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GangBoard Software Testing Certification Course is a career crucial certification for those who are involved with testing software. Nowadays software testing is great in demand. GangBoard Software Testing Certification is the utmost popular certification in the world and it can help you build a great career in this field. Software Testing is a vigorous process and no software release can occur without it. Testing is essential step in making software serviceable. Consequently, there will always be rising opportunities in this field in the future. If you want to build a profession in Software Testing, GangBoard provides Software Testing Certification Online Training for professionals willing to learn Manual as well as Automation testing.
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There are number of other courses part of GangBoard’s Software Testing Certification Online Course. GangBoard makes sure your time is well utilized and hence GangBoard experts provide you well-organized and selective study material. GangBoard’s Software Testing Certification Online Training is Job Oriented Training. You will be part of many Hands-on Exercises. Instructor Led Online Training helps you choose your pace and time to learn. You can ask doubts to GangBoard experts. They have been selected after long interview screening processes. GangBoard provides Placement Oriented Training and hence you get to take part in interviews by top MNCs.

Software Testing Bestseller Courses

Selenium Certification Training

GangBoard’s Selenium Certification Training helps you to become skilled at several ideas of Selenium from scratch. Selenium Training at GangBoard will aid you in mastering important topics related to Selenium such as Selenium IDE, TestNG, Selenium Grid, Waits, XPath, Iframes, Alerts in Selenium WebDriver and POM Frameworks etc. This Selenium Certification Training will be a gateway in the direction of your Automation testing profession. The course has specifically been structured by GangBoard’s industry specialists.

GangBoard’s Software Testing Certification Course is designed to guide professionals with the fundamentals of testing web applications with Selenium heading to advanced topics. Once you complete this Training, you will build scripts in the IDE Eclipse. You will also work on scripts to execute in RC or Selenium 2.x. The training is grouping of concepts and hands-on implementation of scripts with features of Selenium. You will be given ample time to practice so that you master the concepts completely. To build resilient and effective test scripts, Selenium IDE plug-in are used. The emphasis is on the real-world application of Seleniu. It helps in resolving common web automated challenges related to testing. This course concentrates on Selenium IDE, RC/Selenium 2.x configuration, execution related concepts, JUnit and TestNG, Selenium Reporting mechanism, Grid concepts, Data Driven Testing etc.

Manual Testing Certification Training

GangBoard’s Manual Testing Certification Training develops skills to design Test Cases Scenarios some of which are Specification-based, and others are Experience-based. Black box techniques and Error Guessing Techniques are used for Configuration and risk Management. Defect Management is very important in testing a software. Manual testing covers all those aspects. GangBoard’s Software Testing Certification Course provides knowledge, assistances and knowledge in practical terms of software testing. Manual Testing Training will cover software testing. This kind of testing is performed manually, and no automation tools can be used. This is the uttermost original techniques of testing. That is the only reason that every application is first manually tested and then it is assigned for automation testing.

Manual testing allows the testers to locate all the bugs in the software. Automation testing allows the use of automated processes for testing. Automation testing is supported out by executing test scripts using various tools like QTP, Test complete, Selenium etc. As part of Manual Testing Certification Training you will learn to plan test projects, to design various test cases as well as data, to conduct test operations, to manage defects, to generate test reports etc. You will work on real time projects, prevalent in industry nowadays.

JMeter for Performance Testing

GangBoard’s Performance Testing with JMeter Course is curated to help you gain some good insights into software performance or behaviour during workload. This course will help you learn checking the response time as well as latency of software. You will be able to test if a given software package is competent for scaling. You will learn to check the strong points of software while analysing the total performance of application when different loads are used with it. Performance Testing is vital to regulate the high load requirement satisfaction of a web application being tested. It is often used to examine complete server performance during heavy load.

JMeter is used to test the performance of static resources. These are JavaScript, HTML, dynamic resources, JSP, AJAX and Servlets. JMeter can determine supreme number of simultaneous users handled by your website. It provides a diversity of graphical studies of performance information. It also helps in Load Testing by Modelling the predictable usage and simulating numerous user accesses. Stress Testing is another important aspect of it. Every web server comes with a maximum load capacity and if the load is beyond that limit, web server would respond with errors and become slow. Stress Testing helps to find the extreme load that is easily managed by web server.

Mobile App Testing with Appium

GangBoard’s Mobile App Testing with Appium is intended to aid you comprehend the essential impressions of Mobile Test Automation. Mobile App Testing Course will make you skilled to mechanize Android Innate or Hybrid apps with too Appium v1.11.1. In the beginning of the course, you will get a short-term summary on Appium Building style in addition to other components such as TestNG Framework, UIAutomator and ADB etc. APPIUM is a without restrictions dispersed open source application for UI Testing agenda.

Appium allows innate, hybrid testing in addition to web application testing plus it allows automation testing on physical devices and emulator. It also provides cross-platform testing for various applications. It also means that a single API is working for both platform test scripts: Android and iOS. It has zero dependence on Mobile device Operating System. For the reason that APPIUM has background or wrapper that interpret Selenium Webdriver instructions into UIAutomation (iOS) or else UIAutomator (Android) directions depending on the type of device type and not of type of operating system. Appium has support for all languages with Selenium client libraries. Some of the languages with Selenium client libraries are Java, JavaScript with node.js, Objective-C, PHP, Python, Ruby, C# etc.

Continuous Testing in DevOps

Continuous Testing in DevOps by GangBoard is part of GangBoard’s Software Testing Certification Course. You will learn about Continuous Development, Integration and Testing. You will learn this concept of continuous testing by working on various tools like Git, Maven, Jenkins and Selenium to systematize multiple phases in the Life Cycle for Software Testing. Continuous Testing is demarcated as a software testing category that includes a procedure of testing premature, testing often and everywhere, and program. It is a tactic of evaluating excellence at every phase of the Process of Continuous Delivery. The goal line of Continuous Testing is to test early as well as test often.

Traditional ways of testing were very hand off centric. Software was given from one group of members to another group. There were some definite Development phases along with QA phases. QA or Quality Assurance team will always demand more time and information to make sure the quality of software is maintained. There should be quality over schedule for project. But this is not always possible for businesses. Because sometimes end user demands faster conveyance of the software. New software, which is also in demand, can be easily marketed and it will also increase revenue of the company. Continuous Testing was developed for this purpose. Continuous indicates undisrupted testing carried out on a continuous foundation. In a Continuous DevOps course, a software modification is unceasingly changing from Development to Testing and to Deployment.

Automation Testing with TestComplete 11.0

To make you understand testing concepts thoroughly GangBoard introduces this course as part of Software Testing Certification Online Training. You will master the ideas like Web Testing and Mobile Testing during this course. You will also work on pertinent Use-cases along with Projects based on industry standards. The Automation Testing with TestComplete 11.0 course has been designed to deliver knowledge and services to you, so you become a fruitful TestComplete expert. It begins with the important concepts like record and playback moving on to advance topics like keyword driven or data driven framework. Course also covers varied topics from all features of testing such as Mobile and Desktop testing, Web and Web services testing with TestComplete. You will be able to grab the highest paying Automation testing jobs after completion of this course. TestComplete is ever growing automation tool. Many industry leaders use it.

Many Software development organizations work in an enormously competitive environment Automation testing with TestComplete offers product quality as it points out all the defects and bugs that went unobserved through the development or manual testing phase. Big troupes in the software development arena rely hugely on automation testing to guarantee operative performance of the software, to satisfy its customers and users. A VBScript based tool, it is used to assess aspects such as data tables, internal programs, files to make sure that the software is performing perfectly fine and serving all customers’ requirements.

Ruby with Cucumber Certification Training

Cucumber is famously identified with Cucumber Ruby. It is a software testing tool, written in Ruby. It makes use of behaviour driven development approach for acceptance testing. Cucumber was initially considered wholly for Ruby testing. Nevertheless, now Cucumber has provisions for innumerable programming languages. One of the rewards of using Ruby with Cucumber is that the programs are nearly like plain English which makes it very easy for end users. Automated tests of Cucumber can be reprocessed at other places.As a front-runner in training courses, GangBoard has in its rolls a group of specialists who are doyens skilled in Ruby with Cucumber.

GangBoard provides end to end courses as well as advanced exercises on Ruby Cucumber. As part of GangBoard’s Software Testing Certification Course, this training on Ruby with Cucumber uses Hands on approach. GangBoard provides lab work along with interview questions. It helps you get trained directly on the subjects being learnt. You are encouraged to ask as many questions as you want to the trainers for explanation of doubts. Training programs at GangBoard are recognized for the top throughput they provide. GangBoard is a leading training provision provider on Ruby Cucumber Training. GangBoard has provided numerous Ruby Corporate Trainings to various applicants and corporate. All the aspects of the course will be discussed greater detail.

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