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HTML5 & CSS3 Training

Learn HTML5 & CSS3 Online Training in GangBoard with World's top-ranked faculties hands-on project training. Get ready for the Industry from day 1 itself. HTML5 & CSS3 Online Training is conducted and trained by industry experts. Our HTML5 & CSS3 online Training will provide you hands-on exposure. HTML5 & CSS3 experts will provide you the valuable career support. Join in HTML5 & CSS3 online training and became a Oracle Fusion Financials certified expert.
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About Course

HTML5 & CSS3 Online Course is designed to learn and understand the theories and concepts of HTML5 & CSS3 along with its practical applications. This HTML5 & CSS3 Online Training will help you build forward thinking and responsive web pages as well as making them presentable with CSS3 for effectiveness and efficiency. The HTML5 & CSS3 Online Course taps into understanding all the new and conventional features for web development in the upgraded versions and using multimedia, animations and transitions as well. Thus, HTML5 & CSS3 Online Course is a great opportunity for aspiring web developers and designers.

The objectives of our HTML5 & CSS3 Online training are:

  • Understanding semantic markup to build excellent webpages.
  • Analyzing HTML5 & CSS3 theories and concepts including the basics.
  • Expanding and upgrading yourself with the latest versions.
  • Understanding the new syntactic features such as.
  • Developing web pages with multiple audios, videos, and hyperlinks.
  • Learning advanced topics and making the web pages responsive and attractive.
  • Testing your website and ensuring smooth functioning.

Thus, the prime objective of our HTML5 & CSS3 Online Training is to help you become a great web developer.

The HTML5 & CSS3 Certification training ensures your superiority against other developers with job oriented training as well as a boost to your CV with certified training in the latest versions of HTML and CSS3. Providing a structure to your webpage with a cross-platform i.e. HTML5 and high quality design with different novelties such as gradients, animations, different structures etc. through CSS3 which you will learn through HTML5 & CSS3 Online Training with GangBoard.

Essentially, the HTML5 & CSS3 certification online training is for updating oneself with the latest versions of HTML and CSS. People with basic knowledge in both or even people who need to start with basics in web page designing, looking to train in better versions, or need to work with the upgraded versions should go for the Online HTML5 & CSS3 training. Determination for a career in web development is a major factor to go for HTML5 & CSS3 Certification Online Courses. Lastly, those who wish not to be tangled with a single organization can learn HTML5 and CSS3 and get full-time freelancing opportunities.

The major advantage of our HTML5 & CSS3 online training is the job support and placement assistance. It will boost your value as an employee and a developer in the market with better equipped training. You will be able to create a basic webpage but besides that you can also provide styles and insert multimedia along with smooth navigation, thus delivering a whole package for web page design after HTML5 & CSS3 Online Training.

The prerequisites of HTML5 & CSS3 Online Course includes basic computer knowledge and a keen personality to learn web development. Basic HTML and CSS knowledge is appreciated however the training for everybody starts from scratch along with real time training. Thus, the HTML5 & CSS3 Certification Online Courses don’t ask for much other than determination to learn.

There are a number of skills you will learn in HTML5 & CSS3 Training like:

  • BBuilding structured web pages along with the new features of HTML5 & CSS3.
  • Creating advance navigation like image maps and CSS based menus.
  • Structuring the content.
  • Enhancing the layout with CSS3.
  • Incorporating responsive elements, meta content and multimedia. (Geolocation, audio, video, images etc.)

Therefore, HTML5 & CSS3 Online Training is a whole package that will help you bag various employment opportunities through your skills.

Introduction to HTML5 & CSS3

HTML5 and CSS3 both are the latest versions or evolutions of Hypertext Markup Language and Cascading Style Sheets respectively. While HTML5 provides the structure and semantics to the web pages on which they are built, CSS3 takes care of the overall look or the presentation of the webpage. Preference is given to HTML5 & CSS3 Online Training because of the extended features in newer versions and easy user compatibility for the web developers and designers.

HTML5 is designed to deliver maximum efficiency when it comes to building application and web page structures along with additional features to work online. CSS3 will separate the work of presentation of the applications or web pages, for better and a user friendly layout. Both bring a lot long awaited novelties which makes it easier to work with them specially after HTML5 & CSS3 Online Training.

Both HTML5 & CSS3 are used by web developers and designers to build and create web pages. The foundation is built through HTML5 to give it a structure, along with faster progress because of the upgraded version, which can be understood through HTML5 & CSS3 Online Course. Improvisation in the markup and application programming interfaces for complex web applications is a key feature. Not only that but with the latest evolution of CSS i.e. CSS3 long awaited novelties such as gradients, corners, shadows, animations, multimedia etc are possible to insert. Thus, the Online HTML5 & CSS3 Training can prove to be very helpful.



Angular JS


It is a markup language.

It is a front-end framework.


HTML5 helps anchor the structure of the web page.

Angular JS is used to make your front end more user friendly and attractive.


It controls the structure of the web page, thus making the content more presentable.

Angular JS controls the behaviour part of the web page, to develop mainly single page applications.


Web components such as text, images, videos, hyperlinks, navigation etc are incorporated through HTML5.

Angular JS helps to add some live work, making the application layout more user friendly.





Used to design the presentation of an application or web page written in markup language such as HTML.

Free and Open source framework with pre-built set of files for designing websites and applications.


Comparatively has less features.

Has more features


The code has to be written from scratch.

The styling elements can be directly added without coding from the beginning because it has designed classes.


There is no grid system available.

The grid system in Bootstrap makes it easier to place the content.


The versions of CSS are 1,2 and 3.

Bootstrap 3,4 are available.


CSS helps to create presentable webpages.

The presentations are more responsive and attractive.


Perfect to build uniquely stylized interfaces.

Best for rapid and comfortable interface building.

Yes, HTML5 & CSS3 are open source, HTML5 & CSS3 Online Course will also help you understand the basic theories and concepts. Crafting web pages is not easy and people who specialize in it and develop expertise can provide better or extra functions as it is open source to make it easier for developers and designers. HTML5 & CSS3 Online Course will help understand them in a deeper and efficient manner.

HTML5 & CSS3 Online Training Syllabus

Syllabus Covered (HTML 4.01)

  • Introduction of different Web Technology
  • Introduction
  • HTML Elements
  • HTML Attributes
  • HTML Headings
  • HTML Paragraphs
  • HTML Formatting
  • HTML Fonts
  • HTML Styles
  • HTML Links
  • HTML Images
  • HTML Tables
  • HTML Lists
  • HTML Forms
  • HTML Iframes
  • HTML Colors
  • HTML Colornames
  • HTML Colorvalues
  • HTML Layout
  • HTML Doctypes
  • HTML Head
  • HTML Meta
  • HTML Scripts
  • HTML Media
  • HTML Audio
  • HTML Object
  • HTML Video
  • HTML YouTube
  • HTML Media Tags
  • HTML Summary

Syllabus Covered (HTML5)

History, Vision & Future of HTML5

  • What Is HTML5?
  • History And Major Actors
    • A Little Retrospective
    • What Is The W3C?
    • What Is The WHATWG?
  • Vision And Philosophy Behind HTML5
    • Compatibility
    • Utility
    • Interoperability
    • Universal Access
  • Future Of HTML5
    • Timeline

Getting Started With HTML5

  • The State Of Browser Support
  • Feature Detection
  • Support For Legacy Browsers
    • Graceful Degradation
    • Emulation
  • Developer Touls

Structure of a Web Page

  • Page Encoding
  • HTML5 Markup
    • New And Updated Elements
    • Structural Elements
    • New Attributes
    • Deprecated Elements And Attributes
  • HTML5 And CSS3
  • Browser Support


  • What Are The Needs For Web Applications?
  • Current Sulutions
  • New Input Types
  • New Attributes
  • Form Validation
  • Browser Support

Audio and Video

  • The State of Web Audio And Video Based On Plug-in
  • The State Of Audio And Video Codec (e.g. H.264, WebM, etc.)
    • Video/Audio Codec And Browser Support
  • New Audio/Video Markup
  • Attributes And Methods
  • Understanding Audio/Video Events
  • Customizing Audio/Video Contruls

HTML5 Canvas

  • Overview Of Graphics In The Browser
    • Canvas Vs. SVG
    • Accessibility
  • Using A Canvas
  • Context And Coordinates
  • Drawing Shapes
  • Working With Paths
    • Drawing Straight Lines
    • Drawing Circles Or Arcs
  • Drawing Text
  • Drawing Images
  • Working With Pixels
  • Understanding Transforms
    • Translation
    • Rotation
    • Scaling
  • Browser Support

Syllabus Covered (CSS 2.1)

  • CSS Introduction
  • CSS Syntax
  • CSS Id & Class
  • CSS Styling
  • Styling Backgrounds
  • Styling Text
  • Styling Fonts
  • Styling Links
  • Styling Lists
  • Styling Tables
  • CSS Box Model
  • CSS Border
  • CSS Outline
  • CSS Margin
  • CSS Padding
  • CSS Advanced
  • CSS Grouping/Nesting
  • CSS Dimension
  • CSS Display
  • CSS Positioning
  • CSS Floating
  • CSS Align
  • CSS Navigation Bar
  • CSS Image Gallery
  • CSS Image Opacity
  • CSS Image Sprites
  • CSS Media Types
  • CSS hacking
  • CSS Summary

Syllabus Covered (CSS3)

  • The Power of CSS
    • Doing More with Less
    • A First Example
    • Challenges
    • Next Up
  • Introducing CSS3
    • What is CSS3?
    • The History of CSS
    • Browser Support
    • HTML5
  • Selectors and Pseudo Classes
    • Attribute Selectors
    • The Target Pseudo-Class
    • UI Element States Pseudo-Classes
    • Negation Pseudo-Class
    • Structural Pseudo-Classes
  • Fonts and Text Effects
    • Fonts on the Web
    • Font Services
    • The @font-face Rule
    • Text Shadow
    • Word Wrapping
  • Culors, Gradients, Background Images, and Masks
    • Culor
    • The Opacity Property
    • Backgrounds
    • background-origin, and background-size
  • Borders and Box Effects
    • Image Borders
    • Rounded Corners
    • Box Shadow
  • Transitions, Transforms, and Animations
    • Transitions and Transforms
    • Transitions
  • Layout: Culumns and Flexible Box
    • Layout: Culumns and Flexible Box
    • Flexible Box Model
  • Vendor Prefixes
    • What Are Vendor Prefixes?
    • Maybe They Ain’t So Bad
    • Strategies
  • Embedding Media
    • Video Formats
    • Styling Video
  • Accessibility Features
    • Web Accessibility
    • The CSS3 Speech Module
  • Media Queries
    • Targeting Widths and Devices with CSS3 Media Queries
    • Responsive Images and the viewport Metatag
  • Implementing CSS3 in the “Real World”
    • Stuff That Ain’t (Strictly) CSS, but Sure Is Useful
    • jQuery
    • HTML5
    • Modernizr
    • Preprocessors
    • Frameworks and Grid Systems
  • Going Forward/Additional Resources
    • What’s Next?
    • Online Resources
    • Get Invulved

Upcoming Batches

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Placement Assistance & Job Opportunities

Placement training is given tremendous importance in our HTML5 & CSS3 Certification Online Training. With the projects undertaken and the certification, you will have an edge over other developers in the employment pool. Along with that our training institute ensure job oriented training through HTML5 & CSS3 Online Training.

HTML5 & CSS3 Job Opportunities

The jobs available after HTML5 & CSS3 Online Training mainly includes web development or building websites and applications as well as designing them for clients as an individual or an employee in an organization. IT companies have a huge demand for professionals with HTML5 & CSS3 Online Training.

HTML5 & CSS3 professionals after HTML5 & CSS3 Certification Online Training can make around 50,000$ to 60,000$ per year. But the pay scale may defer as you refine your skills or according to your position such as web developer, front end developer, web designer etc. HTML5 & CSS3 Certification Online Courses ensure job oriented training which will help you find clients or get employed.

The salary of a HTML5 & CSS3 professional after HTML5 & CSS3 Online Training can differ according to their position and professionalism. As a senior web developer your median salary can also be around 85,000$ while the median salary for web developers is 55,000$ annually.

Jobs are not only procured through skills in softwares and coding, professionalism and confidence are also key components to bagging a job. HTML5 & CSS3 Online Course not only ensures quality training for efficiency but also placement oriented training. Our HTML5 & CSS3 Online Course is an essential tool in understanding how to become the ideal employee or web developer for clients.

HTML5 and CSS3 are used to build as well design websites and applications from scratch. You are not only making it presentable with CSS3 but also providing a structure to the website through a skeleton with HTML5 which you can learn through HTML5 & CSS3 Online Course . Angular, a front end framework, has the main purpose of making the application or website more user friendly and attractive. Thus, if you are passionate about complete web development from scratch HTML5 & CSS3 Certification Online Courses is the way to go.

All major companies require web development professionals, thus the demand remains high. After HTML5 & CSS3 Online Course you could be working in Google, TripAdvisor, Mathworks, VMWare etc. Thus, HTML5 & CSS3 Online Training is highly recommended.

You can easily shift to HTML5 & CSS3 from any other domain through HTML5 & CSS3 Online Course. The live classroom training in HTML5 & CSS3 Online Training will help you understand the concepts and pursue a career in web development. Especially with HTML5 & CSS3 Certification Online Training, you won’t have to worry about being undervalued that is GangBoard’s guarantee.


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