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GangBoard provides the Best Artificial Intelligence Certification Courses. The most exhilarating and continuously growing fields today are not fascinating without Artificial Intelligence technology. Big companies highly value the knowledge of Machine learning and Deep Learning. These two technologies are helping in creating front-line technology. Artificial Intelligence Online Certification Training at GangBoard is designed after keeping these things in mind. Experts can expect career to rise steeply with knowledge of these technologies. Artificial Intelligence Online Certification Course at GangBoard comprises TensorFlow learning, Mahout learning etc. With knowledge of these, it becomes easy to grab all the opportunities obtainable in the field of Artificial Intelligence. You will get help of GangBoard experts throughout Artificial Intelligence Certification Course. You will be getting familiar with practical exercises and concepts used in industry. You will get Hands on Live Training and work on Real-life projects.
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Artificial Intelligence Online Certification Training at GangBoard is Placement Oriented. You will get the opportunity to attend interviews with top MNCs. This Job Oriented Training helps you get a good job in the IT sector. Study material is filled with latest and most asked interview questions. GangBoard Subject Matter Experts and trainers are available to provide you answers and solve your problems and make sure you get the top-notch training experience.

Artificial Intelligence Bestseller Courses

Deep Learning in Artificial Intelligence with TensorFlow

There are a lot of functions of Artificial Intelligence. Deep Learning is one of such functions. GangBoard’s Artificial Intelligence Certification Courses include Deep Learning. Artificial Intelligence is very vast field and it is not considered learnt without the knowledge of TensorFlow. This is part of our TensorFlow Certification Training with Python. This part of Artificial Intelligence Online Certification Training is crafted by GangBoard’s industry mavens. They have included all the subjects based on the latest requirements of the industry. Projects have been designed as per newest industry demands. Different concepts part of Artificial Intelligence Certification Course at GangBoard with Deep Learning is SoftMax function and Restricted Boltzmann Machine. You will also learn about Autoencoder Neural Networks in addition to working with various libraries viz. Keras & TFLearn. Artificial Intelligence Online Certification Training has been particularly fashioned by industry experts of GangBoard with actual case studies.

You will learn about pattern creation, decision making and data processing using neural learning. Deep learning has progressed hand-in-hand along with digital era. It brought data explosion in various forms and in almost every field. From different sources, different types of data are available. It can be used for various applications. But this data is usually unstructured. It requires some sort of comprehension. It is important to extract only relevant information. Deep Learning helps realize this.

Natural Language Processing in Artificial Intelligence with Python Certification

Natural Language Processing is another vital part of Artificial Intelligence Online Certification Training at GangBoard. It is learnt with Python course at GangBoard. It will make you understand the concepts of text processing, classification of texts. Machine Learning algorithms are important part of Artificial Intelligence Certification Training. All such algorithms will be used in Natural Language Processing. You will gain a good understanding and practical implementation of various concepts. Some of these are Tokenization, Lemmatization, Stemming, POS tagging, Syntax Tree Parsing, Named Entity Recognition etc. Python’s NLTK package comes handy here. After you learn NLP, you can build text classifier of your own. It also explains the implementation of Naïve Bayes algorithm.

One of the difficult parts of Artificial Intelligence Online Certification Training is considered to be Natural Language processing. This is because all the rules used to explain the passing of information with natural languages represent difficulty for computers. Computers can’t understand these high-levelled rules. Some of the rules are even abstract. That’s why GangBoard has hired a special team of experts for Artificial Intelligence Online Certification Training. These experts have worked in industry for many years and they make these concepts very easy to understand with real life examples.

Certification Training of Graphical Models

Course for Graphical Models becomes a necessity to understand many concepts of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence Online Certification Course at GangBoard also includes learning of Graphical Models, Graphical Models types, Probabilistic Theories etc. Different types of Graphical Models used are Bayesian or Directed, Ma arkov’s or Undirected Networks, their representation, Concepts used in Bayesian-Markov’s Networks etc. One of the most important part of Artificial Intelligence is Decision Making. You will learn about various theories used in decision making along with assumptions. GangBoard experts explain all these topics with simpler day to day life examples making learning of Inference in Graphical Models very easy.

Artificial Intelligence Online Certification Course at GangBoard has included Graphical Models use as they make the representation of intricate problems very easy. Different concepts used here are probability, dealing with uncertainty, conditional dependence, random variables etc. Graphical models provide a controlling framework to represent multifaceted domains. They are common in Artificial Intelligence. They help in building complex system’s interpretable models. Useful predictions can be made in widespread range of problems using them. Artificial Intelligence Online Certification Training is filled with some of these advanced topics. GangBoard trainers help you build your knowledge with basic concepts first. Study material is provided to make sure you have revision material. If you face any doubts, GangBoard team is always there to help you.

Reinforcement Learning

One of the utmost talked about topics in Artificial Intelligence is Reinforcement learning. This is the most contemplated and followed topics of AI. Artificial Intelligence Online Certification Course at GangBoard is fashioned after keeping the potential of Reinforcement learning in transforming businesses. Problems can be simple and complex. Businesses and top MNCs are looking for employees who are able to solve these complex problems. If you know how to use reinforcement learning algorithms depending on the problem complexity, you will be in demand. The best thing about these algorithms is that they become accustomed to the environment with time whenever necessary.

This helps in maximizing the reward for any problem. In this part of Artificial Intelligence Certification Course, you will come across exercises where you will use reinforcement learning and try diverse ways to accomplish the objectives. Once you get the result, you will get feedback if the way you used was successful. You keep on adjusting until the aim is achieved. Learning is continued through diverse variations and eventually the best results are obtained. Some of the techniques and processes you will learn about are Markov Decision Processes, Dynamic Programming, Bandit Algorithms, Temporal Difference methods. Apart from these concepts, you will also gain knowledge of Value function, Value iteration, Bellman Equation etc. Policy Gradient methods are the main highlights of this course. This course will essentially help you to learn about making decisions for all uncertain environments.

Apache Mahout for Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence has been used for science fiction terms for a long time. However, it really is a software development tool and now it has also become a tool for business. Machine learning is another keyword used for A.I. Mahout is a tool for structuring a scalable machine learning structure. Since all the courses at GangBoard are updated with time. Artificial Intelligence Certification Course at GangBoard is no different. Mahout has been included in Artificial Intelligence Certification Training at GangBoard so that learners will not miss out on anything. Mahout has association with Hadoop. Mahout is famous of its goals of creating machine learning solutions having commercially approachable license in addition to active community. Different cases supported by Mahout currently are Clustering takes, classification, itemset and recommendation mining.

Clustering takes is associated with clusters text documents those having similar topics. Similarly, classification is all about assigning categories to document not labelled so far. It is done by learning the existing labelled documents. Another important feature is Recurrent itemset mining. It includes identifying items appearing frequently together in groups. For example, shopping cart items. The last feature recommendation mining is used to learn from behavior of user and recommend interrelated items. For example, movie recommendation engine of NetFlix.

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