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About Course

In the Maven Online Course, we will learn and understand the core concepts of Apache Maven. Maven is an advanced software project management tool which can aid the developer in the entire process of creation and implementation of a software project. Since it operating in Java, it is the most apt environment for Apache Maven.

In this Maven Online Training tailored for both beginners and professionals, the primary aim is to understand the core concepts of Apache Maven. Once the core concepts are learned, you will be able to use Maven as an automation tool to build and manage any JAVA project in your everyday life.

By the end of Maven Certification Online Training you will have a profound knowledge of the very popular automation tool Apache Maven. This live online training with 24/7 live support will make you a distinguished expert and make it possible for you to manage software projects with great ease and in shorter time.

Maven Certification Online Training is a desirable expertise to be acquired by JAVA Developers, students with JAVA knowledge or basically anyone who wishes to manage projects quickly, easily and efficiently. This Online Maven Training with live instructors and Real Time Training will help you accomplish this.

Apache Maven is a popular automation and widely used tool for software project management. This is the reason that it is preferred by many Top IT companies. Our Online Maven Course which is a job-oriented course will give you an upper hand over other competitors and accelerate your career growth.

Since Apache Maven works in a JAVA environment a basic understanding of JAVA and JAVA web development is needed for the Maven Online Certification Course. A detailed understanding of JAVA will be helpful but not mandatory. Installation of JAVA, Maven, Eclipse IDE, Tomcat will be required and is covered in the Maven Online Course.

In the Maven Online Course you will master the fundamentals and core concepts of Maven. By the end of the Maven Online Training you will be able to

  • Download Maven, install Maven and run a simple build
  • Create a project using the Maven script
  • Understand configuration essentials for Maven
  • Learn all the import concepts such Maven life cycle phases, Project Coordinates, Plugin, Goals and Repositories
  • Create and configure Maven multi-module projects

Since Maven works in a java environment a basic understanding of JAVA and JAVA web development is needed for understanding Maven and any Maven Online Course. Apache Maven is primarily used by JAVA developers to make project management easy.

Introduction to Maven

In the Maven Online course, we are here to learn how Maven works. Before we proceed further let’s take a peek at why Maven came into existence. Developed by Apache Software Foundation, Maven was developed as a project management and comprehension tool that could both streamline and standardize the project build process.

Maven is used by developers to simplify and accelerate the project building process. It possesses a standard directory layout and build lifecycle. The primary aim of Maven as we understand in Maven Online Course is to aid the developer in building a comprehensive, standard model for projects which can be reused and is both easy to understand and implement.

Written in Java language Maven manages projects drafted in other languages such as C#, Ruby, Scala. It gives developers the ability to create projects using Project Object Model and plugins that interact with this model. As we will explore later in Maven Online Training it provides developers various ways to manage the following:

  • Builds
  • Documentation
  • Dependencies
  • Reporting
  • Releases
  • Distribution
  • SCMs
  • Mailing list

One of the significant things to understand before we begin the Maven Online Training is the difference between Ant and Maven. While Ant and Maven both are build tools provided by Apache to ease the build process of a project, Maven is better between the two.



Ant doesn't have any inherent formal conventions such as a common project directory structure. One needs to direct Ant and tell precisely where to find the source and where to put the output.

Maven follows conventions which eradicates the need for the instructional data about project structure in the pom.xml file. Maven puts the bytecode in target/classes and produces a JAR file in target.

Ant is procedural which means that you as the developer control the order. You have to tell Ant exactly what to do and when to do it using code. This practice can be slow and tedious.

Maven, on the other hand, is declarative which means that you define everything in the pom.xm file and the rest is taken care by Maven automatically

There is no life cycle in Ant. Each goal, goal dependency and the sequence of steps following a goal needs to be explicitly provided.

There is a life cycle in Maven and a sequence of steps can be evoked which Maven then follows automatically.

It is primarily a build tool.

It is mainly a project management tool.

Ant scripts are not reusable and are meant for a single use.

The Maven plugins are reusable giving Maven a standard structure.


While Maven is quite popular, Gradle seems to be Google’s choice for Android development.



Maven is a software project management and comprehension tool which is used for Java-based projects

Gradle is a fully open-source build automation system that is founded upon the concepts of both Apache Ant and Apache Maven.

Uses XML. Maven uses an XML file to describe the project being built, the software dependencies, the build order, as well as the needed plugins.

Does not use XML. It uses domain-specific language based on the programming language Groovy.

Verbose Scripts

Short and Clean Scripts

Gradle works on a structure of task dependencies

Maven is based on a linear model of phases

Written in Java

Written in Java, Gradle and Kotlin

Maven makes the build process easier, provides guidelines for best practices in development and allows transparent migration to new features. In Maven, a goal can be attached only to one other goal.

Gradle has a lot of good plugins and a dynamic ecosystem. It wins when it comes to API, implementation dependencies and is compatible with IVY Metadata.

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