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SAS vs R vs Python

SAS vs R vs Python

April 24th, 2019

How different these three technologies SAS, R, and Python from each other?

It is very difficult to answer that which technology is better to learn or use them to build a software application – SAS, R, or Python? Because each of these technologies comes up with their own advantages. All these three languages have equal importance in today’s IT industries and many professionals are learning these languages to make their career in IT industry.

Let us know each of these Technologies:


SAS has become the more dominant leader in the technology space which offers a variety of statistical functions and has a good GUI (Enterprise Guide & Miner). For individuals, SAS technology is the most preferred choice to learn as it comes up with an array of statistical functions and offers great technical support.
SAS is a commercial software, little expensive that covers up to 30.8% of total market share in advanced analytics world and is far ahead of its competitors. For individuals, it is still difficult to access as it is very expensive.


R’s software environment is mainly written using C and Fortran languages and is mainly focuses on providing a user-friendly data analysis. R has been primarily used in academics and research, is slowly expanding as the preferred choice of the enterprise market.
Since R is an open source platform and has a great source of study materials available over the internet it very easy to learn for beginners and is handy for data analysis, it is also having a huge number of packages readily available.


Aspiring data scientist and machine learning engineers may be thinking of learning the best coding language for their careers. As there are many programming languages are there in the tech world, among them Python is being considered as the most preferred choice of many engineers.
Initially only Data Scientists have strongly preferred python but later on, analytics professionals working with structured data are also shifting towards using Python for their work.
Once we knew all the three technologies let us do a quick comparison between them based on various attributions.

Comparison of SAS, R and Python

SAS R Python
Flexibility in usage:
Though is SAS commercial software it is still very easy to use. There are numbers of training institutes available who help the programmers to update their skill and enhance their knowledge.

On the other hand, is open source software is considered a little difficult to learn and understand the coding, among the three languages.


Python is known for its most simplicity in the entire tech world. It beats both SAS and R over being most flexible to use as is provides great features for documentation and sharing.


Data handling capabilities:
SAS has the best Data handling capacity over any other programming languages. R also now has come with a user-friendly data structure model; it mainly focuses on statics and graphic models. Python is now the latest data handling model. It mainly focuses on productivity and code readability.
Job availability:
SAS is the most preferred language by MNC while providing business solutions to their clients. So SAS language also stands ahead in creating more number of jobs for professionals. Now a days R language is getting more importance in data analytics field. Many small and medium scale companies rely on R language to develop their projects. So there has been huge rise in the number of jobs for R developers. Python being one of the simpler language to learn and code and hence is being considered as the most preferred language for data analytics. So python developers are in very demand as there is a huge number of job vacancy has been created in the IT industry.
Providing graphical capabilities:

Though SAS provides good graphical capabilities they are just functional. If needed any customization the programmers need to completely understand interfaces of SAS graphics package.


R has good graphical capabilities. R uses static graphics and can produce publication-quality graphs including mathematical symbols. There are many additional packages are available which includes dynamic and interactive graphics. Python also has very high graphical capabilities. Python is including new graphical capabilities in every updates.
Advancement in the applications:
SAS has more advancement features. But it takes time update to latest features. R is open source software get enhanced with latest technologies very easily. Python is also coming up latest technologies and updates vey quickly.


As we seen the difference between each of these languages and also their advantages above the other, one can decide which language they should learn or use to build their software application. If planning to join small medium scale companies then learn R or Python and if your plan is to join a bigger organization then learn SAS.

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