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Learn Database Certification Training from experts and industry leaders. This course will help to master the skills which MNC companies ask in the job description at job portals. Database Certification Course is the basic level course that has a wide scope in learning other technologies for the learners.
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About Course

Certification means getting qualified in any field in terms of skills and knowledge. While the database is defined as a structured collection of information that is stored in an electronic system. There are different types of database such as:

  • Relational database
  • Object-oriented database
  • Graph database
  • Distributed database
  • Data warehouse

Therefore, getting certified in courses that are related to the database is known as database certification courses. Following are some of the database certification courses that are available:

  • MongoDB certification training
  • Apache Cassandra certification training
  • MySQL DBA certification training and certification
  • Teradata certification training
  • Mastering Neo4j graph database certification training

Once a candidate gets a database certification, following are the job roles that he/she can apply for:

  • Database administrator (DBA): The main role of DBA is to install, configure, and maintain the database management system. They find jobs in Oracle, MySQL, SQL servers, etc.
  • Database developer: The main role is to build applications that are interactive with database management systems.
  • Database designer: This role is also known as a database architect and the main role is to design database structures and applications based on user interest.
  • Data analyst: This role is also known as a data scientist and the main role is to analyze the data with respect to business recommendations.
  • Data mining: This role is also known as business intelligence (BI) specialist and the main role is to analyze, dissect, and report important data related to transaction data, customer data, supply chain data, etc.
  • Data warehouse specialist: The main role is to analyze trends, and other data related to data mining.

Now let’s try to understand the different database certification courses that are mentioned above.


Basic computer knowledge with an interest to learn the database management can join this course to acquire the professional skills through Job oriented training from us.

  • Monitor the performance of the database.
  • Design and automate the new database.
  • Understand the SQL language.
  • Analyze the need for the data and develop efficient system.
  • He or she should have detailed knowledge about different database applications like SQL server, Oracle, and mango DB etc.

Databases Bestseller Courses

MySQL DBA Certification Training

MySQL DBA Certification Training train the learners about the basic and advance level concepts related to database administration. The popular data base products across the globe are from Oracle and they are MySQL, SQL server, postgreSQL and MangoDB. MySQL is the best database as it creates the relation among the data and handles the transactions in an efficient manner. In this MySQL DBA Certification Training the learners will learn about the database basics, configuration, installation, security, MySQL backup, trouble shooting the performance, and monitoring the security practices.

The high traffic application, small structural data applications and open source systems like wordpress and drupal use MySQL database as it best fit the small and medium apps. MySQL handle the load with distributing the load to the other servers, minimize the wait time to increase the performance, handle the transactions efficiently and thereby enhance the performance of the database.

In MySQL, SQL stands for Structured Query Language and it is based on this. MySQL is a relational database management system from Oracle. It is used by all platforms like Linux, Windows, and UNIX. The main component of MySQL is LAMP which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Top websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube use MySQL as their relational database management system.


Basic computer knowledge and interest to learn the database administration skill is the basic eligibility to join the MySQL DBA Certification Course. Live Instructor through online course will give one to one attention to every student to grab the attention of the student with continuous information.

  • Communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Business analysis skills
  • Organizational skills

SQL Certification Training

SQL Certification Training train the learners about the query language used to manipulate the data, controls the data, manage the transactions of the data, modify schema of a database and manage the data in the data base management system. Data base administrator, back end developer, data analyst, and data scientist want SQL skills to position them self in various industries. The foundation knowledge is very essential to learn the advance level concepts.


Basic computer knowledge and interest to proceed in the data base administration field is the eligibility to join for the course. Beginners with high marks have many options like programming courses or cloud related courses. Beginners with average marks can go for SQL course, web designing course, web development course of digital marketing course as it is easy to enter in to these professions. As our Training Institute mentions each course as Job Oriented Training we take the responsibility to match the individual skill and the appropriate course suitable for that skill.

  • Understand the structured database
  • Design the database
  • Manage the database
  • Understand the products like My SQL and postgreSQL
  • Use SQL to understand the marketing fluctuations.

MySQL database certification is training that concentrates on the main concepts and advanced tools that are related to MySQL. With the certification in MySQL, candidates can have hands-on experience in how to use open-source relational databases.

Following are the course objectives of MySQL:

  • Identification of MySQL features and understanding the benefits of the open-source database.
  • Database objects can be created using SQL and MySQL.
  • Import, export, and transactions of the database can be studied during training.



It is a software

It is a language

It gets updated frequently as new changes are made within the software

It does not get updated as it is a language

SQL is used for data management in the relational data management system

The data management happens in the relational data management system

MySQL is open-source and it's free

SQL is not an open-source

The prerequisites of MySQL certification training are basic knowledge of computing, relational database management, and command-line program.

MangoDB Certification Training

Learn MangoDB Certification Training from the industry experts which are like the foundation to excel in the job. Certification Training is designed especially for the job seekers as it is the job oriented training. MangoDB Certification Training will introduce the learners about the usage of NoSQL database system. MangoDB Course emphasize on the usage of document, image with no relationship among the data system. Dynamic schema is very efficient in handling the unstructured data and changes during the runtime which makes the database as fast. Mango DB and Hadoop both are the big data solutions to the business the difference falls around the process or the work flow. Mango DB handles the business process with dynamic aspect and hadoop takes the data from Mango DB as input to analyze the data along with the machine learning technology to arrive efficient decisions in the business.

Here in this MangoDB Certification Course the learners will learn about MangoDB architecture, command line utilities, schema visualization tool, MangoDB compass, data modeling and CRUD. After completing the MangoDB Certification Course learners get placement assistance from industries where dynamic schema and big data processing is used. Education industry, e-commerce companies, finance industry, management consultants, hardware companies and government agencies use MangoDB.


There are no prerequisites to MangoDB Certification Training. The beginner level knowledge in to programming languages, data base concepts and experience in to development is a good sign to start the course. Mango DB Certification Course with Live on line training will fill the knowledge gap and transform the beginner as a professional.

  • Communication skills
  • Analysis skills
  • Performance management skills
  • Deep understanding of the business and products
  • Implement the indexes suitable for improving the performance
  • Develop the API prototypes and mangoDB prototypes
  • Analyze the best practices for Rest API

MongoDB is an open-source database management system. The database model used here is document-oriented as it supports various forms of data. It is the most commonly used NoSQL tool. It is used worldwide because it is highly versatile and has a scalable nature. It can also be used for data types like social media, videos, etc.

Following are the concepts that are covered in MongoDB certification:

  • NoSQL database systems are covered.
  • Implementing data types like JSON/BSON
  • Management of data using MongoDB
  • Operations related to design schemas like CRUD are studied
  • Unstructured data like images, videos, and log data management are studied.

The prerequisites for getting a certification course on MongoDB are basic ideas related to the database. This certificate training is taken up by software developers, project managers and trainers, system administrators, and candidates looking for opportunities in Big Data.

The reason why MongoDB certification training is taken is because of the following reasons:

  • According to research, it is found that the turnover of the Global Big Data market would be $122 billion in the next six years.
  • The average salary of the MongoDB database administrator is $129,000.
  • MongoDB is the most commonly used NoSQL database application in the world.

Apache Cassandra Certification Training

Apache Cassandra Certification Training will introduce the Cassandra architecture, administration, data model, and Cassandra features, monitor Cassandra and use Cassandra along with apache frameworks. Apache Cassandra Certification Training is part of the various Database Certification Courses offered by the best Training Institute for the career advancement.


There are no eligibility criteria to join this course as it is the beginner level course. But if you want to understand the concepts the basic knowledge about java, Linux command line, and database concept will help to master the skills with less time.

  • Manage the cluster
  • Fine tune the performance
  • Design the applications
  • Create recovery strategies for the database system

Apache Cassandra has a NoSQL database and the other features of this certification training are that it is open-source and its availability is excellent with good scalability.

Following are the concepts that are covered in Apache Cassandra certification:

  • What is the need for Big Data and NoSQL can be answered by taking up the training in Apache Cassandra?
  • The fundamental concepts like data partitioning, data replication, eventual and tunable consistency, etc are explained.
  • Cassandra data model and architecture are explained during the course training.

The key components of Apache Cassandra are as follows:

  • Node: The data storage place
  • Datacenter: All the data are collected here
  • Cluster: It is defined as the component that has more than one data center.
  • Commit log: It is used as a crash recovery for all the written databases.
  • Mem-table: It is used as temporary storage for all the written databases.
  • SSTable: This table is used when the mem-table is overflowing with the databases.
  • Gossip: The main role of this key component is to provide information about the nodes and share the location.
  • Partitioner: This component is responsible for distributing the data across all the nodes.

Teradata Certification Training

Teradata Certification Training is helpful for the learners to clear the TEO-141 and TEO-142 certification. The Certification Training and project support from the industry experts will drive the confidence to gain the certification to the learners.


Knowledge about the basic data base operations and UNIX command knowledge will land the learners in the appropriate jobs after the Teradata Certification Course.

  • Analytical skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Communicational skills

Teradata is again a part of the relational database management system which concentrates on the concepts related to the Teradata database. It finds applications in various fields like demand chain management, supply chain management, master data management, and customer data management. The main features of Teradata are linear scalability, unlimited parallelism, connectivity, SQL, and automatic distribution.

Following are the job opportunities for Teradata certified candidates:

  • Data scientist
  • Data consultant
  • Data developer and modeler
  • Performance analysts
  • Database administrator

Following are the three Teradata certifications:

  • Baseline certifications: This is the entry-level certification which serves as the building blocks for advanced certifications. In this certification, candidates will understand the basic concepts like designs, implementation, and features of Teradata and SQL. The two baseline certifications are Teradata 14 certified professional and Teradata 14 technical specialist.
  • Teradata job role certification: This certification is for candidates who are experienced and there are baseline certifications and they are Teradata 14 certified database administrator, Teradata 14 certified solution developer, and Teradata 14 certified enterprise architect.
  • Teradata Mastery certification: This course certification is the most difficult and the baseline certifications provided is just one and that is Teradata 14 certified master.

Neo4j Graph Certification Training

Neo4j Graph Database Certification Training will train the learners to handle the query language, manage the graphical database and CRUD operations. This is the beginner level course for those who want to acquire the advance level skills in data base management. The Live online training will never leave you with explanations and the complete course is the package of information for placement training to enter in to the desired profession.


Basic knowledge about the database management system is enough to learn the Neo4j Graph Certification Course.

  • Communication skills
  • Documentation skills
  • Programming skills
  • Team coordination skills

Neo4j is a NoSQL open-source graph database which is used by most cooperates. The language used in Neo4j is the Java language.

It is used most commonly for the following mentioned reasons:

  • It is used for real-time data analysis
  • The privacy and risk management of Neo4j is very good
  • It can also be used for social networking

The Mastering Neo4j database certification training is for providing essential knowledge and skills that are required for the design of Neo4j. The certificate training mainly concentrates on database related to Neo4j graphs. By undergoing this training, the candidates will be able to understand various concepts that are related to graphs like graph database, current graph processing, and graph processing engines.

For getting certified in Mastering Neo4j the candidates must be well versed with the basic concepts of the relational database management like MySQL.

Following are the course objectives of Mastering Neo4j certification:

  • Understanding different types of databases.
  • Getting exposure of Cypher Query language.
  • Application creation using properties, nodes, and relationships.

A candidate can succeed in Neo4j by using different drivers like Java drivers, .NET drivers, Python drivers, PHP drivers, etc.

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