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Python Vs C Sharp

Python Vs C Sharp

April 12th, 2019

Python Vs C#

Python and C# are very popular and extensively used programming language. Before we understand the differences, similarity and the wide range of applications of these programming languages initially we have to understand some basic concepts involved in the computer programming world.
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What is programming language?

A programming language is basically set of instructions that can be given to the computer for performing different tasks. Every programming language has its unique syntaxes which can be used for developing programs. Programming languages can be used for developing applications, software, video games, website, system drivers, operating system and other programming languages.
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At the early stage when the world noticed computer for the first time the programming languages used in that time were very hard and we have to write many lines of codes for doing simple tasks. The programming language was also not easy to adapt, only some experts can handle the programming that time. That machine languages were not human readable and can only be understood by the computers.
Programmers managed and creatively developed new High Level programming languages which can be easy to understand and adapt. The new computer programming languages have many interesting features mainly imparted to increase the readability and simplicity of the programming. Object Oriented Programming feature is one of the most important trademarks of the new programming languages like Python and C#. We get amazing features like data encapsulation, data hiding, inheritance, polymorphism and reusability of programming codes with the Object Oriented Programming concept.
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What is Python?

Python programming language was developed by Guido van Rossum. It is an open source free programming kit. Python is an object oriented, interactive and high level programming language. Many popular websites like YouTube, Facebook have been created using this language. The Python is said to be the best programming language for the beginners to step into the computer programming world because it is very beginners friendly. Python has been ranked #1 for the best programming language to learn first. Python is interpreted type language.
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What is C#?

C# (pronounced as “C sharp”) was developed by Anders Hejlsberg and his other team members at the event of .NET Framework. C# is a Microsoft product and ISO (International Standards Organization) has approved it. The C# programming language is based on the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI). It has many features of Object Oriented Programming concept and uses highly assorted High Level language.

Comparison Between Python and C#

The most important difference between these two very popular computer programming languages is that Python is dynamically interpreted language and C# is statically typed complied language. Both of them have their importance in their respective places. Python is an open-source, broadly useful programming language that powers sites, for example, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, and Instagram. Python was one of the principal innovation stacks Google used to build up its web crawler with. It’s a standout amongst the most famous dialects today, which finds brilliant use in ongoing advancement patterns, for example, AI.  C#, then again, was created by Microsoft as a major aspect of .NET.
C# is a broadly useful programming language intended for the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI). You’ll discover C# fueling sites, for example, Stack Overflow and front line innovations. Both Python and C# are Object Oriented and High Level programming language, yet while C# is completely object-situated, designers can exploit Python to compose procedural code as well. Besides, Python is a powerfully translated language, while C# is a statically-composed accumulated language. That implies the C# programming will outflank Python in applications, for example, diversion motors yet won’t beat Python’s quick improvement time. Peruse on to discover increasingly about the basic contrasts among Python and C# to pick the language that accommodates your task best.
Python is free and open source whereas C# is a paid programming language. C# may somewhat beat Python in execution, yet since it doesn’t keep running on open-source advances, it removes these increases in the expense of framework programming. C# may take less server assets for a similar volume of simultaneous clients than Python, however you’ll be paying Microsoft for these servers at any rate. Engineers can improve Python’s execution with PyPy’s usage of the JIT compiler. Composing and sending code in C# is slower than in Python – the last is known for its fast advancement process, which it owes to its rich linguistic structure, dynamic nature, and the accessibility of libraries of pre-composed code for simple reuse.
All things considered, engineers are increasingly gainful in Python’s condition. On the off chance that your venture relies upon fast and execution, Python will be the ideal decision. It’s anything but difficult to learn, it offers alternatives for smooth cross-stage advancement, and gives engineers an abundance of valuable open-source libraries that accelerate the improvement procedure. In any case, if your task requires superb Microsoft combination, top execution, and dependence on a standard punctuation and libraries, C# is a superior decision.

Key differences between Python and C#

1. Syntax of Python is bit simpler than C# because in Python the variables are not required to be declared every time whereas in the C# programming the declaration of variables is vital and should be done before using them in the program.
2. Python is said to be the best programming language for the beginners to learn programming because of the ease to use it. Python implements all the kinds of stuffs in programming very nicely. C# can be very useful and productive for the developers who are working to develop applications for Microsoft platforms because it has the .NET Framework.
3. The C# is somehow sometimes faster than Python because of Common Language Infrastructure framework. It is a type of compiled enforced programming language and whereas the Python is enforced as associate language.
4. Thanks to the JTI compiler in Python the program execution is bit fast. The learning environment of Python is straightforward with faster rate of development progress.
5. Python is more dynamic language than C# also Python has better readability whereas C# somewhat lacks behind this capability.
6. You may be able to make a program with less number of codes in Python as compared to C#.
7. C# is best when it comes into the performance related to language evolution speed, custom libraries, development methodology and tools that it has.
8. Both the languages are Object Oriented programming language but C# is statically written whereas Python is dynamically written language.


The rising demands of computer engineers, software developers etc is increasing day by day with the rise in the Information technology. Some programmers are paid high whereas some are underpaid. What can be the reason behind it? Lack of skills is one of the main and common reason. So if you want to start a career in this field choose the best language to begin with which is Python as it has a very learning friendliness environment. After mastering or getting to know all the basics then shift to other programming languages as per your needs. There are many criteria which decides which programming language to choose for the program we want to develop. Different program can require different programming features which can be accomplished by different programming languages. Even Python and C# are not fully compatible to develop all the software and applications but apart that the best between them as per above listings Python is ahead of C#.