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What is Full Stack?

What is Full Stack?

December 14th, 2019

What is Full-Stack?

Do you know that Full Stack is one of the hottest technologies for developers? Yes, the “Full Stack” topic has already turned out to be a powerful tool and serving as a new job trend. Full Stack is the development of an application of both front end and back end portions. Full Stack development is handling the entire steps starting from the origin of knowledge to the real ended product. There are many organizations demanding full stack developers who are capable of performing across numerous stacks. This web development procedure includes all three (3) layers namely the Presentation layer, Business Logic Layer, and the Database Layer.

Presentation Layer

Presentation Layer of Full stack is the front end for an application, containing each component reachable by every end-user. Programming languages used to build the presentation layer are JavaScript, HTMLjQuery, and few other JavaScript libraries like AngularJS, React JS, Foundation, Ember JS and Backbone.

Business Logic Layer

Business Logic Layer is the back end involving the entire development methods which are not visible to the end-users. The end users can access this layer only if developers allow. The logic layer is spinning around core logic, accountable to perform various tasks in an application. The programming languages used to build the logic layer of Full Stack are PHP, Python, Java, Ruby, and .Net.

Database Layer

Data Layer of Full Stack is otherwise called as “sub-group of the logic layer”. This layer is dealing with data creation, data modification, management and data deletion with the help of MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and Oracle.

About Full Stack Developers

About Full Stack Developer
The full-stack developers are completely getting into a technical requirement, just to create an influential prototype project for a product very quickly with their extensive variety of methods. Holding the whole stackability, they easily have a wider viewpoint and a more energetic attitude. This kind of developer can afford assistance to the entire team and significantly decrease the technical cost and time with effective communication. We can see many entrepreneurs and technical buddies in start-up firms. A full-stack developer can perform agile projects with expertise and ability, capitalizing all their experiences to accomplish the superlative product.

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Advantages of Full Stack

There are uncountable benefits of recruiting a full stack developer to supervise the project from the beginning stage to promotion and more than that level. Let us discuss the few advantages of Full stack to improvise your business and product.Advantages of Full Stack DeveloperVersatility:

A full-stack developer is good in both front end development and back end development. Front-end developers generate codes with the help of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to control the presence and site interactivity in a browser. Back-end developers are best in writing prototype codes to connect the CMS (Content Management Systems) with your website. A full-stack developer is capable of doing both jobs.

Bigger Picture:

The major benefit of full-stack is you can easily get the whole design structure and afford an input at any stage. More than web development, you will be able to maintain and optimize the existing systems.

Easy Upgrade:

Full-stack developers are good at making your projects user-friendly as they upgrade with the latest features. You can get the best response from clients and result in interactive websites.

Vast experience:

If you work in Full-Stack development, you will get a vast experience as you will be working on various projects. The experience would be with deep knowledge of web development and app development. High performance and market reception are guaranteed in the long run.

Suitable for Small and Medium Enterprises:

Full-stack is very much suitable for both small and medium enterprises. Many complex website requirements can be simply broken into various segments in order to save time.

Reason for claiming Full Stack Development in IT companies

Reason for Claiming Full Stack Development in IT

Full Stack developers are proficient in various programs such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP and so on. These are the special qualities to rely on Full Stack to develop a rich user interface using the perfect group of technologies and tools. Full Stack development will give a complete finish on the look and functionality. In addition, complex designs can also be converted into a user-friendly graphics along with animated concepts. It is possible to create a unique code with the help of multiple software tools, resulting in both complex and simple.
Transferring the Design and Implementation ownership is quite easy in Full Stack at any level of development. Every task of design and development can be divided as per the requirement in order to coordinate with the whole team. Just because of all these wonderful reasons, giant companies like Facebook are opting for Full Stack development instead of single stack development.
A developer can easily be proficient in the following aspects if completing the learning on Full Stack development.

Data Modeling:

Full Stack learning will enable you to create a sensible normalized relational model, foreign keys completion, creation of views, indexes, lookup tables, etc.

User Interface:

You can easily understand the process of creating a readable layout and implement a very best visual design.

Business and client need:

Easily acquire knowledge about the business and the software used by the customers.

Network, Server and Hosting Environments:

Get an understanding of how to use cloud storage, file system, network resources, application scale, etc.

User Experience:

Learn how to create one-click codes and create user-friendly UI. You can simply write some useful error messages to alert the users.

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Career and Salary for Full Stack Developers

Careers in full-stackMost of the companies are focusing on hiring Full Stack developers instead of picking separate roles. Previously, it was said that only start-up companies are demanding for a full-stack developer, but now we can see many giant companies hire Full Stack developers.

There is a number of opportunities for Full stack developers like Full-time, part-time, hourly basis jobs. Few are even working consultants and independent contractors to become an expert in this field.

A full-stack developer is paid a salary of $110,700 per annum. If you are a beginner, the annul package would be approximately $55000. An expert and well-experienced candidate of full stack developer can easily get very high pay. The reason for hiring a full stack developer with huge pay is because an individual can work as a full stack developer and avoid having 2 or 3 specific roles. In this way, cost and time can be reduced effortlessly.If you are ready to accept changes and adopt the new technologies, full-stack development is the best option and career path too.

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