MySQL Developer Certification Training

MySQL is the most desired open-source database. Getting trained in MySQL certification includes different courses such as basics of database, normalization and installation of MySQL workbench. MySQL commands such as Select, Insert, Group by and other advanced concepts like Functions and Wildcards are also covered in the course training.
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About Course

Following are the key features that are accomplished after completion of the course:

  • Maintaining data in an organized databases
  • Carrying out data analysis
  • Import and export of the data
  • Connecting to databases with the help of MySQL tools
  • Examination of data structures and contents
  • With the help of database structures, diagrams can be generated
  • Execution of complex queries
  • Irrespective of the data types such as numeric, text or spatial form, the data can be manipulated
  • Carrying out complex subqueries

By undertaking this certification training, candidates will get a chance to impress the employers that their knowledge and skills that are required for MySQL tools are excellent.

  • Candidates should also remember that getting certified MySQL developer won’t promise a job, but the chances will get increased.
  • Added advantages are for those candidates who have experience as it adds more value to their resume and chances also increase in getting better package than before.

Following are the concepts that are covered during the course time:

  • Fundamentals of database
  • Designing of database
  • Basics of SQL
  • How to do data sorting
  • Important concepts of MySQL
  • Most anticipated concepts of MySQL

Above mentioned six concepts have sub-topics that are explained in detail further in the article.

Following are the course prerequisites:

  • Should have work experience in Java
  • Should have exposure to programming along with databases
  • MySQL is for the beginners
  • Should be work experience in Relational database and also in creating tables and queries within the Relational database
  • Should have basic knowledge of SQL statements and additional programming language

    Introduction to MySQL Developer Certification Training

    What does MySQL Developer mean?

    MySQL developer is a highly experienced developer whose knowledge about MySQL products are immense. MySQL developer knows how to design, code, and test SQL programs and has knowledge about importing and exporting data.

    What is Database?

    Database is a collection of data. Data is defined as information which is related to a particular object. With the help of database, management, storage, and manipulation of the data becomes easy. Databases are accessed by the users with the help of DBMS which stands for Database Management System. DBMS is of four types and they are:

    • Hierarchical
    • Network DBMS
    • Relational DBMS
    • Object oriented relational DBMS

    The most commonly used DBMS is relational model as it saves all the data in tabular form and also the standard query language used is SQL.

    What is SQL?

    SQL stands for Structured Query Language which is used in relational databases. Relational databases include MySQL database, Ms SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle and all these use SQL. SQL is most preferred as it is used for inserting, searching, updating, and deleting the database records.

    What are the duties and responsibilities of MySQL developer?

    Following are the duties and responsibilities of MySQL developer:

    • Identifying opportunities for improving the performances in SQL operations and implementations.
    • Production and staging of the database.
    • Designing, implementing, and monitoring disaster recovery plans that involves database environment.
    • Carrying out troubleshoot for diagnosing, isolating and correcting the data and the database issues.

    MySQL Developer Certification Training Syllabus

    Theory, Terminology and Concepts

    • Client/Server Concepts
    • Database and Database Objects

    Data Definition using SQL

    • Databases
    • Data Types
    • Tables
    • Constraints and Indexes
    • Views

    Basic Data Manipulation using SQL

    • Recurring SQL Constructs
    • Adding data
    • Modifying data
    • Removing data
    • Searching data

    Advanced Data Manipulation using SQL

    • Expressions
    • Grouping and Aggregate Functions
    • Joining Tables


    • Transaction Concepts
    • SQL for working with Transaction


    • Tools for Import/Export
    • SQL for Import/Export

    Upcoming Batches

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