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Web Developer Online Training

Our Web Developer Online Certification Courses helps to know more practical knowledge about Web Developer Course Certification, after completion of this Web Developer Online Course you can definitely get placed in good companies. We can see many institutes for web development in India which is offering courses in web designing. The phases like creating, planning, and website updating are taken care of by all the web designing institutes. Also, the web designing concept involves factors like website structure, data structure, website layout, icon designing, and navigating ergonomics. Providing contrast, color, imagery and font effects to the website are also included with web designing. In India, web designing training enables the learners to know all these fundamental characteristics and occasionally accepts ground-breaking approaches of web designing in the web development courses.

A professional web developer must be reliable with the existing and upcoming Web Design Industry. Get to know all the available Web Development courses and certification in India.

Pre-requisites to learn Web Development

  • The individual who opt for web development certification must have a perfectly logical thinking, creative lookout, background designing, and the one who has a passion towards web designing.
  • Inclusive of academic qualification, the individual should have a very good communication skills, this is because web development of a website or any application involves a quite bunch of communication to interact with the clients and customers.
Web & Graphic Design

This course covers all the significant ideas with respect to web basics, graphics, & numerous other web technologies that are vital for website development. Every student will grab an outline of web basics, graphics designing sector, kinds of websites, conventions, antiquity, internet, etc. This is a wonderful course that aids in exploring their area of interest and acquire knowledge required for the next level of learning.

Key points than an individual gets hold of during this course

  • Creating Posters, Wallpapers and Effects
  • Principle of designing
  • Image retouching
  • Image distortion
  • Creation of templates, effective icons, web ads, and headers
  • Learning the concept of Web industry and its relevant technologies

Learning on the below topics

  • Basic concepts on Design
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Projects and assignments
  • Adobe XD
  • Typography
  • Development of Portfolio
  • Website planning and Wire framing

Technical Courses related to the Web Development

The technologies required for a web developer in handled by this certification courses. JavaScript, HTML5, jQuery, JSON, CSS3, HTML5 DOM, DHTML, Ajax, etc are the major portion of this course. These courses are meant for creating an expert level web portal, dealing with cross-browser accessibility issues, provide animated effects to the website, and affording a memorable effect with the help of JavaScript and CSS3.

Students can be well-versed with the below key points on this Course

  • Creating jQuery Sliders
  • Development of Approachable Websites
  • Creation of Image galleries
  • Applying various effects
  • Validating the forms
  • Creation and addition of animation to the websites
  • Engaging with different editors
  • Working with Tabbed Panels and Accordions
  • AJAX applications

Technologies offered are

  • CSS3
  • jQuery (jQuery Plugins, jQuery API and Live & active assignments)
  • JavaScript (DHTML, Core JavaScript, JSON & AJAX and advanced JavaScript – Events, DOM, and Objects in JavaScript)
  • HTML 5 (HTML5 Semantic Structure, HTML5 Syntax & Elements, HTML5 API – Storage, Video, Canvas & Audio)
  • Responsive Website Designing (Google Material Library, Grid Systems, Twitter Bootstrap, testing of a website, debugging of a website and Dynamic CSS – Compiling & Setup)
  • Assignment and Projects

Web Developer Standard Certification Course

Web developer standard certification course is a 4 months training course that includes both online and classroom sessions. Web Developer works with different databases such as MySQL to result in a dynamic and user-friendly website. Through this certification course, students get very good knowledge of web development to develop a modest website with numerous features.

Prerequisites to learn Web developer standard certification course

  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS in terms of web designing
  • Understanding Ajax, jQuery, and JavaScript would give a plus to the learning.

Key points from learning taking Web developer standard certification course

  • Knowledge on server side scripting languages
  • What is PHP and the advantages
  • PHP Framework
  • The connection between MySQL and PHP
  • About MYSQL and databases
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Maintenance and Customization of websites
  • How to develop a portfolio?
  • Project and Assignment

Certification Course on Web Development Master

Web developer master certification course is a bit long duration course which is of 4 months training course including both online and classroom sessions. Web Development master is a unique certification course. This is meant for the professionals who wants to accomplish in designing and development skills. All the advanced programming languages are taught in this training cycle for a better result in creating dynamic websites.

Pre-requisites to join this course and do the certification

  • Any graduate who has a basic internet and computer knowledge
  • Making of Web page using CSS and HTML
  • Basic knowledge on few programming languages would be a plus

Key points of Web Development Master Certification Course

  • About Web Development
  • Technologies used in Web Development
  • Knowledge on jQuery, Ajax, DHTML, JSON, JavaScript, and Angular materials
  • Projects and assignments

Certification Course on Android App Development

Creating applications and any type of software development related to mobile devices that comprise of smartwatches and tablets comes under this certification course. Kotlin, Swift, and JavaScript are some of the major technologies that are active in the market. Developing Android, iOS, or Windows applications, students must undergo this certification course to shine in the existing market.

Who can join this course and get the certification?

  • Any graduate who has knowledge of a programming language (Java or C). This is an optional requirement.
  • Need to have a computer with at least 4GB RAM and i3 Processor. This processor is helpful to run Android Studio.

Python Master Certification Course for Web Developers

For web development, Python can be learned by anyone without any pre-requirement and get avail of the healthier results on web development. A minimal knowledge PHP scripting can be taken as an added advantage. The Python Master certification course handles to teach from basics to advanced level of Python. The learners can make use of this course for the development of websites, data science, web apps, and machine learning.

Requirements to opt this course

  • Install Python 3
  • Try to explore Python rapidly to get into a depth knowledge

React Master Certification Course for Web Developers

The main goal of this course is to get knowledge of advanced concepts of React and JavaScript. To create a simple and amazing UIs, the advanced React JS course helps you a lot as it contains many flexible components.

Pre-requisites to do React Master certification

  • Basic knowledge of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

Drupal Master Certification Course for Web Developers

If you are in a need to develop an advanced, search engine friendly websites along with CMS (Content Management System), then go for Drupal Master Certification course, which is an open-source CMS. Both online and classroom training are available with Drupal web developer certification course. It would take about 2 months to be an expert.

Pre-requisites to do React Master Certification

  • To have a basic understanding of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML
  • Functions, methods and object-oriented concepts of any programming language would be a plus

What you'll learn from this course?

  • Web developer Certification Course
  • Web Developer Master Certification Course
  • Technical and professional Courses for Android App Development
  • Python Certification Course for Web Development
  • React Master Certification Course
  • Drupal Master Certification Course for Web Development

Upcoming Batches for Web Developer Training

Our Web Developer Online Course give students the opportunity to take classes on your flexible timings. Choose from a number of batches as per your convenience. If you got something urgent to do, reschedule your batch for a later time. The classes can be attended to at any place and at any time as per your choice.

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Course Syllabus of Web Developer Online Training

Web developer Certification Course

  • MySQL
  • PHP (Basics, PHP Core concepts, Framework, and Object Oriented PHP)
  • WordPress and Drupal (How to install, construct own themes, Woocommerce, creating SEO friendly websites)
  • Project and Assignments

Apart from this, there are courses related to this topic which are PHP Master course, Web Premium, Web Master Plus, and Web development Master. Duration for each course differs. On completing Web developer standard certification course, jobs are available for the roles Web Developer, CMS Developer, PHP Programmer etc.

Web Developer Master Certification Course

  • PHP, advance PHP, PHP++ and PHP Framework
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB, MySQL, ExpressJS, Node.js
  • Website Management, Content Management System, and Developing the Portfolio
  • Mean stack development
  • WordPress

Technical and professional Courses for Android App Development

  • Introduction to Android
  • Fundamental on UI Design
  • MySQL Lite
  • Concepts of Java
  • Developing website structure
  • Android debug bridge
  • Advanced versions of Android
  • Customizing the components
  • Tab activity
  • Emulator Android Virtual Device

Python Certification Course for Web Development

  • Python Datatypes
  • List of arguments
  • Objects and Variables in Python
  • Usage of lists, strings, numbers, dictionaries and Boolean
  • Learning to create main script
  • Python Commenting code
  • Getting knowledge on values and codes
  • Functions definitions
  • Usage of function arguments
  • Enumerating iterators
  • About Operators and its categories
  • Special statements (break, else and continue)
  • Python conditional expressions
  • Loops statements (for and while)
  • Studying the working of exceptions and exceptions handling
  • Benefits of containers
  • About generators, decorators, and polymorphism
  • Benefits of tuples, lists and built-in methods
  • Database creation with MySQL and SQLite
  • Creation of database object
  • Creations and benefits of modules
  • How to use standard modules and third-party modules
  • Creation of data driven application
  • Handling the errors (logical, runtime and syntax error)

If a learner is good in most of the above mentioned topics, he/she can easily become a web developer and there are many opportunities waiting for them in today’s market. To complete this certification course, it may take minimum of 2 months. Both online and classroom trainings are available to complete this course.

React Master Certification Course

There are few Modules in React Master certification course which has some specific studies and they are described below:

Module 1: Introduction
  • About React and how it works
  • Setup details of React
  • Single page web development
Module 2: Study on Advanced JavaScript
  • Export and Import concepts
  • De-structuring
  • Methods, Classes, and Properties
  • What are the new array functions?
  • Working of Await/ Async
  • Understanding of JavaScript classes
  • Knowledge on ‘const’, ‘this’, ‘return’
  • What is Promise chaining?
  • A project on JavaScript
Module 3: Fundamental Syntax
  • Stateless and Nesting components
  • Conditionals and Lists
  • List of React components and elements
Module 4: React Functions
  • DOM Events
  • Props function
  • Form validation
  • React Apps Debugging
  • Tools in React
Module 5: Networking concepts
  • React Router
  • List of Route Parameters
  • Images for importing
  • About Virtual DOM
  • Usage of Switch tag, Axios, Hooks, Links and NavLinks
Module 6: Redux concepts
  • About Redux
  • Redux stores, actions, and reducers
  • Learn animation concepts in React
  • Detailed Blog page
  • Creation of actors
  • Storing the subscription
Module 7: Projects
  • Testing performed on React app
  • Deployment of the app to the web
  • Projects

Projects afforded for React Master Certification course is to explore what is React and its advanced level of usage to become an expert in web development. React professionals, Front-end developer, Advanced JavaScript Developer are the job role available if completing this course. Approximately 3 months are required to become an expert of React web development technology.

Drupal Master Certification Course for Web Development

  • About Drupal and its structure
  • Installation of Drupal and Acquia’s stack installer
  • Process of installing Drupal, Content Management System
  • How to modify the menus and add blocks?
  • Process to have a new look of the website
  • Drupal Cron Service
  • Modules and reporting in Drupal
  • Administration Concepts in Drupal like Menus, Themes, and Blocks
  • Creation of Content through Drupal
  • Concepts on Spam, RSS Aggregation, Drupal Nodes, Comments, Views
  • Steps to add an Image Uploaded field
  • User Management of Drupal (creation of user account, accounts, user sessions, account email setup, create permissions and roles)
  • Learn terminology, vocabularies, APIs, contributed modules
  • Drupal reporting and statistics
  • How to improve the Drupal website performance
  • List of rules, workflows, actions, conditions, evaluators and triggers available in Drupal
  • Creation of frontpage, filters, different displays, arguments, photo gallery
  • Dashboard and SEO based outlook

Apart from the above-mentioned topics, there are few other certification courses to become an efficient player in the web development field. Courses on E-commerce Standard & Master, C & C++, Java Standard, Microsoft SQL Server Standard, Web Master, and Node.js Master Plus would help the individuals to become an expert in web development career.

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