Big Data Hadoop Certification Training in Melbourne

GangBoard Big Data Hadoop Online Training in Melbourne is designed to help you gain mastery over Big Data Hadoop concepts as well as Spark. Big Data Hadoop Training by GangBoard in Melbourne will help you clear Hadoop Certification and make you an expert in this field. During Big Data Hadoop Training by GangBoard in Melbourne, you will get the best coaching from industry experts and work on projects and case studies related to the current IT industry.
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About Course

Big Data Hadoop Training Course by GangBoard in Melbourne helps you learn industry-oriented concepts of Big Data Hadoop. In Big Data Hadoop Online Training by GangBoard, Melbourne you will gain Hands-on Experience and work on Real-world projects. Certification by GangBaord in Big Data Hadoop in Melbourne will help you get your dream job in top MNC. GangBoard also provides Placement Assistance during Big Data Hadoop Online Training.

You will gain mastery over a lot of notions related to Big Data Hadoop, some of these are:

  • Hadoop ecosystem
  • Testing on Hadoop
  • Use of MRUnit
  • Management of Hadoop clusters
  • Storm and Spark concepts
  • Hive, MapReduce and Pig deployment etc.

Anyone who wants to make a career in Big Data Hadoop should take up Big Data Hadoop Course by GangBoard in Melbourne. Big Data Hadoop Training will prove out to be the best choice for professionals in the fields of mainframe, analytics, data warehouse, BI etc.

There are no predefined conditions to join Big Data Hadoop Online Training. You will learn the basics and advanced concepts of Big Data Hadoop from experts in GangBoard.

Big organizations invest hugely in Big Data as they understand how it an create huge impact on the performance. The valueable insights about big data are possible only if they hire skilled professionals of big data. They are always looking for professionals with Hadoop skills and expertiese. GangBoard certificate is logo for expertise. GangBoard helps you to take your skills to the next level in the Big Data Hadoop field. Once you finsih the training process, you will be given GangBoard Certificate. You will be eligible for interviews in top companies. GangBoard will also help you in Job search while sharing your resume with potential employers.

There are numerous industries established in Melbourne. These industries have started calling Melbourne their home. These industries renge from ecommerce, electronics to manufacturing industry. There is huge demand for professionals who can provide valuable insights in Big Data. Because that is something all the organizations rely on for high performance. hence , job market trend in Big Data Hadoop in Melbourne is booming.

GangBoard provides training to working professionals and fresh graduates as well. Hence our modes of training are suitable for both these categories. For those who are working or want to learn as per their time and from their space, GangBoard provides Self-paced training. GangBoard is also providing instructor-led online training.

You can always send your query through email or request a face to face meeting with the experts. GangBoard experts are experienced trainers from the industry with many years of experience. Your queries will be resolved in no time as there is always 24/7 support for query resolution by GangBoard. Even when you have completed your training course, you can still raise your query with one of our experts.

Self-paced training has its own benefits. It lets you learn on your own time and from your own place. You will get access to learning material and can ask for query resolution as and when required. It is also less expensive.

How can I change the mode of training from self-paced to instructor-led training?

You can easily do that after informing GangBoard support team. They will help you make the transition from self-paced learning to instructor-led learning. Instructor-led learning is a little expensive, hence you will be required to pay some extra fee and then you will be notified about the next batch. You can join the next batch of training classes as and when notified.

GangBoard deliberately offers Placement Assistance to you once you successfully complete the training. GangBoard has tied-up with more than 70 companies across the globe. You will land yourself a high paying job in one of the top-notch companies such as TCS, Cognizant, Ericsson etc. GangBoard experts will help you prepare for these interviews as well without extra fee.

GangBoard provides Placement Oriented Training. Gang Board's Job Assistance program helps you clear your doubts regarding the interview process. GangBoard will share your resume with potential employers under this program. Our experts will help you prepare a resume that stands out in the market. They will provide you learning material to prepare for interview questions mostly asked in the interviews. However, the final selection is entirely dependent on your interaction with the recruiter. It depends on your performance at the time of interview.

In today’s IT market Big Data Hadoop professionals are in huge demand. Organizations are looking for professionals who can work on big data and help their company stand out in the IT market. Certified professionals of Big Data Hadoop can prove out to be an asset for the company. But companies are also looking for not only certified but full of competence and skilled professionals.

GangBoard’s Big Data Hadoop Training in Melbourne can provide you with the knowledge you can use in these companies. Not only that, you will work on Real-world projects and get Hands-on Experience during Big Data Hadoop Training by GangBoard in Melbourne. You will learn concepts like HBase, Pig, HDFS, Oozie, Apache Spark etc. The curriculum for Big Data Hadoop Training by GangBoard in Melbourne has been structured by experts of GangBoard who have worked in industry for many years. You will get learning material updated by GangBoard experts. You will also get your query resolution support from GangBoard 24/7. GangBoard Training in Big Data Hadoop is a complete investment in your future.

Big Data Hadoop Training in Melbourne Syllabus

Gangboard's Big data and Hadoop Online Course Syllabus and Materials are prepared by 10+ Years experienced Trainers.

Apache Hadoop

  • Introduction to Big Data & Hadoop Fundamentals
  • Dimensions of Big data
  • Type of Data generation
  • Apache ecosystem & its projects
  • Hadoop distributors
  • HDFS core concepts
  • Modes of Hadoop employment
  • HDFS Flow architecture
  • HDFS MrV1 vs MrV2 architecture
  • Types of Data compression techniques
  • Rack topology
  • HDFS utility commands
  • Min h/w requirements for a cluster & property files changes

Mapreduce Framework

  • Introduction to Mapreduce
  • Mapreduce Design flow
  • Mapreduce Program (Job) execution
  • Types of Inputformats & Outputformats
  • Mapreduce Datatypes
  • Performance tuning of a Mapreduce jobs
  • Counters techniques

Apache Hive

  • Introduction to Hive & features
  • Hive architecture flow
  • Types of hive tables flow
  • DML/DDL commands explanation
  • Partitioning logic
  • Bucketing logic
  • Hive script execution in shell & HUE

Apache Hbase

  • Introduction to Hbase concepts
  • Introdcution to NoSQL/CAP theorem concepts
  • Hbase design/architecture flow
  • Hbase table commands
  • Hive + Hbase integration module/jars deployment
  • Hbase execution in shell/HUE

Apache Pig

  • Introduction to Pig concepts
  • Pig modes of execution/storage concepts
  • Pig program logics explanation
  • Pig basic commands
  • Pig script execution in shell/HUE

Apache Sqoop

  • Introduction to Sqoop concepts
  • Sqoop internal design/architecture
  • Sqoop Import statements concepts
  • Sqoop Export Statements concepts
  • Quest Data connectors flow
  • Incremental updating concepts
  • Creating a database in MySQL for importing to HDFS
  • Sqoop commands execution in shell/HUE

Apache HUE

  • Introduction to Hue design
  • Hue architecture flow/UI interface

Apache Zookeeper

  • Introduction to zookeeper concepts
  • Zookeeper principles & usage in Hadoop framework
  • Basics of Zookeeper

Apache Flume

  • Introduction to Flume & features
  • Flume topology & core concepts
  • Property file parameters logic

Administration concepts

  • Principles of Hadoop administration & its importance
  • Hadoop admin commands explanation
  • Balancer concepts
  • Rolling upgrade mechanism explanation

Upcoming Batches

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Big Data Hadoop Certification in Melbourne

GangBoard Certificates are logo of expertise and competence. Once you complete the training successfully, you earn yourself GangBoard certificate. Successful completion of training includes a score of at least 60% marks along with working on projects, assignments and quizzes.

What kinds of projects will I work on during Big Data Hadoop Training in Melbourne?

GangBoard offers Real-time projects for you to work on. These projects are focused on industry demands. The main reason of introducing these projects is that you will be able to test your practical skills. Because conceptual knowledge alone will not serve enough in the industry. While working on these projects, you will get familiar with industry norms and standards and you will learn project management skills too. You will be working on some case studies. There will be datasets introduced to make you fully grasp Big Data Hadoop notions.

GangBoard provides you with most updated and high value projects of Real-world. You will learn to implement acquired knowledge in an industry setup. These projects specifically test your practical skills and give you experience of project management and working with targets in a time limit. You will work on projects from various domains such as technology, marketing, hospitality, sales, banking etc.

What are Hadoop job opportunities in Melbourne?

Melbourne has always been the chief economic place in Australia. It is a thriving place for technology, hospitality, financial, communication and IT enterprises. That being said, there is increased demand for Hadoop professionals. Big companies are always on the lookout for skilled and certified Hadoop professionals in Melbourne. A Hadoop certified professional earns AU $111,667 per annum.

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