that the zone gets harmed or cleared out in view of common causes like fire, flood and earthquake.

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S3 Standard – Infrequent Access Storage Class

Amazon S3 Standard – IA is ideal for long-term storage of master data that is not frequently accessed, for instance, for backups and older data with limited access, however in which the use case still requires high performance. The S3 Standard – IA also offers a high durability of 99.999999999% and has a low latency with high throughput.

It has a low storage price and retrieval fee per GB. Because of its low cost and high-performance capabilities, S3 Standard – IA is suitable for long-term storage, backups, and as data store for disaster recovery files. It includes features such as cross-region replication, data lifecycle policies, event notifications as well as security and access management. S3 – IA replicates the users’ data to a minimum of three availability zones.

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Difference Between  S3 One Zone – IA and S3 Standard

We will be looking into scenarios to understand the different use cases of the two storage classes.

Scenario 1:

In the first scenario, let’s say that an organization wants to write the log files of an application into an S3 bucket and have no intention of storing it anywhere else and that this is the only copy available. The size of the documents go between 10 to 500 MB and are not gotten to every now and again. The association require these log records every so often for investigating issues with the application.

The application group needs the log records of the previous 60 days to be kept accessible if necessary right away. More seasoned logs that are more than 60 days old are required to be kept for reference, however it isn’t required right away. Which of the two stockpiling classes would be increasingly reasonable for the situation remembering the most affordable method for putting away these log records?

In such a situation, if the association needs to actualize a reasonable stockpiling class to meet the criteria alongside minimal effort charging, S3 Standard – IA stockpiling class would be progressively suitable for the circumstance as it tends to be executed for 60 days and after that the Life Cycle Management can be utilized to move those documents which are more seasoned than 60 days to an alternate stockpiling class like S3 Glacier stockpiling. This will guarantee that the log records are accessible, and it would likewise guarantee a progressively practical charging thinking about the situation.

S3 One Zone – IA would not be appropriate as it implied for use cases with rarely got to information which is re-creatable. As we are taking a gander at information which can’t be imitated, the accessibility of the information can’t be guaranteed when required, for example, if there should arise an occurrence of catastrophic event in that zone on the off chance that we execute a one one zone storage.

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Scenario 2:

In this scenario, suppose that an application has been intended to enables clients to transfer pictures of well-known models everywhere throughout the world and a S3 bucket is utilized to keep every one of these pictures. A different application has been intended to process every one of these pictures in different configurations and make thumbnails of these pictures just as label the pictures dependent on the nation. This is additionally put away in a different S3 container and the pictures are not gotten to every now and again.

What might be an increasingly appropriate capacity class thinking about a practical path for putting away the thumbnails? Thinking about the situation, we can implement the S3 One Zone – IA storage class as these thumbnail done by means of the first pictures. Since it is conceivable to reproduce the information, we can utilize the One Zone – IA stockpiling class guaranteeing that it is the most cost-effective way.

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