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India is one of the leading countries fast in Cloud adoption. Public Cloud services revenue in India is expected to hit $2.4 billion this year. Google Cloud is now associated with the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) to achieve the full Cloud Service Provider empanelment. Following this many Indian companies are adopting Google Cloud in order to make full use of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning capabilities. Google Cloud region Mumbai, started last year and it has given a good boost to the job prospects in this sector. So, Google Cloud Platform certification training is now much in demand.
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About Course

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a PaaS / IaaS type cloud service provided by Google. GCP allows you to use its highly reliable and scalable infrastructure and technology that supports Google ’s own service data, including computing, networking, storage, and data analysis. GCP is attracting attention because of its excellent processing speed and network speed among many cloud services.

Features of Google Cloud Platform

Use the technology that supports Google

You can use the infrastructure that supports Google's own services as a cloud service. Google also provides reliable technology that has been used within Google.

Advantage in artificial intelligence (AI) technology

The machine learning and data analysis technology cultivated through services such as search engines that Google has provided so far has a strong advantage over other vendors like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Easy to expand globally

Since networks that span data centers around the world can be created, systems that scale out on a global scale can easily be constructed and services can be deployed globally.

Easy to focus on development

A variety of managed services are available to reduce the overhead and operational load of environment construction. This allows you to focus resources on service and application development and increase business speed.

Utilization of open source technology

Open source technologies such as Kubernetes are provided by the service, and it is possible to build systems that do not depend on vendor-specific technologies. The same technology as the on-premise environment can be used, making it easy to collaborate.

Google Cloud Platform Training courses

Google Cloud Platform Certification courses are program designed to acquire the latest knowledge and best practices to get the most out of GCP technology. Google Cloud Platform certification courses are provided by instructors who have passed rigorous screening and are familiar with Google technology and solutions. Instructor-led online are of much help to certification seekers. By passing the specified Google Cloud Platform certification exams and becoming a Google Certified Professional, you can prove that you have the skills to design, develop, manage and operate data solutions for application infrastructure with Google Cloud technology.

Google Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure

This course is for developers, system investment specialists, solution architects, and decision-makers in enterprises who intend to use, plan, create and manage Google Cloud Platform. To try for this certification, you must have acquaintance with Linux command line editors like Vi/Vim Editor and Nano Editor, text editor and web server. In this Google Cloud Platform certification course, you will study the cloud virtual machines and networks, storage in the cloud and also learn developing, deploying, and monitoring Google Cloud. With this Google Cloud Platform certification training course, you’ll be able to make full use of the storage and computing options in in Google Cloud Platform. You’ll learn how to use Google cloud in your company’s business strategies.

Architecting with Google Cloud Platform: Design and Process

After attending the Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure course, you can go for this certification, if you are skilled in command line tools such as Vi/Vim Editor and Nano Editor and experienced in Linux system operations. This course will enable you to build new solutions using Google Cloud and integrate your enterprise’s present infrastructure with GCP. You can become an expert in the design patterns and the principles of Google Site Reliability Engineering. This certification course will last for two days and available in the Indian cities of Bangalore and Thane. You’ll be trained how to make full use of the flexible infrastructure and platform services provided by Google Cloud Platform. You’ll be able to interconnect networks in a secure manner.

Architecting with Google Cloud Platform: Core Infrastructure

This is a good course if you have no previous experience in public cloud. But you must be skilled in command line tools such as Vi/Vim Editor and Nano Editor and experienced in Linux system operations. Topics covered in this course are Application Development, Business Transformation, Infrastructure and Security. You’ll be familiarized with all the infrastructure components of the Google cloud solution. You’ll have a good understanding of the virtual machines, storage, containers, applications and big data and machine learning in the Google cloud platform. This course will also give you a good idea of Google App Engine, Google Compute Engine, and Google Container Engine.

Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: BigData & ML

This training is for Data analysts, data scientists, and business analysts waiting to venture into Google Cloud Platform. It’s also targeted at ML players. Business executives and tech decision-makers are also welcome. This course will greatly help data professionals who design, build, analyse and optimize big data solutions. To attend this course, you must have some experience in SQL or Machine learning or Data modelling or Python. This course is delivered as Instructor-led classes and Instructor-led online. Focus is on the data processing and big data and machine learning capabilities of GCP. At the end of this one-day course, you’ll be skilled in TensorFlow, Bigquery and Cloud Computing.

Developing Applications with Google Cloud Platform

This training, based on the topics Application Development and Infrastructure, will impart your skills in Debugging, Cloud Storage, Google Cloud Platform and Cloud Computing. This instructor-led online Google Cloud Platform certification course is useful for Application programmers and software engineers who build software programs in Google Cloud platform. If you’ve been involved in building and redesigning cloud-native applications that run on Google Cloud Platform, you must attend this course.

In this course you’ll learn how to select appropriate data storage options for application data; to create, and upload applications that impeccably assimilate components from the GCP ecosystem; to use Google Cloud Platform services and ML APIs to build secure and scalable cloud-native applications.

Data Engineering on Google Cloud Platform

This course is for experienced software engineers and big data developers. You can attend this training after successful completion of Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Big Data & Machine Learning certification course. As prerequisites for this course, you must have some experience in SQL or Machine learning or Data modelling or Python. You should also have an understanding of data modelling and extraction, etc.

You’ll be trained to construct data processing systems, create end-to-end data pipelines, interpret data and perform machine learning. After this course, you’ll be able to manage big data, make investigations on datasets and find answers in order to make business decisions. Skills you’ll gain are TensorFlow, Bigquery, Bigtable and Dataflow. This is available as virtual course in India and course duration is 4 days.

Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine

This one-day class is intended for those who work on Google Cloud Platform or integrate existing entities with Google Cloud Platform, solution architects, DevOps engineers, Application developers and IT managers. You can study containerizing workloads into Docker containers, deploy to Kubernetes clusters, and scaling these workloads as traffic rises Prerequisite is that you must have some experience in SQL or Machine learning or Data modelling and extraction or Python. Knowledge in Nginx and other web technologies will be an added advantage.The highlights of this course are that it will enable you in deploying new code and update application on a Kubernetes cluster, deploying applications to Kubernetes using the CLI and setting up nonstop delivery pipeline with the help of Jenkins.

From Data to Insights with Google Cloud Platform

Are you a data analyst aiming to create scalable data solutions on Google Cloud Platform? Or are you a business analyst/intelligence specialist, who will take part in such endeavors? Then this is the right course for you. Topics in this course are Data, Infrastructure and Machine Learning. You’ll learn exploring data with SQL; cleaning, transforming, storing and exporting data, BigQuery, pricing, visualization using Google data studio. You will also be introduced to Datalab.

Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals for AWS Professionals

Are you an AWS professional, i.e., AWS Solution Architect and SysOps Administrator? Then, with this course, you can familiarize with the fundamental features of Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It is also recommended for AWS SysOps Administrators engaged in IaaS solutions and for Architects and software engineers working in different cloud environments. Participants must be familiar with Amazon S3 and AWS database technologies and with subnets and routing.

You’ll be able to use GCP counterparts for AWS IAM, Amazon VPC, Amazon EC2, Amazon Glacier,Amazon RDS, Amazon EBS, Amazon Redshift, and so on. Major services covered in this course are Networking, Data services, Storage and Management. You can compare the key services of GCP with that of AWS.

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Google Cloud Certifications

Google Cloud offers certifications from basic to advanced. Each of them will validate your knowledge, skills and experience in various Google Cloud technologies, both the most complex and the simplest. Google Cloud Platform certification training is available in the Google Cloud website. More advanced Google Cloud Platform certifications are aimed at technical professionals. They test the capabilities of designing, creating, testing, managing and protecting applications on the Google Cloud platform.

This Google Cloud Platform certification training is necessary because, according to Google, IT managers find it difficult to find candidates who have the right skills to use Google Cloud platform. Therefore, through Google Cloud Platform certification courses, it is intended to address this problem and offer a reliable certification. Google Cloud Platform certifications are divided into two groups, Associate / Professional . Below is a list of certifications by group.

Associate Certifications

Associate Google Cloud Platform certifications are for novices in cloud and GCP. They are launching pads for professional level certifications. You must have at least a half-an-year interaction and hands-on experience with Google Cloud Platform technology. This certification represents a good starting point for those who are new to the cloud or for those who have just approached the Google Cloud Platform, representing the basis for the development of their skills and allowing them to continue towards the advanced Professional level certifications. Google Cloud Platform certification training live classes will help you to get this certification.

Associate Cloud Engineer

Demonstrate your ability to deploy applications, monitor operations, and maintain cloud projects on Google Cloud Platform.

In this exam, questions may be on these topics:

  • Creating a cloud solution environment
  • Cloud solution planning and configuration
  • Deploy and implement cloud solutions
  • Ensuring the normal operation of cloud solutions
  • Configuring access and security

Test duration is two hours and fees is USD125.

Professional Certifications

Professional Certifications Professional level certifications are based on the professional role and represent the pinnacle of the Google Cloud certification program. These certifications require advanced design and implementation skills, gained through years of experience. Those who hope to get this certification must have at least 3 years of experience in using and managing Google Cloud solutions. Recommended experience: 3+ years of industry experience including 1+ years designing and managing solutions using GCP.

Professional Cloud Architect

This certification proves your skill in handling Google Cloud Platform solutions. To get this certification, you must have focused on cloud, containers, devops and continuous integration. It will be advantageous if you have experience in public cloud environments with AWS, DigitalOcean, and the like. You may also join an instructor-led online course to get training for this certification. Test duration is two hours and fees is USD200.

Professional Data Engineer

Are you a data scientist, data engineer, data analyst, machine learning engineer, or trying to be one? Then the Professional Data Engineer certification is for you. Advanced skills in in using cloud technology is important for all types of data.This Google Cloud platform data pipelines, implement an auto-scaling data pipeline on Cloud Dataflow to process batch and streaming data and conduct machine learning on Google Cloud Platform. You must have a deep knowledge in structured, unstructured and streaming data to pass this certification. Your skill in using the API of the Spark and ML on the Cloud Dataproc AX will also be tested. Test duration is two hours and fees is USD200.

Professional Cloud Developer

This certification is designed for developers who create scalable and high availability native cloud applications. In addition, they must have experience with databases, execution environments and development tools. Live classes of Google Cloud Platform certification courses are available to get training to pass this exam. Test duration is two hours and fees is USD200.

Professional Cloud Network Engineer

If you’ve sufficient skill in network architectures you can go for this certification. You can find a Google Cloud Platform certification course in main Indian cities which will help you to pass this certification examination. Test duration is two hours and fees is USD200.

Professional Cloud Security Engineer

This certificate is aimed at professionals who design, develop and manage secure infrastructure in the cloud. They control the administration of identities and access, the definition of policies and the organizational structure, the use of Google technologies to provide data protection, the configuration of network security defenses and the management of incident responses. Google Cloud Platform certification training will help you to get this much sought-after certificate. Test duration is two hours and fees is USD200.

Beta test: Professional Collaboration Engineer

Can you control G Suite and the Google Cloud tools environment to create cloud solutions? Then you can try for this certification. Exam fee is USD120.

G Suite Certification

Employees who have to move from office packages like MS Office to Google tools, G Suite is desirable. G Suite certification validates your prowess in G Suite tools such as Gmail, Sheets, Drive, Docs, etc. It’s targeted at techies who have some experience in G Suite technology. The training for this certification is carried out in Google Cloud Platform certification courses. You may attend live classes.


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