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Cloud computing comprises of the different certifications which are discussed below to make the learners to know about the current certifications details. Collaborate with the basic knowledge of Cloud through the Cloud Computing Certification Training as the business is headed towards the fast paced cloud environment. Cloud is the technology which is entailed to production and innovation. Many products are created with the support of the Cloud like artificial intelligence, IOT, block chain, containers, Kubernetes, Robotics and machine learning which have raised the standards of the IT with the internal support from the foundation technology Cloud. The landscape of Cloud is changing with its vendors receiving the market share as increasing pattern like AWS is performing with the stable share of 32 percent, Azure is performing more with 16 percent from 14 percent, and Google Cloud is experiencing the upward movement with 9 percent.
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About Course

After the Cloud Computing Certification Training with GangBoard the incumbent will know about the long term benefits of Cloud, design data center for business with future analysis, handle the security challenges with cloud platform, use the multi cloud efficiently, design the infrastructure and handle the data process with different types of businesses. Real time training gives the knowledge which helps the students when searching for the job. The real time projects are designed to make the process in different domains as simplified and secured. The cloud platform will aid for the access of the projects through the web browser and thereby the learners can create the e-learning system, create the Chabot for artificial intelligence, and bank process with security. The project support is extended to the students to apply the technology over the real time project to complete the project. Knowledge and application of knowledge are trained to the students to face the interviews with self-confidence at GangBoard.

AWS Certification Training for architect level

AWS Certification Training for architect level is the associate level certification which follows after the foundation level certification. Being certified professional one can get the privileges like the discounts with recertification, gives top tier salaries, and get access from the AWS learning community to learn more. The certification of AWS can be grouped as the core certificates and specialty certificates. The AWS Certification Training for architecture is a part of the core certifications issued by AWS. Recertification with recreation of knowledge is essential for every two years in AWS as AWS is evolving with new services and products. Employers will give more importance to the certification training in case of cloud computing as it is staying in current trend is always given more importance. Understanding the current happenings is very essential for the job support to the learners. After the AWS Certification Training for architect one can understand the different component of AWS, concerns with failure or downtime of each component, communication among the components and the life cycle of the deployment. The hands on training will bring down the lengthy books in to practical meaningful approaches to the job industry.

Micro services Training Certification for architecture level

Micro Services Certification Training covers the latest concepts required to understand the cloud architecture which is needed to create the service oriented applications. Micro services are the architectural technique which makes the protocol as light weight for the performance. Micro services overwrite the traditional two tired architecture of front end and backend as it supports for the multiple components with efficient routing. Some applications require the security where as some applications require the uptime for the users. Wal-Mart one of the popular company had undergone the transition in the application model in the year 2012 and started using the micro services to handle the 6 million page views with no downtime. The outcome with micro services led the increase in the operational income, operational savings, increased the conversions, and conversions through mobile phones increased notably.

Salesforce Certification Training for Admin 201 and Dev 401

Salesforce Certification Training will help the administrators and developers to clear the ADM 201 Exam and DEV 401 Exam. Different concepts in the Salesforce platform like the service cloud, sales cloud, and security model of SFDC, appexchange, understanding the dashboard, preparing the reports and learning from the lightning app builder are covered with this certification training. Development and administration required for the SAAS application requires the skills to understand the implementation of the user interface needed for the sales, design the data model, declare the functionality with coding, handle the specifications in the coding, do the analytics, design the reports, handle the problems with specific solutions, do the customization, security, maintaining the data, prepare the reports, design the efficient dashboards, automate the workflow, and configure the salesforce application. All these skills are incorporated with the Salesforce Certification Training from GangBoard. Fresher or experienced with IT experience, sales experience, and administration experience can join this course depending upon the role in which they are suitable for. 24/7 live support makes the students studious and confident. Self paced learning materials are designed especially to make Salesforce Certification Training suitable for the fast learners and slow learners.

Google Cloud Certification for Architect level

Google Cloud Certification is globally recognized and if the learners are interested in on-site projects then Google Cloud Certification Training is very essential. Indian education and foreign education differs in multiple angels and global certification is expected by the employer to employ the candidate. Thus Google Cloud Certification Training helps for the Placement assistance to the learners. The live migration is the special advantage of using the Google cloud which increases the performance with high speed and continuity when compared to AWS and Azure. The analytics products of Google such as Cloud Dataflow, bigquery cloud dataproc are the best products in the market. Google has proposed plans to enhance the analytics platform as it has partnerships with SAP and HSBC for the big data platform.

Sales Force Certification Training for Dev 450

Salesforce Developer Platform I certification Training is suitable for the developers to get detailed understanding of the advance level concepts. After the course the learners will get detailed knowledge about Apex coding, visual force framework, do the customization in the layers of the interface, customize the business logic as per the product design, develop framework for automation, use appexchange to design the application with high performance. After the Salesforce Developer Platform 1 Certification Training the learners have high completion rate of the Dev 450 exam through GangBoard. Live Instructor will make the learning path interesting and create a stable learning community for the salesforce.

IOT certification Training with Azure platform

IOT certification Training with Azure platform will teach the learners about the Paas solutions and Saas solutions. Organizations with manufacturing products or using the devices for the business are suitable for implementing the IOT with Azure platform. In this course the learners will learn about the device management, remote devices control management, stream analytics, data analysis, power BI tool usage for data visualization, DocumentDB for visualization, IOT hub technologies to register the devices for IOT connection, learn about IOT edge and create connection between C# application and IOT hub.

AWS Certification Training for migrating applications

AWS Certification Training for migration will teach the learners to migrate the application to AWS with the best followed practices. The process of migration involves the business planning, portfolio planning, design the application and operate the application. The tools used for the migration are AWS migration hub and TSO logic. AWS application discovery service, server migration, database migration, VM ware cloud aids for the migration, cloudendure migration, and data migration service are the services used for the migration. Related products of AWS for migration are S3 transfer acceleration, AWS snowball, AWS snowmobile, AWS direct connect, and Amazon kinesis firehose. Tools, services and these products are explained with the project support to make the process of migration easy for the businesses with the knowledge. Learners will get clear knowledge about cloud concepts from the basics with AWS Certification Training for migrating applications.

AWS Certification Training for development

AWS Certification Training for the Developer is the associate level exam which is mandatory to clear for acquiring the professional level knowledge. After this certification the learner can go for the professional level certification. After this AWS Certification Training the learner will get in-depth knowledge in to AWS APIs, CLI, SDK, AWS architecture, understand the life cycle of AWS application, deploy the application, use the services, interact with the AWS services, debug the code with AWS, write server less applications code, and understand the container.

AWS Sysops administrator Certification Training

AWS SySops Administrator Certification Training provides insight in to the quality, information control of AWS, user identity management, and features of infrastructure EC2. SysOps administration exam is highly demanded as the average salary of the SysOps professional is $119,143 which is comparatively high. The interview question and Answers and the FAQ's from the Live Trainer will be like a guide to clear the certification.

Open Stack Certification Training

Professionals with experience in networking can appear for the Open Stack Certification Training to clear the authorized exam. After the completion of the exam the candidate will receive the certificate if the score is 76 or higher to 76. This certification is for knowing the administration skills in the cloud environment. Open stack is owned by NASA, Rack space and many big companies which is one of the cloud product like AWS, Azure and Google. Openstack administrator certificate, Red Hat openstack administrator I, Red Hat Certified System Administrator, Red Hat OpenStack Administrator II, Red Hat Certified System Administrator, Red Hat OpenStack Administrator III, and Red Hat Certified System Engineer are the different certifications for enhancing the skills in the openstack platform.

Salesforce Admin 201 Certification Training

Salesforce Admin 201 Certification Training is suitable for the candidates with administration experience. This course gives insight in to the sales cloud, customization, and service cloud components, manage the user experiences, configure the platform, design the dashboard which is suitable for the business, and prepare the report for optimizing the sales with salesforce.

Sales force CRM Certification Training for beginners

Salesforce CRM Certfication Training will give insight in to the CRM data, functionalities in the CRM, channels for CRM, integration of CRM with other channels, UI of CRM, sales process, lead management, contact management, opportunities of sales, customization of the dashboards, customization of the reports and visual force tabs. Sales Force CRM holds the first place in the CRM market with high quality in the customer service. Learning this course will give a considerable change in the monetary benefits for the candidates with sales experience as this is job oriented training conducted by GangBoard.

Microsoft Certification Training Azure 70-533

Microsoft Azure Certification Training will be suitable for the developers and it is especially to test the programming skills. This Course will shed light on the topics like .net knowledge, C# knowledge, application development lifecycle, Azure SQL database, cloud services, automation of Azure, Resource manager, Templates for ARM and virtual networks. Certification Training from the best Training Institute will help the learners to acquire the certificate which will be the path for the career with global standards.

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