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Best BI and Visualization Online Training

Our BI and Visualization Online Certification Courses helps to know more practical knowledge about BI and Visualization Courses, after completion of this BI and Visualization Online Courses you can definitely get placed in good companies. Learn BI and Visualization Training Courses with BI and Visualization Certification from Experts. In this BI and Visualization Online Training, you will learn in-depth syllabus of BI and Visualization Courses which has BI and Visualization Tools, Tableau Certification Course, Informatica Data Quality Developer Specialist Certification Course, Sisense BI certification Course, Power BI Certification Course, QlikView Certification Course, Certified Professional BI Content Developer Course, Data Warehousing / Introduction to Business Intelligence Certification Course. Our BI and Visualization Online Course syllabus is designed to learn BI and Visualization Course with practicals.

Business Intelligence (BI) is becoming a popular discipline along with the rise of Big Data. If you acquire the ability to gather and analyse the immense data available and can give the outcomes to corporates and other business house, the golden gates of lucrative jobs will be opened for you. Business intelligence means that a company analyzes a huge amount of data accumulated daily and uses the analysis results for decision-making.

BI and Visualization Tools

BI tools is the collective term for systems that help BI. The purpose and role of “BI Tool” is to extract necessary information from a vast amount of data and analyze and report it for use in management and sales expansion.

It is very convenient without the trouble of counting with Excel. For example, when you want to see the results of data aggregation 4 years ago, you can immediately check the information. The most popular visualization tools in 2019 are Tableau, Informatica, Sisense, Domo. MSBI, Zoho Reports, QlikView, Infogram and Power BI. BI and visualization certification courses will enable you to tap career opportunities in the Business Intelligence sector.

BI and Visualization Certification Courses

India ranks fifth among the nations that have companies use Tableau. Top industries that Tableau are Financial Services, Management Consulting, Higher Education and Retail. Top companies that use this data visualization tool include LinkedIn, Verizon, Facebook, Dell, Star Group, TripAdvisor Inc., Amazon, Adobe, General Motors, Cisco, Bank of America and Walmart.

Exam Outline

Exam time : 2 hours (response time) + 5 minutes (exam preparation time) + 20 minutes (interaction with the examiner).

Exam questions : Knowledge questions + Visualized questions to answer = 36 questions . The ratio will be around 4: 6.

Scoring : A maximum of 123 points . The passing line is 75% (92 points); weight is unknown, but solving the visualization problems seems to be high.

Language : Only English, Hindi or any other Indian language not supported.

Test environment : This is a remote test, but the test is performed in the environment prepared on the remote desktop. (OS is Windows).

Test format : 4 choice format.

This BI and visualization certification course is designed to pass the Tableau Qualified Associate Level Examination. This Instructor-led online course will enable you to convert data into interactive and shareable dashboards and worksheets. It will give you training in using Tableau Reader Tableau Desktop and Tableau Public. You’ll be able to blend data, create charts, graphs and and Data Blending, creation of Charts, Graphs and Levels of Detail expressions using various Tableau versions. You will also be able to synthesize Tableau with R and Big Data.

Informatica Data Quality Developer Specialist Certification Course

Informatica has been recognized as a leader in the data management market. If you are considering to join a company as Informatica data quality developer specialist in Chennai or Bangalore, this is the right course for you. This certification exam will assess your skill as a member of a project implementation team. Your grasp of Data Quality processes such as Profiling, Standardization, Matching, and Consolidation will be tested.

In the live classes of this certification course, you’ll be made familiar with a series of data linkage processes such as data combination, transformation, and aggregation to extract sales performance data and master data and output a sales summary report. When you successfully complete this certification course, you will be able to choose and configure the suitable Data Quality renovations and create, debug and perform Data Quality mappings including assimilating those mappings into Power Center.

Prerequisites are basic knowledge about RDBMS and basic knowledge about development of data integration.

In this Informatica Data Quality Developer Specialist Certification Course, you will learn the following through training and practical training using actual machines.

Mapping definition

Use PowerCenter Designer to define source / target data and basic transformation process by transformation, and create a mapping for a series of data linkage processes.

Workflow execution

Use Workflow Manager to define and execute a workflow that executes the created mapping (processing logic), check the final output result, monitor the execution status, and monitor the execution result log.

Advanced transformation

You will learn more advanced transformation functions and practical mapping methods to perform data linkage processing according to actual business requirements.


Learn basic troubleshooting techniques when executing workflows using a debugger.

Sisense BI certification course

Sisense is an API-first cloud technology. With this, you can combine data from different sources and build analytic apps.

Sisense has the merits of Enterprise BI that achieves both high performance required for a wide range of users to analyze a large amount of data sources inside and outside the company, such as IoT and Big Data, and safety entities such as data governance and security. It is a next-generation data analysis platform that operates at high speed even with a large amount of complex data sources, combining the advantages of easy-to-use and beautiful dashboards with the operability and self-service BI that enables interactive analysis.

Sisense BI certification course offers hands-on training to make the most of this highly functional Sisense cloud technology. Instructor-led online course will give you skills on the flow required for business visualization, including hands-on product introduction, data source capture and integration, and beautiful dashboard creation.

In the live classes you will learn how to install Sisense, develop dashboards, manage effectively, and share across your organization to gain insight into your business. You will understand the basic concepts and advanced features of the Sisense architecture. By successfully completing the course, you’ll be able to operate Sisense ElastiCube, including data creation, user management, and how to join from multiple data sources. You can also build a dashboard optimized for your company and find the challenges it poses.

Power BI Certification Course

Microsoft Power BI is being used around the world, as a self-service BI tool, and it is also being used by large companies and small- and medium-sized companies in India, especially in Bangalore and Chennai.

This BI and visualization certification course provides an opportunity to acquire basic knowledge and procedures for using PowerBI, and hands-on training to use data models and DAX functions. In the live classes of this certification course, you’ll learn how to “initialize”, “data import”, “associate data”, “change data”, “create hierarchy” and “create reports” using Power BI, and configure “dashboard.”

Who should join Instructor-led Power BI live online classes?

  • Those who want to get a job related to PowerBI
  • Those who want to improve their skills while using PowerBI / learn systematically
  • This is a systematic course for those who have never used PowerBI.

What will you learn from this course?

Microsoft Power BI Services

  • Power BI Overview
  • Power BI of type for (Excel / Power BI Services)
  • Initial setting

How to use Microsoft Power BI Services

  • Data import
  • Data association
  • Data change
  • Hierarchy creation
  • Report creation
  • Dashboard registration

You’ll also learn how to use DAX functions (Data Analysis Expression) that are required in the Power BI data model.

What are the topics covered in Power BI Certification Course?

Power BI overview

What is Power BI? (Introduction of Power BI site, Power BI Desktop, PowerPivot for Excel)

Analysis using Power BI Desktop
  • Import data
  • Create cards and graphs
  • Modifying the data model
  • Creating a matrix
  • Modify graph
  • Creating a scatter plot
  • Import external data
  • Creating a map
Use of Power BI site
  • Publish to Power BI site
  • Creating a dashboard
  • Share dashboard
  • Dataset security (RLS)
Deploy to SQL Server Analysis Services
  • Creation of SSAS database from PowerPivot data model (classroom lecture / demo)
  • SSAS database security (classroom lecture / demo)
  • Connect from Power BI site to SSAS database, create reports

Qlikview Certification Course

Unlike traditional business intelligence software, QlikView is simple, easy to use, and can control data usage by business units. With fewer clicks, you can consolidate, explore, visualize, and analyze data, and gain business insights you’ve never found before. With QlikView, you can now find answers from data analysis on business questions without waiting for out-of-date reports or relying on guesswork. This BI and visualization certification course provides you skill in practical application development with QlikView. You’ll learn how to freely process the data imported from the database and how to display various aggregate values on the chart.

Course content

  • Notes on data loading
  • Application of data loading
  • QVD file and differential update
  • Comparative analysis
  • Advanced calculation
  • Application of user interface

SAS Certified Professional BI Content Developer for SAS 9

This is an international SAS certification program for BI content developers. By getting this certification, you will be able to demonstrate the skills required to build reports, analytics and dashboards for corporate clients.

To get this certification, you must join a certification course and be an expert in the following:

  • Building a SAS BI Dashboard application
  • Build a stored process
  • Use of multidimensional data source (OLAP)
  • Information consumer reporting application
  • Data management
  • Creating an information map

Exam content and fees

To obtain this certification, you must pass the SAS BI Content Development for SAS 9 exam, run by SAS and Pearson VUE. You’ve to answer 60-65 questions with multiple choices within two hours. 70% questions must be accurately answered. Exam will be based on SAS 9.4 Maintenance 2 BI Client version 4.4. Fee for Indian applicants is USD 180.

What is Course about?

BI and Visualization Certification Course for the preparation of the SAS certification exam “SAS Certified Professional BI Content Developer for SAS 9”. This course provides intensive training to learn how to create reports, analytics and dashboards for business users and information consumers in your organization. To join this BI and Visualization Certification Course, no experience in using SAS or programming is required. But you must be knowing the following:

If you have experience of SAS programming and SAS Enterprise Guide, it will be advantageous.

What are the Learning Objective?

  • Use business users and applications of Platform for SAS Business Analytics
  • Basic Data Management functions available on SAS Platform
  • Basic Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) available on SAS Platform Functions
  • Creation and use of dynamic values
  • Construction of advanced information maps using SAS Information Map Studio
  • Creation of advanced stored processes
  • Creation of advanced SAS BI Dashboard applications
  • Information for business reporting applications Centralized
  • Check the type of metadata created by SAS Platform

What are topics covered in this course?

  • Explore Platform for SAS® Business Analytics
  • Introduction to SAS® Education job roles
  • Introduction of course environment and course scenario
Information Consumer Reporting Application Overview
  • Define information consumer roles and reporting applications
  • Explore SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office
  • Explore SAS® Web Report Studio
  • Explore the SAS® Information Delivery Portal
  • Define power user roles and applications
  • SAS® prompt framework definition
Overview of information management
  • Understand the functions of SAS® Data Integration
  • Create data sources for reports and analysis
  • Creating a data source using SAS® Enterprise Guide®
  • Build OLAP cube
Create Information Map
  • Understand SAS® Information Map
  • Use of various data sources
  • Leverage a dynamic subset of data
  • Create predefined filters for a subset of information map data
  • Construction of Information Map from SAS® OLAP Cube
Create a stored process
  • Understand the concept of SAS® Stored Process
  • Create a stored process from a SAS® Enterprise Guide® project
  • Creating a stored process from a SAS® program
  • Create stored process parameters and create advanced prompts
Create dashboard
  • SAS® BI Dashboard terminology and interface
  • SAS® BI Dashboard component design
  • Creating indicator data
  • Create a range
  • Create indicator
  • Create dashboards and define interactions
Examine environmental metadata
  • Review of SAS® Business Analytics
  • Review of this course environment and metadata
Building an information consumer reporting application
  • Building information consumer reporting applications
  • Practical / exercise details
  • Software / Hardware
  • Platform for SAS Business Analytics
  • SAS Web Report Studio
  • SAS Data Integration Studio
  • SAS Information Map Studio
  • SAS Stored Processes
  • SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office
  • SAS Information Delivery Portal
  • SAS ORAP Cube Studio
  • SAS Enterprise Guide

Data Warehousing / Introduction to Business Intelligence Certification Course

Do you want to learn basic concepts related to data warehousing / business intelligence? This is the best certification course for you. To join this Instructor-led online course you must have a basic knowledge of database. Live classes will make you familiar with the basic concepts and techniques related to data warehouse / business intelligence through machine training.

What are the Learning objective?

Proposal, design and construction of systems related to data warehouse / business intelligence

Details of the course

  • Data warehouse overview
  • Overview of business intelligence
  • Configuration of DWH / BI system
  • Construction of DWH / BI

As this is a hands-on training as well as real-time training, you will have the opportunity to see the specific systems that make up the data warehouse and business intelligence.

What is the difference between BI tools and Excel?

In Excel, graphs can be created by aggregating data in the same way as BI tools. However, there is a decisive difference between Excel and BI tools, and the difference is whether or not data sources with different formats can be imported easily. Excel is suitable for spot data analysis, but it is not suitable for integrating data between different departments or extracting data from files of different formats.

If you try to do everything in Excel, it will take a lot of time due to the increased man-hours. However, BI tools support a variety of data sources and can integrate and analyze data that is distributed and managed within the company. Graphs and tables can also be created automatically, and information can be used in real time. Also, Excel cannot be used without knowledge of functions, but BI tools can be used without special techniques.

What you'll learn from this course?

Microsoft Power BI Services

  • Power BI Overview
  • Power BI of type for (Excel / Power BI Services)
  • Initial setting

How to use Microsoft Power BI Services

  • Data import
  • Data association
  • Data change
  • Hierarchy creation
  • Report creation
  • Dashboard registration

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Our certification at GangBoard is accredited worldwide. It increases the value of your resume and you can attain leading job posts with the help of this certification in leading MNC’s of the world. The certification is only provided after successful completion of our training and practical based projects.


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