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Top 10 Job Oriented Courses

Top 10 Job Oriented Courses

August 22nd, 2019

Job Oriented Courses

Technology is the reason for the innovation and specialization where job roles are changing. In the IT industry, 5 to 10 years of experience will manipulate the salary to 6 figure salary which will be achieved after a more number of years in case of other domains. After completing the formal education students are in to the brackets of unemployment or exciting offers. It is the ideal advice to choose the wise course that will promise a job for you. Our Online Job Oriented Courses are the archetype of the trending technologies where the demand exists.
Learn the technologies which will dominate the market of the future. Job and growth are the associated terms that build the portfolio of individual. Make intentional decisions with the market conditions. Even during recession period software engineers are paid with an average salary. This shows the demand is consistent in the case of the software industry. Here we provide the top ten job oriented courses to work on your basic skills and fall into our training courses for dream vocation.

Top 10 Job Oriented Courses

AWS Course

AWS Course
First out of the list is AWS which is the top performer in the market as of now. AWS is holding 47 percent of the market share while Azure and Google are receiving 22 percent and 8 percent market share. Alibaba is also on the top with 56 percent market share in the cloud market. Amazon EC2, S3, VPC, RDS, and Amazon Cloud font are the top preferred services that work as building blocks for the companies. These services provide a public cloud for storage, migration, network, database, compute, management tools, security and identity compliance, and delivery management. AWS Training from GangBoard comprises of all the major services and after the course, we help for clearing the different AWS Certifications. AWS solution architect is the beginner level certificate and from there the learners are directed to specialty certificates and professional level certificates. We offer the AWS Certification Training to beginners and experienced as the syllabus is framed from the basic level to the advanced level.
United States Department of Defense had signed an agreement for the AWS services with a cost of USD 950 Mn. The AWS has giant industry players by which it is expected to grow as 1,789.3 Mn by 2026. Capgemini, Rackspace Inc., DXC Technology, Logicworks, 8K Miles Software Services Ltd, Accenture plc, and Slalom LLC are the companies using the services of AWS for their major operations. In the United States and Europe AWS has become the leader. AWS is considered as the highest certification with the highest salary in Canada and the United States and the salary is approximately 113,000 USD.

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Data Science Course

Data Science Course
Professionals with experience in database management, big data tools, programming, data analysis, and business analysis are suitable for the role of Data Scientist. Freshers with graduation in statistics, mathematics, computer science and physical sciences are eligible for this Data Science Online Training. The demand for Data Science is high because of machine learning techniques, artificial intelligence techniques, and big data usage. These technologies have precise data analysis processes for unstructured data which is available on mobile phones and the internet. As per the demand, the salaries are also high which is elevating at $ 106,000 per annum.
GangBoard provides the Data Science Training with the most demanded skills like Hadoop, SQL, R programming, Python Programming, and machine learning. Big data have certain limitations that are over ruled by data science and they are predicting future, creativity element for the business problem, and decision making. These skills are the patent of the humans and it is the asset for learning the Data Science Training. “Convenience” is the biggest keyword related to the jobs around the globe now and many people in the US prefer the data science job as it is more related to convenience.

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Python Course

Python Course
The salary of Python developer is approximately $123,743. Python Training is suitable for beginners and experienced as it is the versatile programming language. Python is used in web development with frameworks flask and Django. NumPy, PyMySQL, PyBrain are the libraries for the data science reference. After completing the Python Training through on-line mode one can try for the opportunities in web development, data science, machine learning, automation, and programming. From a bare knowledge, one can learn python and automate the simple tasks that we process in our daily lives. The real-life scenarios are used as examples to gain practical knowledge in GangBoard. Trainers are professionals with the knowledge to analyze the usage from multiple perspectives.

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DevOps Course

Devops Course
As per the data from the job portals, the average salary of the DevOps engineer is $1,00,000. DevOps reduces the failure in the big scale operations which is the reason for the increasing demand of the DevOps. The users of the cloud increase the demand of DevOps for uninterrupted service with continuous automation. Cloud infrastructure and competitive performances demand for DevOps. Knowledge about Linux, knowledge about cloud computing, knowledge about the automation process, experience on infrastructure automation and programming language knowledge will be an added advantage to DevOps Training. Specialize in one tech stack to advance in the career. This course is suitable for learners with prior experience.

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Selenium Course

Selenium Course
The approximate salary of the Selenium tester is $99,576 per annum. Selenium Testing Training will educate the learners about the test scripts, frameworks for automation, basic knowledge about the programming languages, Jenkins, Maven, Selenium IDE, and Selenium Web Driver. To satisfy the end clients Selenium is on demand in the MNC companies.

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Java Course

Java Course
The average salary of the Java developer is $73,743 per year. Java is extremely used in mobile development, e-commerce websites, and financial services for creating the server apps, financial trading applications, for using big data technologies, for developing scientific applications and for creating the application with embedded devices. Many tools require java knowledge like InetelliJ, Netbans IDE, Idea, and Eclipse. Java Training is suitable for beginners and experience to learn advanced level technologies.

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Machine Learning Course

Machine Learning Course
The average salary of the Machine learning professional is $1,20,000. Pinterest is the popular platform who had optimized content delivery with the usage of machine learning. The best tweets on twitter are designed with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Google uses machine learning techniques as algorithms to provide quality service. Baidu the Chinese search engine is using Machine learning for voice search which works on natural language generation and speech recognition. CRM of Sales force uses Machine learning for lead generation and lead prediction. GangBoard offers Machine Learning Training as one of the Job Oriented Training.

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Artificial Intelligence Course

Artificial Intelligence Course
Artificial Intelligence is the hot field with a high salary of $150,000. After completing Artificial Intelligence Training the learners can join the MNC companies as Machine learning engineer, Business intelligence analyst, research scientist, Data scientist and big data engineer. GangBoard’s Job Oriented Training is helps positioning at MNC companies for the learners.

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RPA Courses

RPA Course
The Salary of the RPA developer is approximately $128,000. GangBoard provides RPA training with different tools of RPA like Blue prism, Automation anywhere and UI path. European companies are analyzed as slow in the adoption of new technologies and it is predicted from a study that 92 percent of European companies will deploy the RPA system by the year 2020.

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Angular Course

Angular Course
The approximate salary of Angular Developer is $115,000. Angular JS is the hot technology used by many big companies as it enhances the user experience and improves performance. Accenture, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Netflix, Paypal and Google use Angular JS for reaching the high-level performance. GangBoard offers Angular JS Training is one of the Job Oriented Training.

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GangBoard offers the best course structure with an optimized delivery system to engage the learners with hooked experience. Our trainers train the students with a focus on the jobs which they search after the training. Our trainings are scalable in terms of quantity and quality which gives the incomparable learning experience. We think out of the box with creativity to make the training as interesting. Select the appropriate course which better fixes your back ground and proceed. After the course, the learners will get the offer with less effort in the respective professions.