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Recognized in the year 2009, GangBoard is one of the Best Online Training Institute in India. We shape the students to become a great leader through transformative and advanced tutoring system. We are here to help freshers and experienced people to enhance their technical knowledge and skillset required to succeed in the professional field. Our online learning is combined with effective assessment plans, digital learning, and certification resolutions. We have students from different universities, industries, managements, and people who are ready to surge the hypothetical and apply a qualified impact on their work. For many years, we have distributed reliable presentations to our shareholders. GangBoard – Online Training Institute in India offers the greatest expertized Computer Training on real-time assignments with fine skilled employees. Classroom and Online Training on numerous IT courses are handled by our team for both freshers and experienced people. All the online software training is provided to the students based on definite requirements.

It is very known that training and learning is a nonstop course in this current technology-filled world. To explore the real traditions of learning, online training is the superlative mode for new-age students. Are you not able to join the dream training courses due to the frantic agenda or not available in person as you have travel for business purposes? Do you have a wish to boost your existing skills or enlarge the prospects for qualified improvement? Are you in need of a placement team to assist in getting a perfect job? The one and only solution to attain all your goal are “Just join our Online Couress and Grab the Placement Support".

We work in partnership with more than a hundred principal organizations and universities in numerous countries on investigation creativities and faculty discussion programs. You can opt for long-run programs, managerial edification, and dedicated technical courses in sectors like public policy and entrepreneurship. We, as a team, offering high-quality education reachable to everybody all over the world and not restricted to any races.

Fees structure at GangBoard is always nominal for Online Training and our approach with the individuals, clarification on doubts either with the fee structures or training programs is impressive.

Technical Training

GangBoard Online Training Institute is affording the best online training for all the technical courses those who desire to attain a high-level of qualified knowledge in the IT field. Here, you can avail of various technical programs for graduates, postgraduates, and diploma students. Also, both freshers and experienced can participate in the technical course sessions at their suitable and flexible timing or even plan for their own time.

We are handling with “N” number of technical courses such as Web Designing Training, Data Warehousing Training, C & C++ Training, .NET® Training, Oracle® Training, UNIX SHELL Scripting Training, Android Training, Software Testing Training and many more.

Interview & Resume Preparation

Most of the students and professionals are facing a great challenge with interviews. To study abroad or achieve your career goals, interview skills play a major role. Our experts in GangBoard are offering mock interviews pretending on the base of real-life understandings. We are here to design tailored feedback and train students to handle the tough interrogations. Our Interview Skills training will provide a process overview and draw a plan for you to get a new job. On completing this training program, any individual will be ready to face a decisive job interview.

What do you get from our team?

  • A rigorous mock interview training with our skilled staffs
  • Thorough feedback on your performance post mock interview
  • List of rehearsal questions
  • Mock assignments for practice
  • Do’s and Don’ts during the interview
  • Tips and Tricks to give a bang on the interview

So, what do you think the most important key to getting shortlisted in the companies? Yes, that is Resume or CV. We have a special team to create an effective and demanding resume that comprise of all the skills and education that you hold. Below are the points considered by GangBoard while preparing the resumes for our students and professionals?

  • Ensure the objective of the CV suits the job that you apply
  • Pick the apt resume template that most excellently depicts your education and experience
  • Make use powerful words to appeal the employers

Placement Training

GangBoard is a leader in placement assistance. Our team strives rigid to deliver satisfactory training and finally give them the confidence to get a job. We have meticulous and endowed administrators work in demand with the various sectors of the college and the business to bond the break between the university and the professional world guaranteeing the students are fine-tuned before walking into the job field. Placement training program through an alleged training Institutes like us permits the students across the world to retrieve a viable authority in the enrollment process, bring up their confidence and progress their disposition.

Real-Time Internship

GangBoard is providing superior real-time internship for freshers and experienced candidates to have an improved career. The Internship Training program offered by our team is intended to shine with technical knowledge in different regions of the country. The chief mission of this training program at GangBoard is to refine the IT explores and mold them to become the IT filed gems. Our experts are hard-working to reward the students with an International certificate and such certification is supportive in joining at their anticipated corporate society.

About India

India is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest, the second-most-populous and the most populous democratic country in the world. The capital of India is New Delhi. India's economy is diverse. Major industries include consumer electronics, automobiles, food processing, cement, IT, chemicals, mining, machinery, petroleum, steel, pharmaceuticals, transportation equipment, and textiles. A particular industry that has been contributing to the growth of the Indian economy is the IT sector. The IT industry has created very valuable brand equity for itself in the global markets. Indian IT Industry is considered as a pioneer in software development and the best place for IT-enabled services. It’s development and contribution to the world's IT sector is of the highest reputation. Most of the world’s major IT and software corporations now have offices in India. Indian metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Chennai have become the favorite destinations for all the big banners like Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, HSBC, GE, Dell and several Indian MNCs like Wipro, Infosys, MindTree, and Micro land have headquartered their offices in these cities.

Bangalore is also regarded as the Silicon Valley or Pink City of the Indian IT industry. It is the IT Capital of India and a global IT hub in the country. As these cities offer good infrastructure, with greater telecom facilities and large floor space. This could be the reason for the basis of the high growth statistics of India and the changing outlook of the companies towards India. IT industries account for 6% of the GDP of India and provide employment indirectly or directly for over 2.3 million people. Indian technicians and engineers are sought world over for their diligence and competency and strong fundamentals in their field of work and study. As more industries undergo a digital transformation, in-demand IT roles will shift by 2020 to include positions focused on advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR), and the artificial intelligence (AI). A mix of business and tech skills will be required for nearly every position. India has come under fire from certain groups of people worldwide for “stealing their jobs”, but the fact is that foreign companies love India for its abundant availability of skilled labor that can master foreign languages. The Indian IT industry has seen massive change, development, and growth over the years. The future of this industry looks bright with more growth being predicted. Financial analysts are rapidly moving forward to software technology development in India. Moreover, the growth of the IT sector is expected to bring about a corresponding growth in other areas like exports, employment, and Foreign Direct Investments.

The IT sector is also closely linked to other relevant sectors like defense, biomedical technology, and infrastructure. Thus, the bright future of the Indian IT sector and its professionals are confirmed. Learn all the training courses from our Experts in the IT industry. We are the best providers of any Training in India with excellent syllabus. By placement, course syllabus and practicals we are the best software Training providers in India. We provide the best AWS Training, Selenium Training, Python Training, RPA Training, Data Science Training, DevOps Training, AngularJS Training, Oracle Training, PHP Training, Java Training, Hadoop Training and much more.

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