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AngularJS vs jQuery

AngularJS vs jQuery

April 13th, 2019

AngularJS vs jQuery

AngularJS  is an open framework which is similar to javaScripts. It is A Mode-View-Controller framework, whereas JQuery is a fully javaScripted framework.

Why AngularJS ?

In modern world AngularJS is well acclaimed for his web frameworks. For single page application it is very useful to the developers.

Features of AngularJS

AngularJS has basically four features, like MVC, Data Model Binding, Writing Less Code, Unit Test Ready.


Basically its framework making concept is MVC (Model-View-Controller). It works by splitting business logic layer, the data layer And presentation layer into every single section . For that it is much easier to manage.

Data Model Binding :

For HTML controls you don’t need to provide special codes because AngularJS has own capability of coding.

Writing Less Code :

When writing Dom manipulation java script was a must requirement but applying AngulaJS coding would be lesser.

Unit Test Ready :

As it is designed by Google , another application named Karma also made by Google to help designing unit tests for AngularJS.
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Architecture of AngularJS

Basically AngularJS works on MVC architecture. Business logic is represented by controller. Controller has a part called user event which triggered the function of controller.
Presentation layer is created by views for end user. For data Models are the representative. Model makes data more understandable to users or user can have a structured data model by making it complex .
As example if user maintaining an application of students there would be candidates name and id, but when it comes to maintaining a vehicle showroom it is much more descriptive like engine capacity, carrying capacity, owner’s name etc.
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Advantages of AngularJS

Because it is an open source network the error or issues count became lesser. User don’t n need additional java scripts for coding in HTML codes because AngularJS  has the capability of data and presentation sync. User only have to specify the controls for every part your model.
AngularJS can move from one view to another .This is called Routine. It is a process in which you can easily move to another web application for users’ s preference without changing same page. This is one of the features of single page application.
AngularJS supports Unit Testing and Integration Testing also. AngularJS provides own elements called directives which provides extension to HTML. By this extension of existing HTML functions it gives more power to your web application.
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Why JQuery ?

JQuery is a javaScript library. Because you have to write less and for its light weight it is much easier to use javaScript in your website.  JQuery makes javaScripts much easier by wrapping a lot of common tasks into one method which called a single line of codes.
JQuery make simple a lot of complicated things in java scripts, like AJAX calls and DOM manipulation. Because of its cross-platform it supports different type of browsers. Its basically designed to simplify client-side scripting of HTML.
Main purpose of applying JQuery is to use javaScript in an easy way to make your website more attractive to user.  It can add animations too

Features of JQuery

  1. HTML manipulation.
  2. DOM manipulation.
  3. Dom element selection.
  4. CSS manipulation.
  5. Effects and animations.
  6. Utilities.
  7. AJAX.
  8. HTML event method.
  9. JSON Parsing.
  10. Extensibility through plug- ins.

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Function of jQuery

jQuery is basically DOM manipulated library. DOM creates a tree structure which represents all elements of a Web page.  jQuery helps to find , select and manipulate DOM elements in simple way. For finding an element in a document with sudden properties or making them respond to an event even changing attributes jQuery is needed. Basically jQuery separates java scripts. User can use jQuery library for adding event handlers to the DOM using java scripts without using HTML event attributes.
jQuery is used to clarify features like chainable functions and make them easy to understand.  JavaScripts are deferent for every single browser because of there codes but jQuery resolve those cross-browser problem and give a proper interface to work across different browsers. User can easily add any events , elements and methods. Later user can use those as plugin . Two types of functions are provided by jQuery , Static Utility Functions and Object Methods.
jQuery is the perfect replacement of AJAX and JavaScript because it is extensible a fast. User can use jQuery to make any application for better performance and for its cross-browser facility any web application can be developed through jQuery  for any web browser. Many biggest companies are using jQuery as a replacement for java scripts like Google , Microsoft, IBM , Netflix.
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Comparison of  AngularJS & JQuery        

AngularJS jQuery

AngularJS is structured for doing Organised frameworks.

jQuery is a fast and simple JavaScript library.

When it comes to develop heavy web applications AngularJS is essential.

jQuery makes HTML document, event handling animation and AJAX much simple to understand.

AngularJS  can use jQuery  when its require to development of a web app

jQuery mainly simplifies many complicated things like AJAX calls and DOM manipulation from java scripts.

AngularJS is MVC framework supported.

jQuery is a AJAX/JSON supported library.

AngularJS  directives as HTML extension .

It is a HTML /DOM manipulated library.

It has a two way data binding functions.

Provides a clean code that works as cross- browser compatible.

AngularJS is developed by Google.

jQuery is scripted by John Resig developed by  The jQuery team.