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How to Prepare for Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-203?

How to Prepare for Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-203?

September 3rd, 2019

Prepare Guide for Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-203

In the recent few years, the demand for software developers equipped with Azure skills has increased drastically not only in IT companies but also in other business organizations. Thus, to fulfill the consistent increase in demand, Microsoft regularly conducts its Microsoft Azure AZ-203 Certification Examination to make Azure developers competent enough in the technological industry.

Overview of AZ-203 Examination

Microsoft has initially launched its AZ-201 and AZ-200 examinations. However, in accordance to the received feedback from IT professionals and candidates, it merged both these exams to launch an entirely new AZ-203 Certification Exam for the role of Azure Developer Associate.

Requirements to Prepare and Apply for AZ-203 Certification

  • A candidate should possess minimum one-year experience to develop scalable solutions via different phases involved in the software development. These include design, development and deployment of a software, its testing as well as its maintenance.
  • An applicant should essentially possess good experience in handling Azure and sound knowledge in any of the languages supported by Azure to pursue AZ-203 certification program.
  • A candidate or a learner should essentially possess knowledge of developing applications and services with the help of innovative Azure technologies and tools.
  • A candidate should essentially be proficient in minimum one programming language supported by cloud platform, like for instance Python.

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Key Skills You Learn After Your Azure AZ-203 Certification
Once you complete your training program and get AZ-203 certification, you will possess knowledge and eligibility to

  • Understand the specific application design as well as connectivity patterns under Azure, Azure storage facilities and its network topologies.
  • Get the opportunity to read, create, update and delete tables with the help of certain codes.
  • Design a specific Azure app service or web app with the help of Azure CLI or any other similar tool.
  • Design various Azure functions, including triggers and bindings.
  • Application of Azure Portal and Azure CLI to create Azure Container Services or ACS.
  • Development of media solutions, which frequently use Artificial Intelligence services.
  • Securing data solutions with the help of Azure confidential computation technique, encryption technique and TLS or SSL communications.
  • Development of asynchronous processing as well as understanding the way, a developer should implement the right asynchronous computation model.
  • Implementation of autoscaling in the existing solution and implementation of the right code to address any transient state.
  • Implementation of parallel, large-scale and high-performance applications with the help of batches.
  • Management of APIs with the help of APIM i.e. API Management.
  • Configuration of any message-based integrated architecture by using Azure services.
  • Configuration of time series insights of Azure in the existing IoT solutions.
  • Configuration of the stream analytics services for outputs and inputs for the IoT device.
  • Designing of specific APIM instance, configuration of authentication for APIs.
  • Creation of a suitable API gateway and define specific API policies.

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Structure and Scoring of Microsoft AZ-203 Examination

Examination Structure
  • As similar to any other role-based examinations conducted under Microsoft Azure, AZ-203 will also have minimum 40 questions to maximum 60 questions.
  • The duration of your examination is total 150 minutes.
  • You will expect to get various forms of questions in your AZ-203 examination. These include mark review, review screen, repeated answer choices, short answer, multiple choice questions, case studies, drag and drop types of questions, active screen, the best answer, build list and many more.
  • For many questions, you may review the marked answers prior to completing your examination.
  • The examination does not have any negative marking for an incorrect answer.

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Scoring in the AZ-203 Certification Examination
  • Minimum passing marks for AZ-203 examination is 700. Accordingly, if you obtain any score equal to or higher than 700, you will pass or otherwise you will fail.
  • Irrespective of your result, you will come to know your examination status within only a few minutes after you complete it. However, you have to wait for 2 to 3 days to get your complete scorecard.
  • Your scorecard will contain details about your overall performance in the examination, your fail or pass status, performance in various key modules of the examination and other important details related to the interpretation of your AZ-203 exam results.
  • Indeed, the scorecard helps you to analyze your key strengths and weaknesses in each of the areas related to your certification examination.
Pricing or Examination Fee to Schedule AZ-203 Examination

The pricing or examination fee to schedule your AZ-203 examination often changes based on specific geographical location, from where you will give your exam. For instance, the fee in case of any United States student will be 165USD. On the other side, any UK student have to pay only 113GBP i.e. less than that paid by the USA student. The same rule is applicable in other countries as well.

Scheduling, Cancellation and Rescheduling Policies

Microsoft has its transparent policy related to both retake and cancellation of AZ-203 examination. Accordingly-

  • If you fail in your first attempt, you have to wait for minimum 1day i.e. 24hours to reschedule your exam.
  • If you fail for the second time, your waiting period increases to up to 14working days.
  • You will get maximum 5 attempts in one year for the AZ-203 examination.
  • If you fail in the 5th attempt related to your certification, you cannot take the AZ-203 exam for the next 1year or 365 days.

Along with this, you have to follow definite numbers of rules while choosing for rescheduling or cancellation of your AZ-203 examination. Accordingly-

  • You do not have to bear any charge if you cancel or reschedule your examination within only 6business days before the appointment of your examination.
  • If the cancelation or reschedule of examination takes place within only 5business days of your scheduled appointment, you have to pay a marginal fee.
  • If you fail to appear for your examination or fail to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you have to forfeit the required fee for your AZ-203 certification examination.

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Valuable Resources and Preparation Guides for the Examination

Microsoft Learning Portal

Microsoft Learning Portal powered by Microsoft is the must-visited destination for all AZ-203 applicants. Here, you will get most of your study materials related to the preparation of your AZ-203 examination. These include details about the certification exam, skills measured, requisites of your exam, specific study groups and many more.

Industry Whitepapers and eBooks

Whitepapers refer to authoritative reports, which intend to resolve, address and inform you issues about any of the products or services. Microsoft published many whitepapers related to Azure. Hence, these documents are relevant resources associated with your Microsoft Azure AZ-203 preparations.
Even you may find various analyst reports as well as eBooks in the Microsoft portal, which help you in preparing your AZ-203 certification. If this is not enough, Microsoft lets you subscribing to its latest Azure newsletters at free of cost to keep yourself updated with latest Azure technologies and its key features.

Forums and Study Groups

Forums and study groups let you clearing your doubts or asking queries without any concern, as you will find experienced people to clarify the doubts. In addition, you will get an official study group associated with AZ-203 examination in the actual Microsoft portal.

Sample Tests

Microsoft provides relevant sample tests for a majority of Azure role-based examinations to assist candidates in assessing their specific knowledge levels while preparing for AZ-203 examination. In sample tests, you will get various questions in the same format, as you will get in your main exam.
Moreover, you will get practice tests in different languages, which include German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese and Russian. Another prime benefit of practice test is they give you instant scorecard and a detailed report on your answers after you complete the test.
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Online Training and Industry-led Training

Similar to any other Microsoft certification examinations, you will get the provision of instructor-led and online training to prepare each of the individual modules in your examination.

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Examination Modules/Syllabus to Make AZ-203 Examination Easy

To make your preparation of AZ-203 easy, Microsoft divided its complete examination syllabus into six different modules. The main role of a module is to analyze a specific skill in the candidate. Moreover, you will get a percentage figure next to each of the modules, which determines the relative weight of questions, which may be asked from each of the AZ-203 syllabus modules.

Development of Azure Infrastructure as Service Computation Solutions between 10% and 15% Weight

Under this module, you will find a few other sub-categories i.e.

  • Designing of various containerized solutions
  • Implementation of batch jobs with the help of Azure Batch Services
  • Implementation of solutions, which utilize virtual machines
Development of Azure Platform as Service Computation Solutions between 20% and 25% Weight

Based on the mentioned percentage, we should say that the module is an important one for your AZ-203 examination preparation. Accordingly, you have to be thorough with four different sub-modules, as we have discussed here.

  • Designing of Azure app service-based of web applications
  • Designing of Azure app service-based API applications
  • Designing of Azure app service-based mobile applications
  • Implementation of Azure functions
Development for Azure Storage between 15percent and 20percent weight

You will find four sub-topics within this module, which include the following-

  • Development of solutions to use blob storage
  • Development of solutions to use Cosmos DB storage
  • Development of solutions, which utilize storage tables
Implementation of Azure Security between 10percent and 15percent Weight

Even though the module is relatively small, the module has a huge significance in the preparation of AZ-203 Certification Examination. Sub-modules of this module are-

  • Implementation of access control
  • Implementation of authentication procedure
  • Implementation of highly secured data solutions
Monitoring, Optimization and Troubleshooting of various Azure Solutions between 15percent and 20percent Weight

Sub-modules or sub-categories included in this category are-

  • Instrumentation of various solutions to provide support to logging and monitoring activities under the Azure platform
  • Integration of caching as well as delivery of contents within Azure solutions
  • Necessary code development to give support to scalability of services and applications
To Connect and Expend Third-party Services and Azure Services between 20percent to 25percent Weight

With minimum 20percent weight of questions, the module is also important for your AZ-203 certification examination. The module primarily judges the proficiency level of students in different areas, which include the following-

  • Establishment of suitable API Gateways
  • Integration of Azure search in different solutions
  • Development of suitable app solutions-based logic app

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Additional Tips to Crack AZ-203 Certification Examination in Your First Attempt

Microsoft Azure AZ-203 Certification Examination is a challenging one, because of which you have to do hard work. Positively, with right preparation material and focus, you may easily pass the examination. Especially, you should never forget following a few of the basic steps at the time of preparing for your examination, which are-

Set up Your Specific Study Goal

To begin your preparations for AZ-203, you should set up your specific study related goals. For this, you should search for the necessary topics followed by the preparation materials providing you with the detailed analysis about different topics.

Find Weak Areas related to Your Studies

Secondly, you have to find out the weak areas related to your studies. One of the best ways to do so is trying AZ-203 practice tests. Once you practice the sample tests, you may easily determine the weak areas related to your studies. You have to highlight such areas and do bit more hard work to overcome your weakness.

Schedule a Specific Time (Numbers of Hours) to Study/Preparation

As AZ-203 certification exam is not an easy one; instead, it requires hard work, dedication and suitable numbers of hours for preparation. Hence, you have to keep a consistent time set aside on a daily basis to study for your Microsoft AZ-203 examination.

Search for Latest and Relevant Study Gears

Study materials or study gears are very much essential for the preparation of your AZ-203 examination. Hence, you should search for the latest as well as most updated preparation material, as it provides you with almost everything you need to clear your examination.

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