AWS Tutorials

AWS Tutorials

by GangBoard Admin, November 15, 2018

Our AWS tutorial introduces the reader informally to the basic concepts and features of the Amazon Web Services. We hope these Amazon Web Services Tutorials are useful and will help you to get the best job in the industry. These AWS Tutorials are prepared by AWS Professionals based on MNC Companies expectation. Stay tuned we will update New Amazon Web Services Tutorials Frequently. If you want to learn Practical AWS Training then please go through this AWS Training in Chennai, AWS Training in Bangalore, and AWS Training in Pune.

Besant Technologies supports the students by providing AWS Tutorials for the job placements and job purposes. Amazon Web Services is the leading important course in the present situation because of more job openings and the high salary pay. We provide the AWS online training also for all students around the world through the Gangboard medium. These are top AWS Tutorials, prepared by our institute experienced trainers.

What is AWS

What is AWS? | How does it work? | Top 5 Most Famous Services of AWS

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. AWS is a cloud-computing platform developed by the e-commerce giant Amazon.com. With the use of Amazon’s cloud computing services governments, companies, and individuals have access to a powerful cluster of Read more…

What is AWS API Gateway

What is AWS API Gateway? | Benefits of Amazon API Gateway

Amazon Web Services API Gateway is among the wide range of AWS services offered by Amazon. This platform allows developers to create, publish, regulate, and secure APIs. You can create Application Programming Interface (API) to access different web services, Amazon Web Services, or to access the Read more…

What is AWS Lambda

What is AWS Lambda? | Key Features of AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a cloud computing service offered as a part of the Amazon Web Services. This is an event-driven service, providing serverless processing of codes in response to events such as a message from programs, user action, sensor output, etc. The service automatically manages the resources to provide seamless and real-time processing of requests. AWS Lambda became a part of the Amazon Web Services in the year 2014 and since it has witnessed several developments making the product one of the most sought among Read more…

What is AWS management console

What is AWS Management Console? | Browser version & Mobile app Services

The AWS management console is a graphical user interface that allows you to access the Amazon Web Services over the internet using web browsers. You can use the management console to manage a wide range of services provided by Amazon such as cloud storage, cloud computing, amongst others. AWS management console can also be reached with a mobile device using the AWS Console mobile app. This platform provides interface with all the services offered under Read more

What is aws ec2 instances

What is AWS EC2 Instances? | AWS EC2 Instances Types | life Cycle | Features

Amazon EC2 is service that provides scalable compute capacity in the cloud. In other words, the EC2 service of AWS gives us a virtual private machine in the cloud. COMPUTE capacity refers to the Power required to satisfy your workload in the cloud. This computer power given by EC2 service in terms of EC2 Instances is scalable and dynamic. If your workload requires a small computer power, let us Read more…

What is AWS certifications

What is AWS Certifications? | Why is AWS so Popular? | Benefits

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services; it is a wide range of cloud computing services provided by Amazon. An AWS certification demonstrates your skill of adeptly managing the services provided under AWS. Off late, cloud computing has become increasingly popular among business for its benefits such as efficiency and reduced cost. Amazon is the largest provider of cloud computing services Read More…

why aws is till popular

Why AWS had been so Popular Till Now?

AWS or Amazon Web Services is subsidiary services by Amazon.com which offers on cloud computing platforms on demand. These services operate from sixteen regions across the world, and this also includes EC2 or Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and S3 which is also known as Simple Storage Services. They provide around 70 services which include storage, network, database, analytics, and the list goes on. This wide range of services rendered by the AWS or Amazon Web Services makes Read More…

How Will be AWS In Next 5 Years_

How Will Be AWS in Next Few Years?

There is hardly any company out there who plans to have its own public clouds and is not following the AWS or Amazon Web Services closely. Amazon Web Services is a secured cloud services platform that offers database storage and computing power to the clients. In addition to that it provides content delivery and other beneficial services to the business to help them grow. With the help of Amazon Web Services millions of companies in the world are creating sophisticated applications with heightened flexibility, reliability, and Read More…

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