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Unlock the doors of opportunities with the SQL Server Developer Training and certification course offered by the GangBoard. Designed by the industry experts, this course provides an in-depth overview of the SQL concepts that enables candidates to install and configure the various database services. Through this advanced level online training course, students will also validate knowledge and skills to migrate the databases on the cloud. In short, those who want to make their career in the cloud industry should enroll themselves in this course. In this training course, you will not only obtain knowledge but also gain the immerse hand-on experience that will benefit you on your job. Right from the basic to advanced, this course you will all you need to know about the SQL server. When it comes to the main topics, you will learn about SQL Operators, SQL Tables, and Variables, SQL Functions, SQL Views, and Functions. As these are just a part of the course, you will receive a detailed curriculum after enrolling yourself into the course. There are no formal prerequisites for this course, anyone who is interested in gaining knowledge and expertise in SQL server can pursue it without any issue.

Best SQL Server Developer Online Training

SQL expertise has grown into a requisite for programming positions and the language is leveraged to access many database systems. For the enthusiast aspiring to build a career as SQL developer, SQL server developer online training lays a solid platform for gaining knowledge about SQL developer as well as server concepts to excel in the role of SQL developer. As a leading IT training provider, GangBoard also offers Job assistance to ensure that candidates do not have to go to door-to-door in search of a job. Apart from this, our experts are available around the clock to listen to the queries of the students and provide an appropriate answer. Feel free to visit the website to get yourself enrolled in the live SQL Server Developer Training Course Today!
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About Course

Gangboard’s SQL server developer online training is designed to help the learner build as well as maintain SQL server databases for gaining meaningful insights from enterprise data. By participating in this SQL developer training, developers can master database concepts essential to work with relational databases. At Gangboard, experienced trainers take the learners through basic SQL introduction, imparts skills required to create databases objects in the form of Views, Tables, Stored Procedures and Functions as well as triggers in SQL. Our SQL server developer online training also guides an aspirant to know how to write queries as well as sub-queries, how to work Joins among other things. At the end of this course, you will gain proficiency in installing, building and designing databases using SQL server, get a clear understanding of database administration that includes creation of indexes as well as backing up and restoration of databases.

SQL Server Developer Online Course is formulated to assist the learner help in building and maintaining SQL server databases for getting meaningful acumen from enterprise data. By participating in our SQL Server Developer Online Training, developers can master the concepts about database which are quintessential to work with the relational databases.

At Gangboard, SQL server developer online training guides the learner to:

  • Learn about database models
  • Gain a thorough understanding of Transact-SQL language and SQL Server Management Studio
  • Learn how to write simple as well as complex queries for retrieving data from database
  • Learn how to retrieve data from tables
  • Master the calculation of information across result sets leveraging aggregate queries
  • Learn how to update, insert and delete data
  • Learn how to work with data types
  • Learn about Functions and Procedure and gain understanding on different Views
  • Learn how to work with Triggers and design a database
  • Learn how to create and manage views
  • Understand the concept of managing databases, tables as well as sequences with SQL statements
  • Learn how to manage binary data leveraging BLOBs
  • Learn how to ensure integrity related to multiple an related database updates
  • Acquire knowledge about various database through our detailed SQL Server Developer Online Course.
  • Understand the SQL Server Management Studio thoroughly with our SQL Server Developer Online Training.
  • Also our SQL Server Developer Certification Online Courses will help you in learning about retrieving data from tables.
  • Gain job oriented training and placement assistance with SQL Server Developer Online Course.

  • With the help of our Online SQL Server Developer Training, you will learn about writing queries to recover various facts and figures from the databases.
  • You can determine the data with the help of aggregate queries with our SQL Server Developer Online Course.
  • Understand updating, inserting and deletion of data through our SQL Server Developer Online Training

Our SQL Server Developer Online Training is designed for individuals to learn about building and maintaining databases with SQL. Our SQL Server Developer Online Course is mainly for:

  • IT and software professionals
  • Project managers
  • Business analysts
  • Business intelligence professionals

With our SQL Server Developer Online Course, learn on working with different sets of data.

  • Understand about Procedure and Functions.
  • With SQL Server Developer Online Training, learn on working with Triggers and also about designing a database.
  • Understand about creating and managing views through our SQL Server Developer Online Training.

A basic knowledge of Database-Management system will help the learners who are going for the SQL Server Developer Certification Online Courses to grasp all the concepts and methodologies used by the trainers. Also, a very basic understanding of Relational Algebra and calculus theories can help in learning the SQL Server Developer Online Course easily. It would be added advantage if the learner has prior knowledge of DBMS.

  • Learn the concept about managing databases, sequences and tables as well as with SQL statements with our SQL Server Developer Online Training.
  • Our SQL Server Developer Certification Online Courses help you in learning managing binary data with the help of BLOBs.
  • Understand about ensuring integrity about various and related databases through our SQL Server Developer Certification Online Training.

This SQL server developer training course has been designed for an enthusiast to learn how to build as well as maintain databases with SQL. This course suits aspirants who are:

  • Aspiring to build a career as SQL developer
  • IT and software professionals
  • Business intelligence professionals
  • Project managers
  • Business managers and analysts

Our SQL Server Developer Online Training focusses on providing in-depth knowledge to the learner with affordable cost. The features of the SQL Server Developer Online Course involve Live Online Training, Live Classroom Training, Real time Training and most importantly highly skilled live instructors. This course helps you in gaining the requisite knowledge along with proper placement guidance.

‘Data and analytics will drive modern business operations, and not simply reflect their performance.’-Gartner With data driving business operations and becoming a strategic asset, databases demand enterprises’ attention and focus like never before. SQL is a prime programming language essential for working with databases. As data explodes in today’s world, the role of SQL will assume greater importance to extract business insights from data.

Our trainers have strong expertise in the SQL server developer course. All our trainers have requisite and in-depth experience required to teach the SQL Server Developer Online Course. They are real-time working professionals and currently working in several Multi-National Companies with esteemed profiles. By using that industry experience they are going to help you in gaining strong expertise, skills and knowledge. SQL Server Developer Certification Online Training provided by our trainers are extremely helpful as they have actually worked in this field for several years and have dealt with several challenges and work related complexities in different organizations. Our trainers will actually provide you with a Placement Oriented Training and great project support.

Introduction to SQL Server Developer

GangBoard SQL Server Developer Online Training enables you to understand SQL Server management studio, constraints, data types, operators, temp tables etc.. Trainers for SQL Server Developer Certification Training are Microsoft Certified Experts. A fresher SQL Server Developer earns $63,000 and an experienced earns $89,000 per annum. Industries utilizing SQL Server Developer skills are manufacturing, encryption, consulting, telecom etc.. With the SQL Server Developer Online Course, experienced trainers teach the learners the basic SQL introduction, imparts skills required to create databases objects in the form of Views, Stored Procedures, Tables, and Functions and triggers as well in SQL through Live Online Training. Our SQL server developer online training also guides the aspirants to know how to write queries and sub-queries as well.

SQL Server Developer is a database system that is leveraged in storing data, and these days, various developers are writing apps that can work in congruence with all these databases. Therefore, the developer habitually requires an SQL Server installed to use so that he is ready with a database system to work on.

  • SQL Developer is leveraged by Oracle and multiple other Database Vendors to help the users design, code and interact with various Databases.
  • SQL Developer helps to work with PL/SQL, XML and Stored Java Procedures.
  • It is a declarative programming language which is leveraged in many relational databases.

Both MySQL and SQL Server Developer are used widely in enterprise database systems. MySQL is an open source Relational Database Management System (RDMS), whereas SQL Server is actually a Microsoft product. SQL (Structured Query Language) is a standard language for manipulating and accessing. MySQL is a RDMS like Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, etc.

Both use different languages. The major difference between the two is the way the stored procedures, variables, and built-in functions are handled. Another difference is the way of transaction control handled in these two. Apart from these two major differences, another difference is the way these two organizes the various database objects.

SQL server is a RDMS which is not open source. To use the SQL server a particular cost has to be borne to buy the license in order to use it. Although it is not open source, it is used widely because of the numerous benefits it provides to the organization as compared to the freely available RDMS.

SQL Server Developer Syllabus

SQL Server Development

  • SQL Server database Overview
  • What is DDL, DML
  • Data Types
  • What are Constraints (Identity, Unique, Check, NULL, Default)
  • Operators
  • Aggregates
  • Where
  • Group by
  • Having
  • Distinct, Top
  • Date functions
  • Temp tables
  • Table Variables
  • Usage of While loop & if conditions
  • Case Statement
  • Ranking Functions
  • Scalar Functions
  • Exception handling
  • Transactions
  • Joins
  • Sub Queries
  • Views
  • CTE
  • Cursor
  • Stored Procedures
  • User Defined Functions (String, Table value: inline Functions and multi value)
  • Triggers

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SQL Server Developer Exams & Certification

GangBoard is providing this SQL Server Developer Certification Training to help you prepare for Microsoft SQL Certification Exam. Important topics of SQL Server Developer Training Course are SQL server database, scalar and ranking functions, transactions, exception handling etc.. You will receive official study material from Microsoft while working on real-time projects. Gangboard offers SQL server certification courses and training to ensure that aspirants gain requisite knowledge to become certified SQL developers and build a successful career.With our SQL Server Developer Online Training, you will be able to appear for the exam with high confidence and clear the certification with great scores. Our Certification training will not only help you in clearing the exam but also will provide effective job support.

With the SQL Certification, you will be able to show your understanding and work proficiently with SQL server. These are a type of professional qualifications which are frequently leveraged to exhibit one's skills and expertise related to SQL server. Our SQL Server Developer Online Course will enable you with all the required skills needed in this.

Gangboard offers SQL Server Developer Certification Online Courses and Online SQL Server Developer Training to make sure that all the learners get all the required knowledge to get certified as SQL developers and have a successful career. Our online courses enable you to get certified in this and have a flourishing career ahead.

There are 3 types of certification:

  • MTA: Developer which mainly involves writing codes for websites and assisting with website layout.
  • MCSA: Database Administration which involves maintaining and securing data for a company.
  • MCSE: Database Management and Analytics which involves overseeing the network installation and maintenance.
  • SQL Server Developer Online Training provided by us in mastering for all these certifications very efficiently.

It depends on the candidate’s interest, basic knowledge and skills that decide which is the best certification for him or her.

In general, there are somewhere 45 to 55 questions that are asked in the SQL Server developer exams which might vary a little at times.

It usually costs somewhere between INR 4000 to 5000 based on the kind of certification the candidate is going for.

To pass the SQL Server Developer Certification, a passing score of 700 is required. To pass approximately 35-40 questions have to be correct subject to variations. Our SQL Server Developer Online Training will ensure you score more than the passing mark.

Once you’ve passed the exam, your Certification will be valid until the exit of the technology. But even if the technology related to the certification that you have done has become outdated, it will still show that you’ve educated yourself about an advanced technology which will still be a great added advantage verifying your skills.

As each technology version or release gets old, it’ll be replaced with a new version eventually, so the certification exam related or that technology will get replaced with a newer exam which covers the new release. However, once you’ve passed a specific certification exam, that will remain as a part of your official Transcript to show the date you cleared that exam.

The salary starts for this with an average of INR 550,000 per year and it increases and multiplies with the years of experience and level of expertise gained by the professional. Our SQL Server Developer Online Course will definitely help you in succeed in this profession and earn your desired salary in an efficient manner.

With our detailed SQL Server Developer Certification Online Training, you will be enabled to study for this certification very effectively.

If the candidate cannot pass the exam first time, they can retake it after 24 hours, for the 3rd, 4th and 5th time, the waiting period is 14 days. Our SQL Server Developer Online Course will ensure you clear the test in first attempt.

All the information regarding this can be found at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/exam-list.aspx. Here, the detailed application process and other exam related queries have been provided.

Placement Assistance after SQL Server Developer Training

Once we provide you with the requisite SQL Server Developer Certification Online Training, we will also help you with proper placement training and assistance. We have tie ups with several HRs of different MNCs and private organizations where we will help you in getting placed based on your skills and knowledge that you will acquire here with the best of our trainers. Our SQL Server Developer Online Training involves hands on training which enables you to get a good job in this field at any origination where this expertise and skill are in high demand. Also, you can reach our 24/7 live support at any time for any placement or course related queries.

SQL Server Developer Job Opportunities

There are a plethora of companies that are actively looking for SQL Server Developers’ profiles, majority of them are leading IT firms offering high pay.

A number of jobs available after the SQL Server Developer Certification Online Training like SQL Developer, Senior SQL Developer, and other senior and managerial positions in this field.

An SQL Server Developer earns approximately from INR 550,000 to 1,200,000 a year based on the person’s skills, expertise and knowledge. The salary increases with enhanced knowledge and years of experience.

The salary for SQL Server Developer Certified Professional is usually better than the market standards because of the acquired certification which validates their skills requisite in this field.

There are a lot many jobs available in many IT companies and MNCs where SQL Server Developers are in high demand to fill the vacant positions and attractive pay is offered for this role.

In the recent years, the demand for these profiles has increased drastically. Be it SQL Server Developer or Oracle, any one of these two is worth learning and the person will get paid really well. It depends on the interest, skills, expertise and learning abilities of the person to choose 1 out of these 2 languages.

Top companies like Wipro, Accenture, Capgemini, Novo Nordisk, Dell, Genpact, FIS, KPMG, JP Morgan, etc. are actively looking for SQL Server Developer Professionals to be a part of their company. With our SQL Server Developer Certification Online Courses, you can be a part of any of these companies with a great pay.

It’s not a difficult task to shift your career to SQL Server Developer from any other domain. All you need is to get proper training and guidance from a good training institute to do that and with our SQL Server Developer Online Course, this becomes really easy to achieve success in this field.


Gang Board provides you with the best SQL Server Developer Online Training. The training methods adopted by the trainers are really simple. It ensures the candidates score better marks in the certification exam and get a good job in a leading firm with a nice pay through its detailed SQL Server Developer Online Course.

Detailed installation of required software will be displayed in your LMS. Our support team will help you to setup software if you need assistance. Hardware requirements need to be fulfilled by participants.

No worries. It might happen. We will reschedule the classes as per your convenience within the stipulated course duration with all such possibilities. And if required you can even attend that topic if any other live batches.

Top-notch professionals in that field who understands how to convey things in technical as well as subject matter experts.

We offer this course in “Live Instructor-Led Online Training” mode. Through this way you won’t mess anything in your real-life schedule. You will be shared with live meeting access while your session starts.

Basic Hard ware requirement is useful to install the SQL Server Developer.

You can get a sample class recording to ensure you are in right place. We ensure you will be getting complete worth of your money by assigning a best instructor in that technology.

We are absolutely loved to talk in-person about group training (or) corporate training. So, please get in touch with our team through “Quick Enquiry”, “Live Chat” or “Request Call-back” channels.

Payments can be made using any of the following options and a receipt of the same will be issued to you automatically via email.

  1. Visa Debit Card / Credit Card
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  3. Master Card, Or
  4. PayPal

You can reach us through +91 75502 26991 / +91 75500 80082 . Or you can share your quires through enq@gangboard.com. Estimated turnaround time will be 24 hours for emails.

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